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Although Jordan had just woken up, he had subconsciously heard the sound of the waves crashing against the reef for a long time.

He also noticed that the sea was right outside the window.

As a result, he knew that he was no longer in Steele Castle in England.

Hailey said indifferently, “Were in the Maldives.

Jordan, do you know Youve been unconscious for half a month.

Youre finally awake.

I thought you would become a vegetable and never wake up again!”

Jordan was very shocked.

“What I was unconscious for half a month”

Jordan couldnt help feeling very worried and flustered.

Before he fainted, the seven families had gone to the Steele Castle to take over the Steele family.

The Steele family was facing such a major crisis, and Jordan had fainted at that critical moment.

Moreover, he had been unconscious for half a month!

Jordan hurriedly asked, “Did anything happen in the past two weeks Are Lauren and Victoria alright”

Jordan was very worried about his two wives, especially Victoria because he had dreamed of her death! Lauren had been kidnapped and was nowhere to be found, but Hailey did not intend to tell Jordan about this.

“Theyre fine.

Everything is fine.”

Jordan continued to ask, “Where are they Why arent they here”

Jordan found it strange.

Since the two of them were fine, they should be the ones taking care of him while he was unconscious.

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Hailey said, “This is where we are going to hold our wedding.

Why would they be here Victoria wanted to accompany you, but I didnt let her.”


Jordan recalled his recurring dream.

In that dream, Jordan and Haileys wedding was held on the beach!

And now, the two of them were in the Maldives!

‘The prophecy… is it going to happen here

Jordan more or less believed he was the Deity, but in his heart, he was still unwilling to marry Hailey!

Jordan sat up.

“Stop dreaming.

I wont marry you.”

With that, he tried to get off the bed.

However, just as he was about to do so, an image flashed across his eyes.

Hailey got up in a panic and knocked a cup to the floor.

She knelt on the ground and begged Jordan…

“Eh Whats going on”

Jordan shook his head.

Why was he hallucinating all of a sudden Perhaps it was because he had been unconscious for too long.

Jordan didnt think too much about it and continued moving out of bed.

Then, a miraculous scene happened.

As soon as Jordan got off the bed, Hailey stood up in a panic.

She accidentally knocked over a cup.

She then knelt on the ground and begged Jordan.


Jordan was not surprised that Hailey would kneel down to him.

This b*tch had once vowed that she would never kneel down to apologize to him.

However, after his identity as a billionaire was revealed, she would often kneel and beg for forgiveness.

What surprised him was that this scene had just flashed across his mind!

‘Oh my god, my prediction ability has been upgraded!

Jordan was overjoyed.

He was already certain that he was a Deity.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have successfully predicted his grandfathers death.

However, his previous ability was not good enough to facilitate any breakthroughs in the Steeles research, nor could it help him fight against the seven families.

However, Jordans ability seemed to have improved.

He no longer saw the future only in his dreams.

Now, when he saw an item, it would automatically trigger a related future scene to flash across his mind.

This ability was so awesome!

If this could continue, Jordan would be able to control everything.

It would not be a problem to deal with the seven families!

At this moment, Hailey knelt on the ground and begged, “Jordan, I beg you.

Marry me.

I promise you that I wont dare to cheat again.

Park Chan-young said that if youre not willing to marry me, well both die… so no matter what, lets get married first.”

Jordan clenched his fists and grew furious.

“Damn you, Park Chan-young!”

Park Chan-young wasnt the only one.

There were also the Miyamoto and Ross families.

Apart from Lota, the other six families were Jordans enemies!

They had taken over all of the Steele familys research and were even trying to force Jordan to marry a woman who had once betrayed him!

However, at this moment, Jordan had no choice but to submit.

This was because the Steeles were now completely under the control of the other secret families.

Park Chan-young might really kill him at any time!

“Where theres life, theres hope.

If I go against Park Chan-young and reject this wedding, my life might be in danger.

I can still protect myself, but my two wives will probably be implicated! Theres a saying that goes:one has to endure hardships to gain courage.

Im just marrying a woman.

Thats not even really a hardship.

Besides, she is a woman whom I once loved deeply!

“Now, the most important thing for me is to regain control of the Steele family and escape the control of the other families.

I will also kill everyone from those six families!! Also, my prediction ability seems to have upgraded.

With this ability, I can secretly develop research and strive to be ahead of the other families!”

Jordan thought about many things.

After waking up, his mind was calm and his thoughts were clear.

He was no longer as reckless as before.

He decided to use this experience to learn how to endure hardships and gain courage.

He would marry Hailey according to Park Chan-youngs wishes!

Jordan looked at Hailey.

After this woman dyed her hair, she looked like a high school girl.

Moreover, she seemed to be even thinner than half a month ago.

Her arms were very slender.

Of course, she was still curvy in places where there should be curves.

Jordan sighed.

“Hailey, do you know When I first married you, I knew that I owed you a dignified wedding.

Actually, I had always planned to give you a wedding one day.

And in my plan, our wedding would be on the beach, like this place.”

Hailey was touched.


Jordan reached out and grabbed Haileys slender arm.

“Get up.

Perhaps its fate for us to hold a wedding here.

Its destined and unavoidable.

Ill accept it!”

Hearing Jordan say “I accept”, Hailey jumped up happily and hugged him tightly in excitement.

“Hubby, thank you.

Thank you for giving me this chance again.

I swear that after marrying you, I will definitely be a virtuous wife.

I will never…”

Just as Hailey was going to continue swearing, Jordan suddenly reached out and stopped her.

“Hey, theres no need to say anything else.

Just keep those words in your heart.”

“Yes, yes.” Hailey happily took the initiative to kiss him.

However, Jordan was thinking:Hailey, I dont want your promises.

Its not because I believe you, but because I dont care anymore!


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