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Jordan had already witnessed the scene of his grandfathers death in his dream.

His grandfather was about to die, and as his filial grandson, no matter what instructions his grandfather had, he should follow them.

He had no objections to the family heads succession.

However, for the matter of marrying Hailey again, he had no choice but to voice his anguish, even though his grandfather was about to die.

It had to be said that although Jordan had two wives who were both beautiful and talented, Hailey was the one who really agitated Jordan!

Charleston did not explain to Jordan.

Instead, he continued.

“I want you to… marry Hailey again.

Moreover, you have to… hold the wedding on the beach.”

Hailey was very touched by Charlestons words.

“Oh my god, Grandpa is so good to me.

He even thought of where we would hold our wedding!”

Meanwhile, Jordan fell into deep thought when he heard Charlestons words.

‘A beach wedding…

Didnt Jordan keep having a recurring dream about his and Haileys beach wedding

Jordans grandfather knew about this as Jordan had told him.

It wasnt long ago that Jordan had discussed this with his grandfather.

If Jordan was a Deity, his dreams would become reality.

Jordans grandfather was trying to make his dream come true.

If Jordan and Hailey got married, this would mean that Jordans dream came true and he was really a Deity!

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He began to understand why his grandfather was doing this!

It was because his grandfather wanted Jordan to become a Deity!


For a moment, Jordan didnt know what to say.

Apart from him and his grandfather, no one else knew that he might be a Deity.

This included Jesse, Jamie and even Jordans two wives.

Charlestons breathing aura became weaker and weaker.

“Jordan, promise me…”

Jordan was in a dilemma.

Seeing that Charleston was about to die, Rowan didnt want to see his father leave this world with regret.

He walked forward and pressed Jordans shoulder.

“Jordan, promise Grandpa.”

After winning the position of the family head, Jesse became more cordial toward Jordan.

He whispered in his ear, “Agree for now.”

Jordan let out a long sigh and nodded.

“Alright, Grandpa.

I agree to all your requests.”

A calm smile appeared on Charlestons face.

His eyes were fixed on Jordan, not the next head of the Steele family, Jesse.

He seemed to be still placing the future of the Steele family on Jordan alone.

Gradually, he could no longer hold on.

Charleston slowly closed his eyes and his hand fell over the edge of the bed.


Like that, Charleston passed away as Jordan and his brothers cried out.

The curse of the Deity still existed, and no one in the Steele family could escape it.

Everyone started crying.

Jordan looked at everything with teary eyes.

It was exactly the same as the scene he had seen in his dream!

‘Im definitely a Deity! I definitely have the ability to predict the future! I will be the ruler of this world! No one can bully me! Absolutely nobody!

Jordan once again firmly believed that he had extraordinary abilities!

He cried for a long time.

After an unknown period of time, he went to the washroom to wash his face.

When he came out of the washroom, his father, Rowan, happened to walk over.


Rowan looked at him.

“Jordan, come with me.

Lets have a chat.”

Rowan brought Jordan to a nearby room.

He closed the door, took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket, and smoked one.

After about two minutes, Rowan asked, “Jordan, you must be very unhappy with what your grandfather told you before he died.

Are you upset with him”

Jordan did not reply.

Although Jordan was unwilling to accept both of Charlestons announcements, he was his grandfather after all.

Now that he had just passed away, how could Jordan be upset with him

Rowan continued.

“Actually, before your grandfather went into the cryo-chamber, he was afraid that he would die during the process.

So he discussed with me in advance about the candidate for the family head position.

At that time, he already chose your brother, Jesse.”

Jordan took a sip of water with a calm expression.

His grandfather always planned for the long-term.

He was about to be frozen for a year so it was natural that he would make some arrangements in advance.

Rowan said, “I asked him why he didnt choose you.

You saved our family, and youre more capable than your brother.

Also, youre very close to Lota from the Schmid family, and that little girl likes you very much.

Shes the head of the Schmid family now, and the only child.

If the two of you were to get together, the Schmid family would be yours.

“So I asked your grandfather if it was because of Lota.

Once you marry Lota, you can become the head of Schmid, while Jesse can be the head of the Steeles.

This way, the two of you can each be the heads of a secret family.

Not only will you not compete with each other, but you can also work together to improve the Steele family.”

Rowans thoughts had some logic to them.

Lota was very innocent and liked Jordan very much.

In addition, Jordan had saved the Schmid family.

He believed that when the time came, Jordan could definitely take charge of the Schmid family.

Tom and his wife would not have any objections!

Rowan continued.

“Your grandfather replied that not only would you take charge of the Schmid family, but you would also be able to lead all the eight great families.

With your ability, it doesnt matter if you become the head of the Steele family or not.

Its not the same for Jesse.

He has been pursuing the Steele family head position his entire life.

If he hadnt been chosen, he might fall into depression or become your enemy!”

Jordan snorted coldly.

Was he saying that Jordan had become too powerful to inherit the Steele family

In the end, Grandpa still doted on Jesse more!

Rowan asked curiously, “Jordan, why does your grandfather think that you can lead all the secret families”

It was apparent that Charleston had not told Rowan that Jordan might be a Deity.

This matter was very important to Jordan so he also did not intend to tell his father.

He only shook his head and did not respond.

Rowan just nodded, with no intention to probe further.

He said, “As for marrying Hailey again…”

Jordan immediately cut in.

“Dad, I have no objections to letting Jesse be the head of the family, but Im absolutely unwilling to marry Hailey again.

You saw what happened just now.

I was forced to agree.

Please forgive me for being unfilial.

I dont intend to follow Grandpas last wish.

I dont intend to marry Hailey again!”


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