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Jordan had wanted to predict a way to treat his grandfather in his sleep.

Unfortunately, he ended up dreaming of his grandfathers death.

If Jordan was really a Deity, he would have the ability to predict the future in his dreams.

Since he dreamed of this scene, it would definitely happen in the future.

Butler Frank said, “Mr.

Steele also asked Ms.

Lauren, Ms.

Victoria and Ms.

Hailey to go over together.”


It was not strange for Charleston to ask for Victoria and Lauren too.

After all, they were Jordans wives, so they were family.

So it was only natural that they should be present for Charlestons last words.

What shocked everyone was that he had also asked for Jordans ex-wife, Hailey!


Hailey covered her mouth in surprise.

She never expected that Charleston would want to see her before he died!

Hailey was so excited that tears welled up in her eyes.

She shouted excitedly, “Grandpa! Grandpa is the best! He even considered me when making his will.

I love Grandpa! Grandpa, dont die.

Im coming now!”

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With that, Hailey rushed out the door.


As she was too excited, Hailey tripped as she ran out of the door.

However, she was not affected at all.

She immediately got up and ran towards Charlestons room.

“This woman!”

Jordan was exasperated.

Hailey loved money.

The moment she heard that Charleston was going to announce his will, she rushed off faster than anyone else.

But no matter how rich the Steele family was, how could Jordan stand to give Hailey anything after she cheated on him!

If Hailey became a billionaire after receiving part of the Steele family assets, she would be able to live a carefree life! Did she deserve this after cheating on him with Tyler, Brad and Cayden! How was this retribution!

However, now that his grandfather was in danger, Jordan was not in the mood to think about Hailey.


Jordan recalled the scene in his dream and quickly ran out.

Victoria and Lauren looked at each other.

Victoria felt very helpless.

“Will that woman get a share of the Steele family assets”

Lauren shook her head.

“Sigh, it might be because she gave birth to Jordans son.

Lets hurry over.”

Victoria also sighed.

The two of them were a little jealous that Hailey had given birth to Jordans son.

Soon enough, they all arrived at Charlestons room.

The room was filled with Steele family members.

Jordan also saw his second brother Jamie, who had rushed back from the battlefield.


Jamie had specially waited for Jordan at the door.


Jordan held Jamies arm and walked in together.

Hailey wanted to step into the room, but Jordan dragged her back.

Victoria and Lauren hadnt arrived yet.

What right did she have to go in first

After that, Jordan brought his two wives to Charlestons bedside.

Charleston was already on his last breath.

Jordan knelt in front of the bed with tears in his eyes.

“How could this be… Grandpa, you were fine in Iceland just now.

Why did you suddenly…”

Charleston forced a smile on his pale and lifeless face.

“No one… can escape… the Deitys… curse.

I… am already… mentally prepared.”

Victoria and Lauren also knelt in front of the bed, tears streaming down their faces.

Charleston looked at his two granddaughters-in-law and stretched out his hand, indicating for them to come closer.

Victoria was the first to move forward.

Charleston looked at her and said, “Victoria, youre such a pitiful child… I hope Jordan can make up for… all the harm weve caused you.”

Victoria shook her head.

“Grandpa, dont say that.

The Steele family has been very kind to the Clarke family.

Dad and I have never blamed you.”

Charleston nodded.

He then looked at Lauren, who hurriedly moved forward.

“Lauren, help me apologize to your grandfather… we can only meet up again in my next life…”

Tears streamed down Laurens face.

“Grandpa, youll be fine.”

After talking to the two of them, Charleston looked at Jordan.



Just as Charleston was about to speak to Jordan, Hailey rushed in and knelt on the ground.

“Grandpa, what about me What about me”

Hailey had also been kneeling the entire time.

She kept inching forward, trying to angle herself in front of Lauren.

She was very worried that Charleston would miss out on speaking with her.

Charleston only glanced at her and did not say anything.

He continued to look at Jordan.



Hailey looked puzzled.

Just as she was about to interrupt, Victoria shot her a sharp look!

Hailey immediately shut her mouth in fear, not daring to speak again.

If not for the fact that Charleston was in danger and the other elders of the Steele family were present, Victoria would have slapped Hailey for being so rude!

Charleston continued, “Jordan… youre here.

I have two important announcements to make.”

The atmosphere in the entire house instantly became even more solemn.

It was clear that Charleston was about to announce his will!

The Steeles were one of the eight secret families.

Their wealth was enough to share among everyone at present, such that each person could spend without limits.

No one cared about how much money they would get.

What everyone cared about was who would be the new head of the family after Charleston died!

Everyone knew that although Charleston had a son, Rowan, he had always been very disappointed in him.

Moreover, he had long decided to bypass Rowan and hand the Steele family over to the third generation.

Although there were many third-generation descendants, including many outstanding females, their excellence was only on par with other normal wealthy families.

Compared to Jesse, Jamie and Jordan, they were inferior in every aspect.

Jamie was a frivolous person.

He had yet to complete his battlefield training, so the possibility of him taking over was very low.

Therefore, everyone knew that the head of the Steele family would go to either Jordan or Jesse.

Jesse knelt by the bed as well.

Although he was saddened by his grandfathers death, his mind was also filled with the thought of becoming the next head of the family!

Unlike Jordan, although he knew what his grandfather was going to announce next, his mind was still completely occupied by the sadness of his grandfathers impending death.

He did not think about those things at all.

Charleston said, “I want to announce that the next head of the Steele family will be…”

The entire place fell silent!

Charleston continued.

“Hes from the third generation of the Steele family…”

Charleston turned to Jesse.


“What” Jamie exclaimed in surprise.

He was the only one who spoke out loud, but almost everyone was as shocked as he was.

Everyone knew that although Jordan was the youngest brother, ever since he knew about the family secret, his achievements and talents had far surpassed Jesses!

Why would Charleston choose to pass the position of head of the Steele family to Jesse!


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