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“Hahaha, yes indeed.

Jordan, you must marry a woman who betrayed you before.

Every day, every time you see her, you will remember all the things she did to you! You will remember the scenes of her having fun with other men! This kind of mental torture is a hundred times better than beating you up! I agree with this suggestion!”

Miyamoto Masaki laughed loudly.

He felt that this suggestion was very good.

It was even better than killing Jordan.

For a secret family like the Miyamotos, how difficult was it to kill someone They were already numb to it!

This kind of mental torture was the only way they could satisfy their sick urges!

Park Chan-young also smiled.

“I agree too! If Jordan marries his ex-wife again, we dont even have to do anything.

He will anger himself to death.


Chairman Rong nodded too, but Madam Geng said, “Isnt that a little too cruel”

In response, Chairman Rong said, “Compared to killing him, its crueler to let Jordan marry a woman he once loved Perhaps Jordan is a magnanimous man and can forgive his ex-wife to live a blissful life again.”

“Hahahaha… Chairman Rong is so sarcastic.”

“Chairman Rong is right.

Jordan can choose to be a spineless man and forgive his wife.


Park Chan-young and Miyamoto Masaki started mocking Jordan again.

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Madam Geng pondered this for a moment.

To her, it was not a big deal to get remarried.

After all, she was a woman herself.

She also hoped that a woman could be forgiven for her past mistakes.


As long as Jordan isnt physically hurt, I agree to all other proposals.” Madam Geng finally agreed.

Chairman Rong nodded and said loudly, “Alright, I officially announce that Jordan Steele must remarry his ex-wife, Hailey! The Steele family must carry it out as soon as possible!”

Jesse hurriedly bowed.

“Yes, Chairman! I will personally arrange Jordans wedding!”

But Jordan shouted angrily, “F*ck you! What right do the six families have to decide on my wedding! Its my own business who I want to marry and who I dont.

Its none of your business!”

Jesse scolded his brother.

“Jordan! Shut up! Im the head of the Steele family.

I order you to remarry Hailey.

As a member of the Steele family, you must listen to me!”

However, even as the head of the Steele family, Jesse failed to suppress Jordan!

“The head of the Steele family is nothing! The heads of the secret families are nothing! All of you are lowly animals in my eyes!”

Jordan was very agitated as he shouted.

Park Chan-young was furious.

“How dare you! You dont know your place! Its fine if you look down on us, but you even scolded Chairman Rong! You are claiming that Chairman Rong is inferior to you Are you crazy”

Miyamoto Masaki also shouted, “We are low-level animals Who the f*ck are you!”

Jordan was forced into a corner.

The six families had barged into his house and were trying to force him to accept a wedding that he was unwilling to accept.

Initially, Jordan did not intend to reveal his secret.

But now, he could not hold it in anymore!

‘Youre all looking down on me Do you know who I am I should be the one looking down on you!

Jordan looked at Chairman Rong, Madam Geng and the other families arrogantly.

“Who am I Alright, Ill tell you who I am today!”

“I am the new Deity!!”


All members of the secret families would feel deep veneration when they heard this name.

This was because without the Deity, they would not be as prosperous as they were now.

It could be said that the Deity was the divine omnipotent ruler of all the eight secret families.

Jordan had no choice but to reveal this secret!

This was because he knew what a Deity meant to the secret families.

Ever since the first Deity died 20 years ago, their research had stagnated.

Everyone was looking forward to the arrival of the new Deity.

Once Jordan admitted that he was the new Deity, he would be worshiped by all the secret families! His status would surpass even the Rong family!

However, after Jordans big reveal, everyone just burst out laughing! Rowan was the only one who didnt laugh but he looked stunned.

“Hahahaha… what did you say Youre a Deity” Park Chan-young clearly didnt believe him.

“Im dying of laughter.

A piece of trash like you have the cheek to pretend to be a Deity”

“Jordan, dont joke around! Do you know what a Deity is!” Park Sang-jun became serious.

He didnt like people joking about the Deity.

The older generation respected the Deity very much.

Even Jesse issued a warning.

“Jordan, stop spouting nonsense! Did you go crazy from Grandpas death! We came from the same parents and are just ordinary humans.

How can you be a Deity!”

Jamie retorted, “So what if we were born from the same parents Every single person is unique.

For example, you are so ugly while Jordan is so handsome.”

“You…” Jesse was annoyed at Jamies insult.

Jordan looked at Park Sang-jun and snorted.

“Of course I know what a Deity is.

A Deity has the ability to predict the future in his dreams!”

Park Sang-jun continued to ask, “Are you saying you have this ability too”

Jordan placed his hands behind his back.

“Thats right!”

Madam Geng and Chairman Rong looked at each other solemnly and cautiously.

Could Jordan be telling the truth

Park Chan-young knew that Jordan was a liar and loved to brag.

He hurriedly said, “What nonsense are you spouting! You are just a useless piece of trash, how can you possibly predict the future If youre really a Deity and can predict the future, would your ex-wife, Hailey, have cheated on you Shouldnt you have predicted that she would sleep with other men and stop her Why did your ex-wife manage to cheat on you And more than once!

“Also, I heard that when Haileys twins went for the paternity test, Jordan was so nervous that he couldnt even eat.

When he heard the results and found out that one of them wasnt his, he was so angry that he wanted to kill someone!! If you were a Deity, wouldnt you have predicted the results Why would you need to do a paternity test Why would you be so shocked”

Chairman Rong and the others nodded at Park Chan-youngs analysis.

Thats right.

If Jordan was really a Deity and had the ability to predict the future, his ex-wife would never have the chance to cheat on him! Jordan would have already stopped her before she could cheat.

Based on these facts alone, Jordans claim that he was a Deity was just bullsh*t!


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