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Hailey begged Jordan, but he was determined to not give her any chance!

Jordan shook her off and left coldly.

Actually, from a personal and family standpoint, Jordan should have agreed to this marriage.

‘If it was my brother, he would definitely agree, right

This was because Jordan had dreamed of his and Haileys beach wedding.

If he could realize this dream, it would prove that he was a Deity.

In other words, if Jordan was really a Deity, the dream would eventually become reality.

No matter how he tried to escape it, it would still happen in the end.

Actually, Jordan no longer cared much about Haileys cheating.

He was more concerned about whether his dreams were destined to come true!

‘I successfully predicted the deaths of Shauns mother and my grandfather.

That should be enough to prove that Im a Deity.

I dont have to marry Hailey again, right But are my dreams destined to come true Or can I change my fate

Jordan was a little confused about this point.

At this moment, Jordan thought of a world-famous movie director and a good friend of the Steeles, Christopher Nolan! In Nolans movie “Inception”, he explored the mysteries behind dreams.

In his movie “Interstellar”, Nolan showed how the past and the future were interlinked.

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Although he was only a movie director, he had hired the worlds top physicists to consult on those two movies.

He had done in-depth research in those fields.

As a result, Jordan wanted to ask for his opinion.

Jordan called Nolan.

“Jordan, I havent heard from you in a long time.

Are you well” Nolan was happy to hear from Jordan.

Jordan said, “I want to ask you about something.

Do you think the future can be changed Hypothetically, if I know that something will likely happen in the future, can I still change the outcome”

If Jordan had asked someone else, they would definitely be confused.

However, Nolan immediately understood his question.

Nolan didnt answer directly.

Instead, he asked, “I say, Jordan, I asked you to watch my new movie, Tenet, some time ago.

I guess you havent seen it yet, right”

Nolan had indeed recommended his latest film to Jordan a few times.

Jordan said apologetically, “Yes, Ive been too busy this year.”

Nolan said, “I explored that point in that movie.

Everything that happens is destined to happen.

If it is already part of the future, it will happen.”

Jordan frowned.

Was his marriage to Hailey inevitable

However, Jordan had already rejected Hailey.

Jesse and the others had also agreed.

Who would make Jordan marry Hailey again

Jordan continued to ask, “What if you try to change it”

Nolan said, “You cant change what is already part of the future.

Jordan, you have to remember that although the future has not presented itself to us yet, it has actually already happened.

Unless you want to spend another two hours discussing parallel worlds with me.”

Jordan said, “Okay, I understand.

Thank you, Nolan.”

Nolan said, “No problem.

Jordan, go and watch my movie, Tenet.

Go and watch it immediately.

Youll understand what Im talking about after watching it!”

Jordan promised him.

“Oh, Ill definitely watch your movie, but Im afraid I dont have time now.”

“Whats wrong Jordan, your voice is hoarse and you dont sound well.

What happened” Nolan asked.

Jordan did not try to hide anything.

“My grandfather just passed away.”

“What Mr.

Steele passed away Oh my god, Im so sad to hear this! Is it convenient for me to attend his funeral” Nolan sighed.

Jordan said, “Im afraid its not a convenient time now.

Thank you for your kind intentions.

I hope you can keep this a secret.”


I promise.

God bless him.

He must have passed well and gone to heaven.”

Meanwhile, not long after Charleston passed away, the other seven families apart from the Steeles suddenly held a video conference!

Park Sang-jun was excited and in high spirits.

“Everyone! I received news that a few hours ago, the head of the Steele family, Charleston, suddenly suffered serious injuries! He was sent back to their castle in England for treatment.

Until a minute ago, there was still no answer on his phone.

I guess hes already gone!”

The other six families were very agitated by the news.

Madam Geng said, “My God, even the Steele family couldnt escape the curse!”

Chairman Rong nodded.

“Thats right.

Ive also received news that Charleston has passed away!”

Lota attended this video conference on behalf of the Schmids.

She covered her mouth in disbelief.

“No, Grandpa Steele will be fine.

Hes so nice.

Ill call Jordan now to verify it!”

Lota did not believe that Charleston died.

After all, she had just seen him not long ago.

Charleston was still in good condition at that time.

The other families knew that Lota and Jordan had a good relationship.

They quietly watched as Lota made her call.

However, Jordan did not answer the call.

Park Sang-jun snorted.

“Jordan must be kneeling in front of Charlestons bed now and crying.

Hes not in the mood to answer your call! Charleston is almost 80 years old.

He will definitely die from the curse.

Theres no doubt! With Charlestons death, the Steele family will be without a leader.

The second generation of the Steele family, Rowan, is a spineless coward.

The third generation is just a bunch of brats.

“I suggest that we expel the Steeles from our ranks.

We can go down to the Steele Castle now to divide up the Steele family assets!”

Park Sang-jun was still bent on getting rid of the Steele family.

At that time, he had the support of the Miyamoto family, but now, the Miyamotos were behind the Steele family.

The Miyamoto family was the first to object.

Miyamoto Chujiro said, “I object! Even if Mr.

Steele dies, they still have Jordan and Jesse to support this family! Moreover, the Steele familys strength is unfathomable.

Everyone saw it last time.

They created a pill that can make people 20 years younger.

They also successfully developed the Mirakuru serum! This is something that our family has been researching for decades and has yet to succeed!”

In order to obtain the Steele familys help for the Mirakuru serum, the Miyamoto family put in a lot of good words for the Steeles.

Lota protested even more vehemently.

“What right do you have to take the Steele familys assets! Arent all eight secret families part of the same group If theyre in trouble, we should help them! I will never allow anyone to hurt my Jordan!”


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