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Soon, dozens of people entered the ballroom where the wedding was held.

90% of them were men and there were only three women whose age ranged from 20 to 40.

They were all brought in by the young man just now.

The young man introduced to them, “This is Mr.

Collins, and those two are Mr.

Collins son, Tyler, and his newlywed wife, Hailey Camden.”

Those people hurriedly smiled and greeted, “Hello, Mr.

Collins and Mr.


Both Leonard and Tyler felt rather proud and dignified to be greeted by so many people.

Tyler took a glance at them from afar and suddenly felt that many of them looked rather familiar.

He quickly strode over and asked condescendingly, “I heard from my fathers chauffeur you are all owners of companies What kind of companies do you own Tell me about it!”

“Enigma Co.

is the name of my company!”

“Mines called Sky Domain Online Games!”

“The name of my company is TriLife Health Technology Co.”


Everyone stated the names of their companies.

However, Tylers face suddenly turned pale after he heard the name of those companies.

Reason being he knew of all those companies and had even invested in them!

Tyler began to get extremely agitated.

“Your companies are the lousy ones that had all folded and caused me to incur major losses!”

Tyler had invested in hundreds of companies recently but prior to his investment, he didnt bother meeting the owner of each company and instead sent his subordinate to do so after deciding on which ones to invest in.

Hence, he did not personally know all of them.

Seeing this, Leonard quickly asked, “Tyler, did you invest your money in their companies that ended up closing down Tell me quickly, how much of those 75 million dollars that I gave you, are left now!”

Leonard began to get nervous.

Tyler didnt dare to lie and thus said in a low voice, “I lost everything.”


Leonard slapped Tyler on his face and he hollered angrily, “You wastrel! You lost 75 million dollars just like that!”

Even Hailey couldnt believe it.

It seemed like yesterday when Tyler said his father had given him 75 million dollars.

Tyler even swore that he would make 750 million dollars for Hailey.

However, not a single cent was left now!

Tyler covered his face and pointed at Jordan while saying sobbingly, “Dad, Jordan Steele, that bastard is targeting me!”

As soon as Tyler pointed at Jordan, the dozens of people immediately scurried towards Jordan.

Due to the large number of people who were dashing forward eagerly while Leonard, Tyler and Hailey were blocking the day, the three of them began stumbling.

“Hey, why are you guys running around!”

Leonard rebuked furiously after getting bumped into.

Hailey also kept screaming incessantly.

However, those dozens of people didnt care at all because they werent there for the Collins anyway.

Upon reaching Jordan, they stood two meters away from him before getting on their knees!


Steele! Please spare us!”


Steele! Please spare us!”

The dozens of company owners began kneeling down in front of Jordan and begged him for mercy.

The scene was so spectacular that all the businessmen were frightened.

“It turns out these people are not here because of their admiration for Mr.

Collins but for Mr.



Steele is really impressive.

He managed to destroy so many companies with his own power.

Hes so scary!”

“Jordan Steele must be the best businessman in Orlando!”

Jordan sipped on some coffee and said slowly, “As long as the Collins stop investing money in your company, Ill stop targeting you.”

After hearing Jordans words, they stood up and turned around to yell at Tyler.

“Tyler Collins, stop investing money in our companies!”

“Damn it, it turns out Im being targeted because of you! Dont invest money in my company again!”

“Tyler Collins, you have to compensate for my losses!”

Dozens of people began hollering at Tyler.

Leonard flew into a rage and barked, “Chase these people out immediately!”

The Collins had long known that Haileys ex-husband was good at fighting so they had arranged for many powerful experts to be on standby.

However, those people were still indignant.

“Weve each given a gift of $1,500 to come in.

Who are you to tell us to leave!!”

“Leonard Collins, youre so shameless.

Youre making us leave right after we entered, are you trying to take our money without giving anything in return”

Leonard felt extremely embarrassed after hearing that.

‘Why would the Collins care for such a small sum of money!!

Leonard said, “Return each of them twice of what they have given!”

In a fit of anger, Tyler decided that he would rather waste tens of thousands of dollars than let the Collins be humiliated.

After they left, Tyler stormed towards Jordan angrily and hollered, “Mr.

Steele, I dont know how Tyler has offended you to suffer such treatment from you! You made my son lose 75 million dollars but Im afraid you must have lost more than that!”

Leonard knew very well that it definitely took a large sum of money to make a company shut down in a short period of time, unless Jordan resorted to some despicable means.

Jordan didnt plan to make peace with the Collins in the first place.

Although Leonard had already lost his temper, it didnt matter to Jordan either!

Jordan said, “Go find out from your son what he has done.

I dont need you to feel the pinch for the money Ive spent.

Hundreds of millions mean nothing to me.”

Hearing the last sentence, Hailey felt as if she had slipped into a dream.

‘Hundreds of millions mean nothing to him

‘I betrayed Jordan precisely for the sake of money!

Leonard had already guessed that this matter must have something to do with Hailey.

However, since Tyler had already married Hailey, he had to protect the both of them.

Leonard said, “Mr.

Steele, youre really rich, the Collins are indeed no match for you! However, the Collins have been running a business in Orlando for decades and we have a strong foothold here.

I heard that you just came to Orlando in recent years, Mr.


“I have made a lot of friends in Orlando over the past few decades, including some triad bosses.

If they find out that someone had the guts to target my son, they definitely wont let you off! They might even do something that goes against the rules!”

Leonard was threatening Jordan!

“Leonard Collins, how dare you threaten Mr.

Steele!!” Victoria flew into a rage too.

Jordan extended his hand to gesture for Victoria to calm down.

He remained composed and said, “Mr.

Steele, Im more than eager to be taught a lesson by you.

May I know who the triad boss youre referring to is”

“Hmph, youll meet him soon.”

Leonard then took out his cell phone and made a call.


Dalton, are you here yet”

The person on the other end of the call answered, “I arrived a long time ago, Im at the entrance!”

Leonard hurriedly said, “Huh Why didnt you come in Ill go outside and get you.”


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