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Hailey didnt like Lauren and Victorias attitude toward her.

They were obviously biased against her! They didnt treat her like part of the family at all!

Feeling affronted, she said indignantly, “Im the granddaughter-in-law selected by Grandpa himself.

What right do you have to not acknowledge me Grandpa was the one who chose me to be Jordans wife four years ago.

Now, he has chosen me again!

“What about you Which one of you was personally chosen by Grandpa Both of you are just shameless hussies who went after my husband.

If I hadnt made a mistake and cheated with Tyler then, would you have had the chance to be with my husband Its already very unfair for me to be downgraded to third wife status!

“And now, you two dare to treat me like this! Hmph, since you dont like me, I wont try to be nice to you anymore! I had planned to invite you two to my beach wedding with Jordan, but it looks like I dont need to!”

With that, Hailey left in a huff.

Victoria and Lauren were puzzled.

She was a woman who cheated on her husband.

What right did she have to be so arrogant! Lauren had all the right in the world to give her advice!

Victoria sighed.

“Hailey is still as proud and self-centered as before, just like a princess.

As long as shes happy and comfortable, she doesnt care about others feelings! If she really marries Jordan again, she will probably be humble and obedient for a while.

But as time passes and she gets used to living the life of a billionaires wife, I dont know what tricks she will be up to again!”

Lauren nodded.

“We must keep an eye on her.

We cant let her humiliate our husband anymore.

Victoria, since Grandpa decided this matter, we cant change it.

In the future, we should treat Hailey better so that Jordan wont be put in a difficult position.”

Victoria agreed.

After Hailey left, she took a hot towel and went to look for Jesse.

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When she found him, Jesse was still kneeling in front of Charlestons corpse, while the others had gone to wash their faces.

He was the only one who hadnt.

He was pretending to be the most filial grandson.

Hailey said to Jesse, “Mr.

Jesse… oh, no, I can call you Jesse now.

Heres a hot towel for you to wipe your face.”

Jesse glanced at her before taking the towel.

Hailey smiled gently.

“Jesse, dont take what happened just now to heart.

I had no intention of doubting you.

Youre the eldest son.

Its only right for the Steele family to be handed over to you.

I just hope that after you become the head of the Steele family, you can take care of me, Jordan and our children.”

Jesse nodded.

“Yes, dont worry.

Jordan is my third brother.

Tell him that I wont treat him badly.

Apart from control over the various research teams, he can choose any of the other assets.”

Hailey was delighted.

“Really Thank you, Jesse.

I knew you were the best!”

The naive Hailey knew very little about the eight secret families.

She had no idea what was the most valuable thing in the Steele family.

Even if she knew, for a woman like her who was from a third-rate family in Orlando, a few billion dollars was more than enough for her.

She would not fight for anything more.

At this moment, Rowan walked over.


Jesse and Hailey called out at the same time.

There was nothing wrong with Jesse calling him that, but Rowan frowned.

“The two of you, come with me for a moment.”

Although Jesse was now the head of the Steele family, Rowan was still his father.

As such, Jesse still had to listen to him.

The three of them went to the room next door.

Before Rowan could speak, Jesse knelt down, startling Hailey, who was adjusting her clothes to make her boobs stand out more.

“Dad!” Jesse was on his knees as he looked up at Rowan.

“Youre in your prime, and your experience and abilities surpass mine.

You should be the head of the Steele family! Im willing to hand over the position!”

Hailey was delighted.

Was Rowan going to snatch the position of the family head

That would be great.

If Rowan took over, Jordan would still have a chance to assume the position in the future.

Rowan said, “Jesse, get up.

Grandpa has arranged for you to be the head of the Steele family.

I will support you from now on.

I dont want to participate in the matters of the eight secret families anymore.”


“Get up.

I didnt ask you here to talk about this.”


Jesse rose and stood before his father respectfully.

Rowan said, “I talked to Jordan just now.

He said that he isnt willing to marry Hailey.

You saw the situation just now.

Your grandfather was on his last breath, and Jordan just didnt want him to die with regrets.

You understand, right”

As the head of the Steele family, Jesse was in charge of all matters, big and small.

Therefore, Rowan and Jordan had to ask for Jesses permission.

Jesse said, “I understand! How can we make Jordan marry this fickle woman I agree to his request!”

When she heard her dreams being smashed to pieces, Hailey cried and begged, pulling at Jesse.

“Jesse, you cant agree! My marriage to Jordan was Grandpas dying wish.

Grandpa just passed away.

How can you be so unfilial!”


Jesse slapped her across the face.

“B*tch! How dare you speak to me like that! Do you know who I am! Im not just some ordinary billionaire! I control the Steeles, one of the eight secret families! You are a lowly woman from a third-rate family.

Do you know what a secret family means to the world!”

Having just become the head of the family, Jesse couldnt wait to show off his authority in front of others.

But then, he did have the right to show off.

Hailey knew that her words had no influence on Jesse, so she ran to find Jordan.

“Jordan! Hubby! Why did you reject the marriage arranged by Grandpa Its been so long.

Why havent you forgiven me I promise you that I wont cheat on you again.

After I marry you, I wont interact with other men, okay Ill stay at home and look after the children.

Ill listen to you, Hubby.”

Hailey hugged Jordans leg and begged.

Jordan looked down at her and said, “You knew the consequences and should never have cheated in the first place! I can more or less understand your tryst with Tyler.

I can even understand you and Brad because you were forced to do it.

However, your affair with Cayden really exposed your true nature! By then, I was already the richest man in Orlando.

I had already given you a luxurious house and expensive car, to let you enjoy the life of an elite upper-class housewife!

“But you were still not satisfied.

You secretly met up with Cayden and did those shameful things behind my back! How can you expect me to forgive you!”


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