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Jordan shook his head.

“No, I dont intend to come with you.”

Dragon was puzzled.

“May I ask why”

Having been under Jordan for so long, Dragon knew very well that Jordan hated Hailey.

He also knew that no one in this world could force Jordan to do something he was unwilling to do.

Therefore, Dragon did not understand why Jordan was not leaving.

Of course, Dragon did not know about Jordans current state of mind and plan.

So what if they escaped So what if they had an invisible plane and wouldnt be detected by the six families He would end up having to live in the dark for the rest of his life.

He would not dare to show his face and would have to scurry around like a stray dog!

Jordan wanted to live in the open.

He wanted to quietly blossom under the noses of the six families and then overturn their oppression!

“Its destined that Hailey and I will hold a wedding on the beach.

Even if I leave with you now, I will have to come back here sooner or later to marry Hailey.”

Actually, Jordan had already rejected her once.

And what were the consequences Rowan and Jesse had agreed but then the six families suddenly came over and forced him in that direction again.

Recalling Nolans words: “You cant change what is already part of the future”, Jordan was certain that his wedding with Hailey would happen.

It was useless to continue avoiding it.

Of course, Dragon could not understand Jordans decision.

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Jordan instructed.

“Dragon, you go ahead and leave this place.”

Dragon hurriedly said, “No, if you dont want to leave, then Ill stay here and secretly protect you!”

Jordan shook his head.

“Theres no need, I dont need your protection.

If the six families wanted to kill me, they would have done so when I was unconscious.

Go and gather your forces in secret.

Then think of a way to contact Jamie.

Dont let anything happen to him.

Also, after finding him, tell him not to act recklessly again.

Dont fight with the six families for the time being.

Tell him to wait for me.

I will soon trample all six families under my feet!”

Those words made Dragon look at Jordan in admiration!

Even in his current predicament, Jordan was still so confident.

Moreover, he did not need any help.

He could defeat the six families alone!

Dragon was very happy.

His master was a peerless hero!

After all, Dragon was also a hero at heart, and he was very glad that he had a master whose courage and fighting spirit surpassed his!

If his master was Jesse, who had been reduced to a lackey, Dragon would still have to obey his orders.

But Dragon could never respect Jesse.

“Yes, Master! Be careful, I will be leaving now!”

Jordan hugged Dragon before watching him leave.

Leaning back onto the recliner, Jordan was pensive as he looked at the sea and listened to the waves.

He sat there for many hours.

After a long time, Hailey walked over and held Jordans arm happily.

“Hubby, I just ordered you a suit for our wedding tomorrow.

Come and see if it fits.”

Jordan was still looking at the sea.

“No need.

It will definitely fit.”

Hailey smiled like a flower.

“Hehe, youre so confident in me.

Thats right, how can I not know your size Weve been together for so long, right”

Jordan was speechless.

He didnt say that to express his confidence in Hailey.

It was because he had already witnessed the future wedding scene and in it, he was wearing a suit that fitted very well.

Hailey continued, “By the way, I called my family just now, and theyre rushing over.

It will be more lively with the Camdens around tomorrow.”

Jordan responded.

“Im sure you didnt just call your Camden family.

You must have also called your good friend, Rachel, right Is she coming with her ex-husband, Cory”

Hailey was so shocked that her mouth fell open.

She patted Jordans shoulder.

“Oh my god, Hubby, youre too amazing.

You managed to guess this! Thats right.

I invited Rachel too.

After all, she witnessed our first marriage.

Also, Cory is no longer Rachels ex-husband.

Theyve already remarried!

“Everything is perfect.

Weve gotten back together.

She and her husband have also gotten back together.

Destined lovers will always end up together! Hubby, I suddenly thought of a poem.

Its very compatible for the four of us!”

Jordan was curious.

“Which poem”

Jordan was puzzled.

When did Hailey, who only knew how to put on makeup and clothes, start reading poetry

Hailey recited, “Like the heavens that never age, our love is everlasting.

Our hearts are intertwined like a silk net with a thousand knots in it!”


“Hubby, whats wrong”

“I… feel like vomiting.”

“Oh dear, you just woke up, so dont eat so much.”


Jordan was speechless.

Hailey was so shameless to recite such a love poem.

Whose heart was intertwined with hers Who had an everlasting love for her!

Hailey and Rachel were two bad women who cheated on their husbands.

One cheated three times, and the other probably cheated 30 times.

In the end, the two of them managed to hang onto their marriages.

Was that really what you would call everlasting love

If anything, Jordan believed that the heavens were blind! Jordan didnt want to continue conversing with Hailey.

He was afraid that he would really vomit.

It was now three in the morning.

However, Jordan, who had been unconscious for half a month, was not sleepy at all.

He still felt wide awake.

Hailey went to take a nap but was woken up by her phone ringing.

She rubbed her eyes and walked over to Jordan.

She said, “Hubby, my parents just flew in on a chartered plane.

They have just arrived on the island.

Shall we go and welcome them together”

Jordan continued to look at his phone and did not respond.

It was already a pain to marry Hailey, and now she wanted Jordan to go and welcome her family She must be dreaming!

The lack of response didnt appear to phase Hailey.

She put on a jacket and walked out.

Soon, there were sounds of laughter and chatter and a large group of people entered the room.

It was Haileys parents, Benedict and Sylvie, as well as her cousins Drew and Elle.

There was also Haileys best friend, Rachel, and her husband Cory.

Sylvie was walking in front.

She was all smiles and dressed in branded clothes.

Most importantly, she looked 10 years younger than before!

Previously, Jordan had brought Sylvie to the Park familys hospital in South Korea.

The Steeles had taken the Park familys youth-enhancing medicine and became younger.

Although Sylvie looked younger, her mannerisms still made Jordan feel that she was an old woman in her 40s.

Sylvie walked over with a smile and grabbed Jordans hand.

“My good son-in-law, I knew it.

I knew that you and Hailey would definitely remarry.

Haha, my wonderful son-in-law, thank you so much.

You brought me to South Korea previously.

Now that Im 10 years younger, my friends are so envious of me! I really love you to death!”


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