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Meanwhile, Jamie had helped the unconscious Jordan to his room.

Jamie gently placed Jordan on the bed and helped him take off his shoes before covering him with a blanket.

He then stood in front of the bed and looked at Jordan quietly.

Tears flowed down his face, but his right hand was clenched tightly.

For the first time in his life, he felt grief and indignation!

Jamie looked at the unconscious Jordan and said, “Jordan, Im sorry.

I was the one who harmed you.

I chose Hailey for you.

Back then, I only cared about finding a beautiful woman but didnt consider her character.

Thats why you were implicated by her today.

The Steele family is finished.

Jesse is willing to be a dog for the other seven families.

I dont plan to stay in this family anymore.

“Jordan, help me pay my respects to Grandpa.

Im leaving.

This time, Im not leaving just to go and enjoy myself.

Im going to use my strength to deal with the other families.

I want them to pay with their blood! I want all of them to be exterminated! Bear with it for a while.

Wait for me to come back and save you.

Goodbye, Jordan.

I hope you can hold on…”

Jamie wiped his tears and turned to leave.

Before long, he flew his Zephyr Two away with Phoenix and his handsome subordinates.

Not long after Jamie left, the door to Jordans room was pushed open again.

The person who came was not from the Steele family or a servant.

He was dressed in black and wore a cap.

He was very well-hidden.

Just half of his face was exposed, but it gave off a chilling feeling.

Because at this moment, he was looking at the unconscious Jordan with a smirk!


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The man walked into the room, closed the door.

He clearly knew that Jordan had been shot by a tranquilizer dart and was unconscious.

After the man walked in, he relaxed and smiled.

“Hahahaha, the people from the seven families are a bunch of idiots! Jordan told you that he is a Deity, but no one believed him! You idiots think you can rule the world Hmph!

“Heavens will, its all heavens will! If you had believed Jordan and treated him like a treasure, would I be able to do anything I am destined by the heavens to enjoy his abilities alone.


The person was none other than Shaun Handley, who had previously controlled the Schmid family!

Shaun slowly walked towards Jordans bed.

His walk was very strange.

He didnt move in a straight line.

Instead, he walked in a zig-zag manner.

When he came to the bed, Shaun stopped smiling.

Killing intent surged in his eyes as he looked at Jordans face!

“Damn you, Jordan! You caused my mothers death, killed my wife and even took away Lota, whom I have specially groomed for many years! I cant wait to cut you into pieces and eat you alive!”

Shauns hatred for Jordan was intense.

If it were anyone else, they would have attacked long ago.

“But I cant kill you.

Youre the only one who can help me complete the mind transplant! However, although youre a Deity, your ability is progressing too slowly! If you had better control over your abilities, would you be forced into such a wretched state by the other families Would you be plotted against by your brother Hehe, but it doesnt matter.

Even though your ability is progressing slowly, I can help you!”

With that, Shaun took out a bottle of red liquid medicine from his pocket.

“Jordan, do you know what this is”

Jordan was unconscious now, so he naturally couldnt hear nor could he answer.

Shaun muttered to himself, “20 years ago, the Deity passed away.

The people from the eight great families all rushed to the place where the Deity lived and took all her daily necessities for research.

In the end, the Rong family, who have the most advanced medical technology, identified that this bottle of medicine can stimulate the brain.

In other words, it can allow a Deity to make predictions more efficiently and not just rely on dreams.

“The people from the eight great families were very happy.

They thought that they had obtained a treasure, so they tried it on everyone.

However, they realized that it was useless to ordinary people! But Jordan, you are not an ordinary person.

Youre a Deity.

It will definitely be useful for you!”

Shaun smiled smugly.

He admired himself for having the foresight to secretly steal this bottle of medicine.

Taking out a syringe, Shaun drew some medicine before injecting it into Jordan.

“Jordan, when you wake up, you will really become a Deity.

Dont forget to thank me, hehe.”


With those words, Shaun injected the entire bottle of medicine into Jordans body.

Jordan immediately became hot and his head felt heavy.

He kept fidgeting.

“Hehe, Jordan, your prediction ability will only become stronger in the future.

Im afraid it wont be easy for me to deal with you then.

Therefore, to make you work for me, I will kidnap your wife, Lauren.

Dont worry, I will never touch her or hurt her.

What Youre asking me why I am kidnapping Lauren and not Victoria”

Jordan was unconscious now.

After being injected with the medicine, he had fallen into an even deeper sleep.

He could not hear anything, so how could he ask questions

Shaun lived in the darkness and seldom interacted with others.

He was used to talking to himself.

Shaun continued, “Hehe, because Lauren is younger and more beautiful! Of course, Hailey is not bad either, but you wouldnt care if I kidnapped her.

Also, she has been with too many men.

I still prefer someone as pure as Lota! Ill leave a woman like Hailey for you to slowly enjoy, hahaha!”

Shaun also mocked Jordan.

At this moment, footsteps suddenly came from outside the door.

“Someones coming!”

Shaun became very vigilant and hid behind the door.

Immediately after, the door was pushed open and Lauren walked in.

As Shaun looked at the pure and beautiful Lauren, an evil smile was on his face.

“Hehehe, speak of the devil.

I was just about to look for you when you came knocking on my door.”


Shaun blew a white powder at Lauren from behind her, causing her to faint on the spot.

He then carried Lauren on his shoulder and quickly escaped.

10 minutes later.

Hailey muttered to herself as she walked toward Jordans room.

“Who were those three men Why are they so detestable They are forcing me to say Tylers name at my wedding to anger Jordan.

Im already in Jordans bad books.

How can I do this Seriously, what am I going to do!”

Hailey pushed open the door.

She was shocked at the scene that greeted her!


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