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He would make his daughter cheat on Jordan again!

Jordan was furious.

Benedicts words were unforgivable! As a father, not only did he fail to teach his daughter better morals, he would encourage her to make more mistakes

He was courting death!

Jordan was a Deity.

He was an almighty power who did not tolerate irreverence! After Jordan found out that he was a Deity, he swore to himself that he would never let anyone bully him again!

No one had the right to because he was a Deity!

“Hubby, please dont do it.

Hes my father after all.”

Hailey seemed to have guessed that Jordan might make a move and hurriedly came over to stop him.

“Thats right, Mr.


Haileys father drank too much.

Youre a magnanimous person.

No need to bother about him, right” Rachel and Cory also came over to mediate.

Jordan and Hailey were about to get married.

He also did not want to beat up his father-in-law at this time.

Moreover, he already knew how to take revenge on Benedict.

“Alright, you all move aside.

I wont hit anyone.”

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Jordan walked to Benedicts side as the stool was over there.

Jordan faced Benedict and said, “Go away.

Dont block my way.

I want to sit on the stool over there.”

When Benedict saw that Jordan did not dare to hit him, he was even more certain that the Steele family had declined.

“Hmph, cant you see that I want to sit on that stool You go away.

Thats my seat!”

It would have been fine if Jordan hadnt said that he wanted to sit on that stool.

The moment he did, Benedict immediately wanted to sit on it first.

Jordan had already expected this from Benedict.

Therefore, Jordan quietly waited to enjoy the impending spectacle.

Benedict walked to the high stool and sat down without hesitation.

The older man weighed about 75 kilograms.

After he sat down, the wooden stool instantly broke from the weight, and Benedict immediately collapsed to the ground!


Benedict cried out in pain.

Falling on his butt like this was not a small matter for Benedict.

Jordan remembered that Benedict had once fallen off an old stool at Haileys grandmothers house and sustained an injury which lasted for a long time.

Back then, Benedict had to be sent to the hospital.


Benedict spat out blood from the fall.

It seemed that he was gravely injured.

‘I am indeed ruthless and sly!

Jordan quietly praised himself.

It was a good thing that Benedict came and created a scene, causing his lighter to hit the stool.

Otherwise, Jordan would not have known the stool was faulty in the first place and might have sat on it.

Who else would He have to blame for injuring himself

‘Who wanted to harm me I killed a doctor just now.

Could it be his family or friends

Jordan was very sure that this faulty stool was a trap meant for him.

And he had “gifted” it to Benedict for provoking him.

“Ah… pain… pain.

Jo… Jordan, you… you…”

Benedict pointed at Jordan accusingly.

Jordan sneered and said to Hailey, “Quickly send your father to the medical room.

However, youd better watch him with your own eyes.

Otherwise, the doctor might do something to your father.

Dont let him catch another illness before his current injury has recovered.”

Hailey was confused.

“Hubby, what do you mean by that Are you saying that the doctors here are up to no good”

Jordan said, “What else Do you think I have the time to prepare a broken stool in advance and wait for your father to sit on it”

Hailey recalled that Jordan had recently killed a doctor here and was instantly enlightened.

“Ah, I understand.

Dad, Jordan had nothing to do with this.

It was the doctor who wanted to harm us.

You took the bullet for us.

Im sorry, Dad!”

“I took a bullet for him” Benedict wanted to cry.

“I knew I shouldnt have come.


Jordan said, “Alright, stop shouting.

I want to see who dared to set a trap for me.

Lets go.

Ill bring you to the medical room.”

With that, Jordan brought Benedict and the others to the medical room.

The Steeles had specially set up this medical room for Jordan.

However, although these doctors were originally under the Steeles, they already switched sides a long time ago.

They were now loyal to the six families.

When they arrived at the medical room, there were five or six people inside, comprising both men and women.

Jordan led the group, walking tall and upright.

He was perfectly fine.

On the other hand, Benedict had to be supported by someone.

He appeared to be seriously injured.

A bespectacled man narrowed his eyes in surprise at the sight of them.

Jordan strode into the medical room and asked, “Who placed the stool in my room”

The medical room was silent.

No one dared to make a sound.

Everyone pretended not to hear or know anything.

The bespectacled man secretly sent a message in the group chat: “Guys, dont panic.

As long as none of us speak, he wont be able to guess who did it.

Just ignore him.

Hes no longer our master!”

Sure enough, even after waiting for more than 10 seconds, no one responded to Jordan.

They pretended to be busy with work.

Sylvie was supporting Benedict.

She couldnt resist speaking up.

“Why are these doctors like this They are completely ignoring us.

Its fine if they ignore Benedict, but Jordan is their boss, right Hes paying their salary, right They dont even bother to greet him”

Jordan said coldly, “The few of you look very familiar.

I must have met you before.

You must have been under the Steele family for a long time.

The Steeles have been kind to you in the past but I wont mention that anymore.

Its meaningless as humans only care about the present.

Now that the Steeles have fallen, you look down on us and choose to follow the six families! Nevertheless, its your choice and I have nothing to say about that.

“But now that youve set a despicable trap for me and provoked me, dont think that everything will be fine just because you remain quiet.

Even if you dont say anything, I will know who did it!”

The medical room remained silent, but the doctors expressions were filled with disdain.

None of them believed Jordans claim.

If none of them confessed, there was no way Jordan could guess who did it.

But what they didnt know was that Jordan was the Deity.

It was easy for him to deal with this small matter.

Jordan first analyzed the doctors microexpressions to filter out the most likely suspect.

It was the bespectacled man.

Thereafter, Jordan focused on getting a vision!


An image flashed across Jordans mind!

It was the image of Jordan hitting the bespectacled man, who was begging for mercy.

“Im sorry, I was wrong.

I wont dare to do this again.”

“Hmph, so its you!”

After Jordan confirmed that the bespectacled man was the culprit, he didnt bother asking any more questions.

He didnt give him any chance to explain himself and just went up to hit him!


Jordan shattered the mans glasses with a punch!

The bespectacled doctor was shocked.

How did Jordan know it was him!

The other doctors were also surprised.

Jordans guess was too accurate!


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