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Park Sang-juns words were intentional, and Charlestons expression stiffened imperceptibly.

If Jordan was here, he would definitely slap Park Sang-jun!

Park Sang-jun quickly added.


Steele, Im not talking about you.

Dont take it to heart.

Um, Ill leave first.

You guys take your time to understand the research!”

With that, Park Sang-jun left, leaving behind a hundred subordinates to guard this place.

Jesse comforted Charleston.

“Grandpa, dont take Park Sang-juns words to heart.

But hes right.

Havent you always been worried about the curse Now, you can freeze your body! We can revive you after you pass the age of 80.

Wont the curse be broken then”

Charleston nodded.

“Yes, thats indeed a solution.”

Instead of having to live in fear every day, it was better to “hibernate”.

That way, he could go to “sleep” and then be revived.

In this way, the curse would be broken.

Over the next three days, Charleston got all the top scientists under the Steele family to work with the Handley familys researchers to see if the technology was genuine and effective.

The Steele family scientists finally confirmed that the Handley family researchers were not bluffing.

The technology was real and the cryo-chamber was working.

After another three days of consideration, Charleston decided to enter the cryo-chamber and hibernate for a year!

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After making this decision, Charleston immediately informed Jordan, who rushed over.

On Zephyr Three.

Jordan, Victoria and Lauren sat together on the luxurious and comfortable seats, drinking champagne as they headed to Iceland.

Victoria was in a good mood.

After the past few days, she had finally relaxed.

The woman who underwent plastic surgery took Victorias place in the murder case.

In the end, the woman did not go to jail either.

Instead, the Black Ops Team provided her with a cover story that she had been on an undercover mission to investigate the group of drug dealers.

They claimed that she had killed the biker as part of the mission.

In addition, the internet was no longer discussing this incident.

Victoria was in a very nice outfit and had on youthful makeup.

She looked even younger than Lauren.

She took the matter of meeting Jordans family very seriously.

Victoria said nervously, “Hubby, is my outfit suitable Will your grandfather not like me Ah, Im so nervous.

This is my first time meeting your grandfather.

Im so nervous that my hands are sweating.”

Jordan looked at Victorias short skirt which revealed her snow-white long legs.

He smiled.

“Wife, are you trying to seduce my grandfather by wearing such a short skirt”

Victoria immediately hit him.

“Annoying, what nonsense are you spouting Does your grandfather not like women to wear short skirts Ill change into pants then!”

Jordan grabbed Victoria.

“Victoria, dont be so nervous.

My grandfather is very easy-going.

Your outfit is perfect.

When my grandfather sees you, he will definitely like you very much! Besides, your father worked for the Steeles.

Were already family.

How can he not like you”

Lauren piped in.

“Thats right, Victoria.

Jordans grandfather is a very nice person.”

“Alright.” Victoria smiled and held Jordans arm happily.

Ever since Jordan returned to the country and saved Victoria, the two of them chatted every night and grew even closer than before.

Seeing how intimate the two of them were, Lauren didnt get jealous.

Instead, she was all smiles.

“Hubby, is your grandfather really going to undergo cryonics” Lauren asked.

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, he said that he wants to be frozen for a year, but I am worried that there will be a problem with the cryo-chamber.”

Lauren held Jordans hand.

“Didnt your familys scientists check it out already Dont worry too much.”

A few hours later, Zephyr Three arrived in Iceland.

Jordan brought his two wives to the secret laboratory that was now occupied by the Steele and Park families.

“Hello, Grandpa.”

“Hello, Grandpa.

Im Victoria.

Nice to meet you!”

Lauren and Victoria greeted Charleston politely.

Charleston smiled at Victoria.

“Youre Normans daughter”

Victoria nodded nervously.

Charleston walked over and kindly patted Victorias shoulder.

“Child, we took your father away back then, causing you to become an orphan.

I want to apologize to you.”

Victoria said, “I already know the ins and outs of this matter.

I dont blame you, Grandpa.”

Charleston nodded in relief.

“Youre my granddaughter-in-law now.

Not bad.

You and Lauren are both beautiful and generous.

With you two by Jordans side, I feel very relieved.”

“Hello, Jesse.”

“Hello, Jesse.”

Lauren and Victoria born greeted Jesse.

Jesse nodded in response.

“Ive already decided to enter the cryo-chamber and hibernate for a year.

During this period, Ill leave all the matters of the Steele family to Jesse and Jordan.

You must work together and protect our family.

Dont let outsiders do anything to us, understand” said Charleston.

As Charleston was only going into hibernation, he was not dead yet, so he didnt choose between Jesse and Jordan.

Instead, he let the two of them work together.

Jesse and Jordan had no objections.

Jordan said, “Grandpa, is there any danger Why dont we wait a little longer before deciding”

Jesse retorted, “Grandpa will be 80 soon.

What if something happens”

Charleston smiled.

“Jordan, dont worry.

Our research team has already carefully checked the cryo-chamber many times.

Theres no problem.

Alright, stop arguing about me.

Ill enter the cryo-chamber now.

Ill leave the Steele family to you brothers!”

As everyone watched, Charleston changed out of his clothes and put on a special “cryonics suit”.

He stepped into the cryo-chamber.

For some reason, the corners of Jordans eyes suddenly twitched.

He felt that something bad would happen.

Charleston had just stepped into the cryo-chamber when he suddenly staggered and fell to the ground!


Jordan immediately rushed over and helped his grandfather up.

“Grandpa, are you alright”

Charleston waved his hand.

“Its nothing.

I just slipped… Pfft!”

Charleston suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood!


Jesse, Lauren, Victoria and the others rushed over anxiously.

“Perform a physical checkup on my grandfather now!” Jesse roared.

The doctor quickly rushed over and did a simple examination.

He said anxiously, “Mr.

Steeles heart rate suddenly increased.

He cant be frozen anymore.

He needs immediate treatment! Otherwise, his life will be in danger!”


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