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The Schmid and Miyamoto families were both on the Steeles side.

As such, they protested vehemently against Parks suggestion.

Park Sang-jun didnt care about Lotas objections at all.

He only cared about the Miyamoto familys opinion.

After all, the Schmid family had previously been controlled by Shaun.

They had just escaped and had yet to recover from their ordeal.

Moreover, the Schmids health was not good.

So they handed their power to the 18-year-old Lota.

Park Sang-jun did not care about the opinion of a little girl!

Therefore, Park Sang-jun ignored Lota and only replied to Miyamoto Chujiro, “Mr.

Miyamoto, Ive already told you that Jordan is a liar.

You cant believe what he says! The Steele family didnt develop any divine medicine at all.

The pills which he gave Chairman Rong and Madam Geng were stolen from our Park family.

Moreover, the pills cant make people 20 years younger.

It can make them 10 years younger!”

Chairman Rong spoke up.

“Ive already let my subordinates try the pill that Jordan gave me.

It can indeed only make a person 10 years younger.

In addition, Mr.

Park gave me the drug developed by his family.

After comparison, we discovered that the two pills are identical.

Therefore, I believe Mr.

Parks words.

Jordan deceived everyone.”

Miyamoto Chujiro did not know if this was true or not.

He said, “But the Steele family has indeed developed the Mirakuru serum!”

Park Sang-jun asked, “Mr.

Miyamoto, why do you believe that they have successfully developed this serum”

Miyamoto Chujiro replied, “My son has a subordinate called Dragon.

His combat ability is almost invincible.

We especially sent him to challenge Jordan, but he was easily defeated after Jordan took the serum.

This is enough to prove that the Steeles have developed something comparable to the Mirakuru serum!”

At this moment, another person suddenly appeared on Park Sang-juns screen.

It was his son, Park Chan-young.

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“Apologies, everyone.

Please allow me to interject.


Miyamoto, you mentioned a subordinate called Dragon.

Is he a 1.9 meters tall man with long hair”

Park Chan-youngs curiosity was piqued at the mention of “Dragon”.

He knew that Jordan also had a subordinate called Dragon!

Miyamoto Chujiro nodded.

“Thats right.

Youve seen him before”

Park Chan-young hurriedly said, “Mr.

Miyamoto, youve been deceived! That guy is Jordans subordinate! Hes a spy planted by Jordan in your family!”

“What did you say” Miyamoto Chujiro was incensed.

Park Chan-young said, “Ive seen this subordinate of Jordans.

He fought one of my men previously! I swear that its true! Lota can testify!”

Lota stammered, “I… I dont know.”

Miyamoto Chujiro was in a fluster and commanded Miyamoto Masaki.

“Call Dragon to come over immediately!”


Dragon was somewhere nearby.

He had no idea what had happened when he was summoned.

However, as soon as he entered the room and saw the six holographic projections floating in front of him, one of which was Park Chan-young, Dragon immediately panicked!

Dragon knew that Park Chan-young had seen him before and knew his true identity!

“Its him! Hes Jordans subordinate!” Park Chan-young immediately identified Dragon.

“Ah! B*stard! I trusted you so much.

Youre actually a spy sent by the Steele family! Jordan beat me up during our fight, it must be because you secretly gave him our familys strength-enhancing medicine! Dragon, Im going to cut you into pieces!!”

Miyamoto Masaki was furious.

He picked up his gun and charged at Dragon.

Dragon saw that the situation was dire.

He had a strength-enhancing medicine on him and he immediately consumed it.

Dragons physical strength increased exponentially and he knocked out the Miyamoto subordinates before escaping through the window!

“Capture him! Capture him! Kill this traitor.

Show him no mercy!”

Miyamoto Masaki shouted and ran after Dragon.

Miyamoto Chujiro broke out in a cold sweat.

He flew into a rage.

“That b*stard Jordan dared to deceive my family.

I even put in so many good words for the Steeles!”


Park, I now agree with your decision.

Well fly to England and take over the Steele family.

We must tear that brat Jordan into pieces!”

Lota spoke up again.

“No! I dont agree! You cant do this! No one is allowed to hurt my Jordan!”

Park Sang-jun snorted.

“Lota, your parents havent recovered yet.

You should stay at home and take care of them.

We will understand if you dont come with us.

Dont worry, when we are dividing up the Steele family assets, we will still give a share to the Schimds!”

“Chairman, shall we set off immediately”

Chairman Rong nodded.

“Yes, whether we kick the Steele family out or not, Charleston has passed away.

We should go over and pay our respects.”

“Everyone, lets meet up at the Steele Castle!”

With that, the families switched off their projections.

Only Lota was left shouting in the video conference.

“Hey, no, Chairman Rong, you cant do this!”

However, none of the families paid attention to her.

“Jordan, I wont let anyone hurt you!”

Lota sprung into action too.

She had someone fly her straight to England.

At Steele Castle.

Rowan and his three sons were gathered in a room, discussing how to deal with Charlestons death in a low-profile manner.

With the Steele familys wealth, they had the resources to have a grand funeral and make the entire world mourn.

However, the Steeles were a secret family.

On top of that, they did not want the other seven families to know for the time being.

This was because the other families had always planned to get rid of the Steeles, but were held back by Charlestons presence.

Now that Charleston was dead, the families had one less reason to hold back.

Rowan received a call.


Rowan looked extremely shocked.

Jesse hurriedly asked, “Dad, what happened”

Rowan said, “The people from the other seven families are here.

They are all flying to England and will be here soon!”

Jesse was stunned.

“Grandpa just died and theyre already flying over Do they already know about Grandfathers death Are they here to snatch our assets”

Jamie snorted.

“Whats there to be afraid of! Lets fight! Its not like our family doesnt have powerful weapons.

Although we cant win against them all, we can still put up a good fight! At most, we will end up destroying the entire world and perish together!”

Weapon technology in the modern world was developing at a rapid pace, and the weapons of the eight secret families were even more terrifying.

During World War II, a small atomic bomb wiped out 200,000 lives in Japan.

The Steele family definitely had the resources to destroy the entire world and everyone in it!


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