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Miyamoto Masaki also laughed out loud.

“Hahaha, you think youre a Deity You couldnt even predict that your wife will cheat on you, you good-for-nothing! Think of a way to stop being a cuckold before fantasizing about anything else! Jordan, youre worse than trash!”



Everyone started to mock Jordan.

Jordan was furious.

He didnt expect that no one would believe him.

Instead, he was humiliated and mocked by the six families!

“Miyamoto Masaki, Im going to kill you!”

Hailey was still the woman who could agitate Jordan the most.

Jordan was deeply provoked by Miyamoto Masakis words.

By this stage, Jordan could no longer control himself.

He didnt care how many opponents there were or if he had consumed any strength-enhancing medicine.

He charged forward.

He wanted to beat Miyamoto Masaki to death!

However, the six families had come with their most capable bodyguards.

How could they let Jordan succeed

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The Miyamoto family was about to draw their guns when…


A dart pierced into the back of Jordans head.

And the person who shot the dart was not from any of the six families.

Instead, it was Jordans eldest brother, Jesse!

Jordan was completely unprepared for an attack from behind.

He did not expect his own family to attack him.

He collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Jamie immediately cursed Jesse.

“Jesse, what did you do!”

Jesse replied coldly, “Dont worry.

It is a tranquilizer dart gun.

I only knocked him out.

Take him back to his room to rest.

Dont let him cause more trouble for our family!”

Crouching down, Jamie supported Jordan as he glared at Jesse.

“Were brothers.

Instead of helping Jordan, you sided with the six families to attack him What kind of elder brother are you What kind of family head are you!”

“How dare you!” Jesse roared.

“If I hadnt pleaded on his behalf, Jordan would be dead by now! Besides, it was Grandpas dying wish for him to marry Hailey.

What did I do wrong!”


Jamie was about to say something when Rowan said, “Alright, stop arguing.

Listen to your brother and bring Jordan back to his room to rest.”

Jamie didnt say anything else.

He carried Jordan out of the room.

Lota looked at Jordan worriedly.

She wanted to follow him and watch over him, but she had to stay behind.

If the six families made any decisions that were disadvantageous to the Steele family, at least she could vote against them here.

Chairman Rong said, “Alright, bring us to see your familys research labs.

Since we are the regents of the Steele family, we have the right to control all your research labs.”

Although the Steeles were not as formidable as the Rong family, they had their strengths.

Although the Rong family was powerful, it was impossible for them to be strong in every field.

Chairman Rong knew that the Steeles must have certain strengths that the Rong family didnt have yet.

This was a good opportunity to take over them.

The other families also wanted to take over the Steele familys assets.

They all stood up excitedly.

However, Park Chan-young said to Park Sang-jun, “Dad, the Steeles research is just childs play.

Im not interested.

You can go with my elder brother.

I wont be going.”

Park Sang-jun only brought along his two sons to Steele Castle.

He did not bring Park Anya.

That was for the best.

After all, Jordan liked Park Anya.

It was best that she did not witness Jordans current sorry state now.

He would not have wanted her to see him being bullied by the six families.

It was too humiliating.

Park Sang-jun was puzzled.

“What else are you going to do here”

Park Chan-young chuckled.

“I heard that Jordans ex-wife is extremely beautiful.

Shes the number one beauty in Orlando.

Hehe, I want to meet her.”

Park Sang-jun smiled in exasperation.

“You punk.”

Park Sang-jun knew that his son was a playboy.

He would not give up on any chance to meet beautiful women.

Miyamoto Masaki also said to his father, “Dad, I wont follow you guys either.”

Clearly, Miyamoto Masaki also wanted to see how beautiful Hailey was!

Even Madam Gengs young son, Geng Weilun, said, “Mom, I want to stay too.”

Madam Geng said, “Why, son, are you interested in Jordans fiancée too”

Geng Weilun smiled.

“Of course not.

My taste isnt that bad.

I just dont think the Steele family has any research worthy enough to interest me.

Theyre too lousy.”

Madam Geng replied, “Okay, whatever.”

With that, Jesse led the others to the Steeles research labs.

Meanwhile, Geng Weilun, Park Chan-young and Miyamoto Masaki stayed behind.

They sent someone to call Hailey over.

When Hailey arrived, she was still wearing the Steele family maid uniform.

The moment she walked in, her looks and figure immediately stunned the three of them, especially Park Chan-young and Miyamoto Masaki!

Park Chan-young exclaimed.

“Oh my god, Jordans ex-wife is too beautiful! Shes impeccable!”

From beside him, aMiyamoto Masaki shook his head in disbelief.

“Is this really just a woman from a third-rate family My wife is the number one beauty in Japan, but even she is not as beautiful as this woman!”

“Oh my god, this face is too perfect.

Its like a fairy who has descended to the mortal world! And her figure… has she really given birth This is definitely not the figure of a mother!”

Hailey had always known that her greatest advantage was her good looks.

While her body did undergo some changes after giving birth, however, she was very disciplined and very quickly regained her original figure.

If she changed into a high school uniform, no one would doubt that she was a high school student!

On the contrary, Geng Weilun crossed his legs and leaned back, unlike the other two who leaned forward when they saw Hailey.

Geng Weilun took a sip of tea and said, “Jordans ex-wife has a good figure, but is she really as beautiful as you say Why do I feel that shes just average Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima are more beautiful.”

Geng Weilun was Chinese but he was a huge fan of Brazilian supermodels, especially those from Victorias Secret.

He frequently compared women to them.

Park Chan-young said, “Weilun, you clearly have different tastes! You prefer Brazilian supermodels but this is one of the most beautiful women we have ever seen from the US!”

Geng Weilun shrugged and didnt argue.

“Each to their own.

Happy for you that you like her.”

Park Chan-young rubbed his hands excitedly and looked at Hailey with desire.

“Are you Jordans ex-wife, Hailey” Park Chan-young asked with a smile.


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