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Indeed, no matter how old a woman was, appearance was the most important to her.

Given that Jordan had helped Sylvie become 10 years younger, it was not an exaggeration to say that he had given her a new lease on life.

She was already completely on Jordans side and was no longer dissatisfied with him.

During the three years he was married to Hailey, Jordan had served his mother-in-law obediently but she still disliked him.

If he had known that she valued looks so much, he would have gotten some beauty medicine from his family for her.

He wouldnt have to suffer so much those three years then.

Behind Sylvie, Elle, who had already changed her name to Jenny, walked over and greeted Jordan.

“Jordan, long time no see.”

Jordan glanced at Elle and nodded.

“Yes, long time no see.”

They had a secret between them.

The last time they met, they had slept together in a big mansion in South Korea.

Jordan had taken her virginity!

Jordan had always been tempted by this sister-in-law.

Her figure and face were extremely alluring.

However, her outfit today was surprisingly conservative.

She was not wearing clothes that accentuated her figure, like how she usually did.

Her current outfit only revealed her figure by about 60-70%.

Actually, this was even better.

In the past, her outfits were so revealing that they looked a little vulgar.

After Elle became a celebrity, her taste had clearly improved.

Her recent social media photos were artistic shots that were not overtly sexual but subtly seductive.

She said that she had learned this new style from some internet celebrities.

Elle said coquettishly, “Jordan, now that you and Hailey are married, I can call you brother-in-law again.

Thats great.

I hope we can still maintain our previous relationship.”

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Elles words were a little ambiguous.

On the surface, there was nothing wrong with her calling him brother-in-law.

However, her words “maintain our previous relationship” was a little intriguing.

What did she mean by that What kind of relationship

If she was referring to those three years when he was married to Hailey, then there was nothing untoward.

But what if she was referring to that time in South Korea

If it were any other man, they would be very tempted by her words.

They would feel that they had gotten a good two-for-one deal from this marriage.

“Okay.” Jordan didnt say much.

“Jordan, congratulations.

Hope you have a happy marriage.

This is a gift for you.

Hope you like it!” Drew also walked over and congratulated him with a smile.

Ever since Drew found out about Jordans true status, he was smart enough to not provoke him again.

After that, Rachel and her husband walked over and gave their congratulations.

“Congratulations, Mr.


Its our honor to attend your wedding.”

Jordan was equally cold to the couple.

He had nothing to say to them, especially Rachels husband, Cory!

Jordan had been forced to remarry Hailey.

It was a fate that Jordan had tried several times to avoid.

But Cory What reason did he have to forgive Rachel!

At this moment, Haileys father, Benedict, said, “Why are all of you trying to curry favor with him! Cant you tell that he doesnt want to talk to any of you But you are still trying to suck up to him.

Dont you have any shame! Jordan, whats so amazing about you Why are you so proud My daughter is about to marry you.

You brat, you havent greeted your parents-in-law.

You didnt even come out to welcome us!

“If you were really capable, would you have turned back and married our Hailey The Steele family is finished, yet you still dare to put on airs in front of us! Cheap fool!”

Benedicts face was red and he reeked of alcohol.

It was obvious that he was drunk.

Hailey hurriedly said, “Dad, dont spout nonsense.

The Steeles family isnt finished.

They still have a lot of money.”

Benedict retorted, “Whats the use of just having money! Power is the real deal! You dont have the right to speak.

No matter how much money you have, its not yours.

Itll be taken away sooner or later!”

Afraid that Jordan would be angry, Hailey went to his side and coaxed him.

“Hubby, my father drank too much.

Dont be angry.”

Jordan was indeed very annoyed.

It was true that the Steeles were in dire straits now, but the Camdens had no right to mock them.

They were just a third-rate family from Orlando!

Jordan walked up to Benedict.

“You claim that Im arrogant and ignoring you When I first married Hailey, did you care or respect me Also, youre a man, but what capabilities do you have You lost to your big brother.

You failed to fight for the inheritance, so youre putting the responsibility of saving your family on your daughter.

If you hadnt forced her to fight with your big brothers family, she wouldnt have borrowed money from Tyler and wouldnt have cheated on me! You brought harm upon her and your own family.

What right do you have to criticize me!”

Every single word of Jordans was true.

He was not maligning him at all.

Back then, when Jordan first met Hailey, she was still innocent and lovely.

She was very shy and demure.

However, her parents kept putting pressure on her to fight with her uncles family.

This gradually distorted Haileys values.

She believed that she could only obtain happiness with money.

What if Benedict never implicated Hailey in his family conflict Perhaps, Hailey wouldnt have become like this today!

It was the fault of the father when a woman erred!

Benedict was drunk and felt very embarrassed by Jordans public reprimand.

He shouted, “B*stard, Im your father-in-law.

How dare you lecture me You brat, your own family is finished anyway.

Ill slap your useless face today!”

With that, Benedict tried to attack Jordan!

“Drew, stop your uncle!” Sylvie became very anxious.

Drew quickly grabbed Benedict to prevent him from attacking as he knew Jordans strength very well.

Benedict was drunk and 20 years older than Jordan.

But even in his prime, he still wouldnt be Jordans match!

“Uncle, are you crazy Our family is counting on Jordan.

If you hit him, the Camdens will be doomed!” Drew tried his best to stop Benedict.

Benedict shouted as he struggled.

“Count on him my ass! Look at how ungrateful he is.

So what if Hailey cheated on you How can you blame her She wouldnt have cheated on you if you hadnt pretended to be poor.

You deserved it! If you continue to pretend, Ill make sure Hailey cheats on you again!”

Drew quickly covered Benedicts mouth with his hand to stop him from continuing.

Benedict struggled even harder.

His lighter fell to the ground and was kicked to the side.

The lighter hit the leg of a tall stool.

The stool was made of wood, so it should be very sturdy.

However, it swayed as if it was about to fall apart after being struck by the small lighter.

Jordan was furious at Benedicts words and had clenched his fists, ready to punch his father-in-law.

But after he saw the stool, he immediately changed his mind.


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