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The atmosphere instantly turned extremely tense!

A second ago, Charleston was still full of energy and preparing to enter the cryo-chamber to hibernate.

However, at this moment, he couldnt even breathe and looked like he was in danger!

All of this happened so suddenly.

It was too strange!

Everyone at present was from the Steele family.

No other family was here, not even the Park family subordinates.

Moreover, all the equipment had been tested countless times and there were no problems.

The Steeles top medical equipment and doctors were all back at Steele Castle in England.

Therefore, they had to send Charleston back to England for immediate treatment.

Jordan and the others carried their grandfather to Zephyr Three.

There was a doctor on Zephyr Three, who was trying to stabilize Charleston.

“Curse… curse… curse…”

Charleston kept muttering this word as he lay there.

Jordan went to the washroom to vent his uneasiness and anger.

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Victoria and Lauren went to him.

Lauren pulled Jordans hand and said, “Hubby, dont worry.

Grandpa will definitely be fine.”

Victoria asked, “Hubby, why does Grandpa keep saying the wordcurse What does he mean”

Jordan let out a long sigh.

“No one from the eight secret families has ever lived past 80 years old.

Grandpa wanted to escape the curse by undergoing cryonics.

Now, he must be thinking that he had triggered the curse by doing so.”

Victoria seemed to understand.

“Grandpa believes he collapsed not because hes sick, but because hes cursed”

Jordan nodded.

Lauren continued to pat Jordans back to comfort him.

“I think the curse is too fantastical.

Since Grandpa isnt injured or ill, he will be fine.”

Jordan held Laurens hand and forced a smile.

“Thank you.

I hope so.”

Zephyr Three flew at high speed and soon arrived at Steele Castle.

By now, Steele Castle had already received the news.

Everyone, including the doctors, nurses and even the gardeners and servants of the castle, had been mobilized.

They stood at the entrance to greet them.

After the plane landed, the doctors immediately rushed over and pushed Charleston into the castle.

Jordan, Jesse and the other family members followed closely behind.

As they passed by a group of servants, a beautiful and voluptuous woman in a servants uniform approached Jordan.

She asked anxiously, “Jordan, whats wrong with Grandpa”

It was none other than Jordans ex-wife, Hailey!

Jordan was already very upset.

When he saw Hailey, who had betrayed him several times, he became even angrier.

“Why are you still here Get lost!”

With that, he ignored Hailey and continued to follow his grandfather.

It was Victorias first time at Steele Castle, so she was surprised to see Hailey.

“Hailey Why are you here”

When Hailey saw Victoria, she greeted her politely.

“Hello Victoria, we havent seen each other for a long time.

What happened to Jordans grandfather”

Victoria didnt like Hailey either.

She knew how much Hailey had hurt Jordan in the past!

Charleston was in a critical condition and Jordan was already very upset by that.

Yet, this b*tch was still here aggravating him.

Victoria replied coldly, “Why are you here You cheated on Jordan and slept with another man.

What right do you have to be here”

At this moment, Lauren explained, “Victoria, Jesse asked Hailey to be a servant here to punish her for what she did to Jordan.

That is why Hailey is staying here.”

Victoria nodded before saying to Hailey, “Hailey, perhaps you have repented, but unfortunately, I believe that its very difficult to change a persons nature.

The moment you have an affair, no matter how regretful you are, you will still be tempted in the future and make the same mistakes again.

I advise you to leave this place!”

With that, she walked into the castle with Lauren.

Hailey was wearing a servants uniform and she looked very sweet and innocent.

She also had a very good figure, not at all inferior to Victoria or Lauren.

But she still lowered her head and humbly listened to Victorias admonitions.

Only after the two of them had walked far away did Hailey dare to raise her head.

She cursed Victoria in her heart:Victoria, what right do you have to say that about me! I was unfaithful, but at least I was a virgin when I married Jordan! What about you You had already slept with countless men by the time you met Jordan! Youre just an old, used woman! Only Lauren has the right to scold me for being impure!

After entering the surgical theater in Steele Castle, the top doctors under the Steele family gathered around to treat Charleston.

They thought he would soon be out of danger, but even after eight whole hours in the operating theater, Charleston remained in critical condition!

This meant that Charleston might die at any moment!

“How did this happen! Why hasnt my grandfather been cured! Its been so many hours! What are you doing! My grandfather just slipped and fell.

He didnt suffer any injuries.

He didnt get shot nor is he sick! Why cant he be cured” Jordan shouted at one of the doctors outside the operating theater.

He was burning with anxiety.

He could not accept losing his closest family member.

Ever since he was young, he had been the closest to his grandfather.

His relationship with his grandfather was even closer than his relationship with his parents.

Jesse also stood at the door.

“Jordan, whats the use of scolding the doctor He also wants to cure Grandpa, right”

Jordan looked at Jesse.

He always tried to avoid arguing with his brother, but now that his grandfather was critically ill, he couldnt care less!

Jordan said angrily, “If you hadnt brought Grandpa to Iceland and discovered that stupid laboratory, nothing would have happened to him! Also, the Park family arent good people.

Perhaps this is a trap set by the Park family.

Why did you let your guard down against them!”

Jesse was also angry.

“Youre saying that Im to blame for Grandpas accident It was Grandpas idea to go to Iceland! What kind of trap did the Park family set for us The human cryonics technology is authentic.

We managed to get this advanced technology because of this mission! This is all to my credit! So whatever technology you brought back is good, while whatever I bring back has harmed Grandpa I know you want to monopolize the Steele familys business, but you dont have to stoop to such a low level!”

Victoria hurriedly stood between the two of them and said, “Jesse, thats not what Jordan meant.

Both of you, please calm down and stop arguing.

If Grandpa finds out that you two are quarreling, he will be very upset.”

Lauren also walked over and held Jordans hand.

“Thats right, Hubby.

Dont be angry.”

Jordan shook off Laurens hand and left.

“Hubby, where are you going” Lauren asked worriedly.

“Im going to take a nap!” Jordan said.

“Hmph.” Jesse snorted.

“What an unfilial grandson! Grandpas life is in danger and he might die at any moment, but Jordan still has the mood to take a nap!”


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