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After the bespectacled doctor was hit, he hurriedly shouted, “Jordan, you hit the wrong person! What makes you think that I did it! You didnt even interrogate me! Also, what right do you have to hit me Im no longer under the Steeles.

Im under the six families! You dare to hit me, arent you afraid that the six families will deal with you!”

This bespectacled doctor was the same as the one Jordan had killed.

He had already switched sides to the six families.

Jordans grandfather had only been dead for two weeks, but these long-time subordinates of the Steele family had all switched sides.

Or perhaps, those who refused to bow down to the six families had already been blacklisted like Jamie or even killed

Jordan was furious.

“Would I be afraid of the six families”

It would have been fine if the doctor did not mention the six families, but his mention of them made Jordan even angrier.

He punched the man even harder.



Jordan threw two more punches, causing the doctor to be in even more pain.

He spat out blood.

The bespectacled doctor knelt on the ground and looked at Jordan, still unconvinced.

“Why… why do you think I was the culprit”

There was naturally no need for Jordan to tell the doctor that he had the ability to look into the future.

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Jordan said fiercely, “I dont need to confirm if you are the culprit or not.

I just need to beat you all up one by one.

One of you must be the culprit.”

Hearing Jordans words, the other doctors in the room couldnt sit still anymore.

A female doctor hurriedly stood up and said, “Mr.

Jordan, youre right.

He did it.

We had nothing to do with it!”

Another male doctor also stood up.

“Yes, hes the only one who wants to harm you.

The doctor you killed earlier is his good friend and he wants to avenge him.

He wanted you to fall off the stool and injure yourself, and then do you more harm when you come in here for treatment.”

“Boss, you guessed right.

Theres no need to hit the rest of us!”

These doctors were clearly afraid of Jordan.

Some people might think that Jordan was in a coma for half a month and should be very weak now.

There was nothing to be afraid of.

However, these doctors had treated Jordan every day during that two weeks.

They had injected all kinds of expensive medicine and health-boosting tonics into his body.

He was even stronger than if he had been eating normal meals every day!

“F*ck! You betrayed me!”

The bespectacled male doctor knew that he had been exposed and hurriedly begged for mercy.

“Im sorry, I was wrong.

I wont dare to do this again.”

Jordan smiled coldly.

Hadnt he witnessed this scene earlier

However, Jordan did not let him off.

Instead, he grabbed the doctors hand and crippled it!



The bespectacled doctor cried out in pain as Jordan crushed both his hands.

In a matter of seconds, he was now a cripple.

Everyone was too frightened to speak, including the Camdens.

They had known Jordan for a long time.

From their surprised gazes, it was clear that Jordan was not like this before.

Jordan had become more ruthless!

Jordan looked at the doctors and said coldly, “Listen carefully.

Look carefully.

If you provoke me or try to harm me in any way, you will either die or be crippled.

If you want to be like those two guys, you can try.

All these years, the Steeles have treated you well.

Now that my family is in trouble, I can understand if you have your difficulties and have no choice but to submit to the six families.

“But if you have willingly submitted to the six families because you have always thought that the Steeles are not worthy of being your bosses, then I wont let you off! Also, whether you believe it or not, the six families are just a bunch of low-class scum.

Sooner or later, I will trample them under my feet! I will take back everything that once belonged to the Steeles!”

Everyone was shocked by Jordans words.

His domineering aura was far more impressive than Jesse, the current head of the Steeles.

“Hubby, youre right.

I also believe that you will succeed!” Hailey looked at Jordan with admiration.

Drew also buttered Jordan up.

“Brother-in-law is awesome!”

A few hours later, it was almost noon.

By now, Jordan and Hailey had already changed into their wedding attire.

At this moment, three invisible planes suddenly appeared on Gaathafushi Island.

Three people walked out of the three planes.

They were Park Chan-young, Miyamoto Masaki and Geng Weilun.

After Park Chan-young and the other two greeted each other, they walked side by side.

Park Chan-young laughed happily.

Those who didnt know better would think that he was here to attend his good brothers wedding, which was why he was so excited.

In fact, he had specially come to Jordans wedding to humiliate him.

Park Chan-young smiled.

“I cant help feeling excited at the thought of witnessing the humiliation of that brat Jordan later on.


Miyamoto Masaki said, “This brat was unconscious for half a month.

I thought he was going to die.

Fortunately, he didnt die.

Otherwise, it would have been too easy on him.

I was still thinking of fighting him again to avenge my previous humiliation!”

Geng Weilun, on the other hand, was more aloof.

He just smiled and did not say a word.

The Geng familys status was higher than the Park and Miyamoto families, so Park Chan-young took the initiative to speak to Geng Weilun.


Geng, we didnt expect you to personally come and witness Jordans humiliation.

It seems that you have a lot of resentment towards Jordan.”

Geng Weilun snorted.

“Although Jordan has never offended me, I cant stand how my mother is always defending him and speaking up for him! What right does this kid have to receive my mothers love!”

Park Chan-young nodded.

“Yes, I think its strange too.

Madam Geng often defends Jordan and praises him.

Could it be that she has taken a liking to Jordan”

In Park Chan-youngs opinion, Jordan was quite handsome.

It was normal for him to be able to capture the fancy of a middle-aged woman.

However, Geng Weilun was offended by his comment.

He grabbed Park Chan-youngs shirt with both hands and shouted angrily, “B*stard, what nonsense are you spouting! Would my mother like a piece of trash like Jordan! Are you trying to insult me!”

Miyamoto Masaki quickly pulled them apart and tried to mediate.


Geng, dont be angry.

I dont think thats what Mr.

Park meant.”

Sensing the escalating situation, Park Chan-young hurriedly explained.

“I definitely didnt mean that! Its my fault.

How can a lowly person like Jordan capture your mothers eye Im sorry, I wont mention it again.”

“Hmph! Youd better not!” Geng Weilun snorted.

But Park Chan-young was actually feeling very indignant on the inside:Damn that Geng Weilun.

Hes younger than me, but he dares to shout at me just because his family is more powerful! Anyone who isnt blind can see that your mother has taken a liking to Jordan! She might have even slept with him already! You idiot! Jordan might even become your future stepfather!


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