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Many people did not understand why Jordan was taking a nap at a time like this.

Anyone could tell that Jordan cared about his grandfather.

It was impossible that he did not care about his grandfathers condition! The reason Jordan chose to take a nap now was not because he was heartless, but because he wanted to save his grandfather!

“If I were a Deity…”

Jordan thought as he walked towards his bedroom.

“If I were a Deity, I would be able to predict the future in my dreams.

Those doctors are helpless against my grandfathers condition, but I can predict the outcome of the treatment from my dreams!”

Jordan wanted to sleep because he wanted to dream of a solution to save his grandfather!

After all, Jordan was not a professional doctor.

This was the only thing he could do now to save his grandfather.

In his current mood, it was impossible for him to fall asleep naturally.

Hence, he took a few sleeping pills and forced himself to sleep.

In his dreams.

Jordan saw his grandfather, Charleston, lying on the hospital bed with his eyes closed.

His left hand was dangling out of the bed.

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Jordan, Jesse, Jamie, their father Rowan, and their mother and sisters were all beside Charleston.

Everyone from the Steele family was present.

Everyone was crying!

Charleston was dead!

“No, no, no! Grandpa! Grandpa!”

Jordan shouted in his sleep.

At this moment, Hailey happened to pass by Jordans bedroom with a bowl of soup.

She was shocked to hear Jordan shouting.

She immediately pushed open the door and found him lying on the bed, talking in his sleep.

“Ah, whats wrong with Jordan”

Hailey hurriedly put down the soup bowl and walked over.

She sat by the bed and gently patted Jordan.

“Jordan, how are you Are you having a nightmare”

Hailey realized that not only was Jordan shouting, tears were already flowing from his eyes.

“Jordan, wake up!”

Hailey shook Jordan harder, wanting to wake him up.

She finally managed to wake Jordan up.

He sat up, but his eyes were still filled with tears.

“Jordan, whats wrong What did you dream of Ive never seen you like this before.

Dont scare me.

Im so worried about you…”

At this moment, Jordan was extremely fragile.

He desperately needed someone to care for him and embrace him.

He did not see clearly who the woman comforting him was.

He instinctively hugged her.

“I dreamed that Grandpa died.

Grandpa died…”

Jordan hugged Hailey and started sobbing.

Hailey was stunned.

She was not surprised by what Jordan had dreamed of, but… that he was hugging her! It had been a long time since Jordan had hugged her!

‘What a nostalgic feeling! Jordan, I love you!

Hailey hugged Jordan back tightly, enjoying this moment.

She comforted him, “Its alright, darling.

That was just a dream.

Your grandfather is still fine!”

Jordan thought that he was hugging Lauren or Victoria, and he said desperately, “Honey, will my grandfather really be fine”

Hailey nodded.

“Yes, Hubby.

Your grandfather will definitely be fine!”

Hailey smiled as she hugged Jordan.

At this moment, Victoria and Lauren had come over because they were worried about Jordan.

The moment they entered the room, they saw Jordan and Hailey hugging each other!

The two of them were stunned!

“Hubby, why are you…”

Lauren did not understand why Jordan was hugging Hailey.

Jordan was shocked when he saw Victoria and Lauren at the door.

Why were his two wives outside

Then who was he hugging now

Jordan immediately drew back.

When he saw that he was carrying Hailey, he immediately pushed her away.

“Why is it you! Why are you here!”

Seeing that Jordan did not know that he was hugging Hailey, Victoria immediately became angry.

She walked over and slapped Hailey!



Hailey cried out in pain.

Victoria said in an extremely dignified manner, “Hailey, you took advantage of Jordan while he was in such a vulnerable state.

Lauren and I are his current wives.

We wont allow a woman like you to go near our husband again!”

Hailey was very indignant.

“How did I take advantage of him I was passing by just now and heard Jordan shouting, so I came in to take a look.

When I saw him having a nightmare, I woke him up.

How would I know that he would immediately hug me the moment he woke up He thought that I was Lauren.

I look very similar to her.

Were both so beautiful.

Is it my fault”

Victoria said disdainfully, “You You dare to compare yourself with Lauren”

Hailey stood up.

Her figure was on par with Victorias.

“Why cant I compare myself to Lauren Lauren and I were virgins when we married Jordan! Unlike you!”

Victoria was furious.

How dare Hailey try to slut-shame her over such a matter!

Victoria paused for a moment before saying, “Yes, I did have other men before I was with Jordan, so what Jordan is not that kind of person.

He doesnt care about my past! So what if you were a virgin when you married Jordan Did you give your first time to him!”

“I had a partner before marriage.

This is not something I can change because I didnt know that I would meet Jordan in the future.

But if I had other men after our marriage, that would be an unforgivable sin!”

Hailey was indignant.

“Victoria, dont be too full of yourself.

Just because you havent done it yet doesnt mean you wont do it in the future!”

Victoria immediately stretched out her right hand and swore.

“I can swear to the heavens that if I have an affair after getting together with Jordan, I will get struck by lightning…”


Lauren cried out at Victoria.

“Whats wrong” Victoria was startled by Lauren.

Lauren said, “Victoria, look at our husband.

Hes crying.

Dont argue with Hailey anymore.”

Only then did Victoria notice the tears on Jordans face.

Her heart ached for him!

Victoria glared at Hailey before putting down her hand.

She sat beside Jordan and comforted him with Lauren.

At this moment, Butler Frank suddenly walked over.



When Jordan saw Butler Frank appear, he knew that he must have something important to announce!

Jordan immediately stood up.

“Butler Frank, hows my grandfather”

Butler Frank looked extremely grave.

He shook his head and said, “Mr.

Jordan, Im afraid Mr.

Steele wont be able to make it.

He has returned to his room and wants me to call you over.

I think he wants to… tell you his last words!”

Jordans tears gushed out again.


Jordans dream was coming true!


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