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As soon as Hailey pushed open the door, she saw Jordan lying on the bed, foaming at the mouth.

Moreover, he was tossing left and right, looking like he was in pain!


Hailey hurried forward.

When she saw Jordans agonized expression, she immediately shouted in fear, “Ah! Help! Jordan is dying!”

Luckily, Victoria was also heading to Jordans room.

She had just learned that Jordan had been knocked out by his brothers tranquilizer dart and wanted to keep him company.

When Victoria heard Haileys shouts, she walked in and said angrily, “Hailey, why are you shouting like that! Who is dying!”

When Hailey saw Victoria enter, she rushed over and held her hand.

“Victoria, look.

Is Jordan… dying”

Hailey had never seen anyone in this condition before.

She knew nothing about medicine.

When faced with such a situation, apart from panicking, she didnt know what else to do.

She was your typical pretty but brainless airhead.

Victoria saw Jordan lying on the bed and foaming at the mouth.

“Oh no, in this sleeping posture, he might die at any time!”

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Victoria immediately became very anxious! She was older and had more life experience.

Jordan was sleeping on his back.

If he vomited, he would choke on his vomit.

And he might die of suffocation!

People who fell unconscious from drinking too much or doing drugs sometimes vomited in their sleep and ended up choking to death on their own vomit!

Rushing forward, Victoria pushed Jordan to his side, so that his vomit would flow out of his mouth.

As she patted Jordans back, she scolded Hailey.

“You only know how to stand at the side and scream Why didnt you help turn Jordan to his side when you saw that he was vomiting Do you know that he might choke to death!”

Hailey was confused.

“Why do I need to turn him to his side…”

Victoria was exasperated.

“You were Jordans wife for three years.

He likes to drink but you dont know how to take care of him when hes drunk”

Hailey said aggrievedly, “His alcohol tolerance is so good.

Even my father and uncle cant beat him.

Ive never seen him dead drunk!”

Victoria was speechless.

“Hurry up and call Butler Frank over!”

Other than being beautiful and good at bearing children, Hailey seemed to be completely useless in their marriage!

She was really a typical bimbo.


At the very least Hailey knew how to call for help.

She had lived here for a long time and quickly called Butler Frank over.

Butler Frank immediately brought Jordan to the medical room.

When Rowan and Jesse heard the news, they also rushed over.

“Hows Jordan” Jesse entered in a fluster.

Victoria stood at the door of the medical room, her eyes filled with hatred as she looked at Jesse.

“Jesse, what did you do to my husband! Youre already the head of the family, and my husband has no intention of snatching the position from you.

Why did you have to kill him!”

Jesse looked very helpless.

“I didnt! I just anesthetized him! I dont know why hes like this now!”

Rowan also stared suspiciously at Jesse.

Jesse saw that Rowan was trying to analyze his face and words to see if he was lying.

Jesse asked, “Dad, you dont believe me either”

Victoria said coldly, “Jesse, if anything happens to Jordan, Ill make you pay with your life!”

Jesse was furious.

“B*tch! Who do you think you are! How dare you speak to me like that! Im the head of the Steele family! I can easily send someone to kill you!”

Victoria wasnt afraid at all.

She stared at Jesse.

“You can try to kill me, but youd better make sure I am really dead.

As long as I am alive, I will definitely avenge my husband!”

“You…” Jesse was also shocked by this formidable woman.

Although Hailey was a beautiful woman, she was a blip in Jordans love life.

After her, Jordans next two wives, Victoria and Lauren, were both exemplary women who were not only beautiful but also had talent and good character.

Rowan cut in.

“Alright, were family! I believe Jesse wont do that, and I believe that Jordan will be fine.”


10 minutes later, a doctor under the Steele family walked out of the treatment room and took off his mask.

Victoria and Hailey hurried forward and asked anxiously, “Hows my husband”

“How is Jordan Is he still alive” Jesse asked anxiously.

He was already the head of the Steele family, so he was no longer against Jordan.

There was no need for him to kill his brother, nor did he want anything to happen to him.

The doctor turned to Jesse.


Jordan is fine.

I have given him an injection and he has stabilized.”

Hearing the doctors words, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

However, at this moment, another piece of bad news arrived.

Butler Frank rushed in.

“Bad news! Bad news! Young Madam is missing.

She was abducted!”

Jesse frowned.

“Which young madam Isnt my wife in Japan”

Butler Frank clarified.


Jordans wife, Lauren!”

“What” Victorias jaw dropped.

10 hours later, in a remote town in the US.

It was a very small, sparsely-populated rural town surrounded by mountains and rivers.

Now and then, there would be some novelty tourists to the area, but news reports of them dying from unknown causes soon spread in the media.

Gradually, tourists stopped coming here for safety reasons.

At this moment, in a small wooden house in the village, a man and a woman were cooking on the stove.

The man was Shaun and the woman was Lauren.

Shaun was roasting a chicken drumstick.

It looked very tender and delicious.

He specially added some condiments and walked towards Lauren, wanting to give them to her.

“Dont come over.

If you come over, Ill kill myself!”

Lauren held a dagger in her hand.

The moment Shaun stood up, she had already placed the dagger at her fair neck.

The lights in the room were dim, but the darkness still couldnt hide Laurens beauty.

Looking at her like this, the soft glow only added to her beauty.

Along the way, Shaun swallowed hard countless times as he looked at Laurens face and figure.

Shaun was very polite to Lauren.

He didnt treat her as a captive at all.

He said, “Ms.

Lauren, why are you doing this If I wanted to do something to you, wouldnt I have already done it earlier when you were unconscious Perhaps you dont know me very well.

Actually, Im a gentleman with noble aspirations!”


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