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Jordan knew that Park Chan-young had always coveted Lota and wanted to marry her, but Jordan knew that her heart already belonged to him.

How could a woman who had already fallen in love with Jordan like a despicable person like Park Chan-young

Park Chan-young was furious.

“B*stard! Jordan, dont think that just because Lota liked you, you can be so arrogant.

Youre no longer from the same world as Lota.

Wake up! Also, Im not afraid to tell you that the three of us have come to attend your wedding just to laugh at you!”

Now that the Steeles were being controlled by the other secret families, the status of the other families was well above that of the Steeles.

Why would any of them deign to attend the wedding of a Steele

Jordan sized up the three of them.

He was not surprised that Park Chan-young and Miyamoto Masaki were here to laugh at him.

After all, there was a deep grudge between them.

But why was Geng Weilun here

Jordan looked at Geng Weilun.

“Are you here to laugh at me too”

Jordan had no feud with Geng Weilun.

He didnt even have much interaction with him in the past.

Jordan did not understand why Geng Weilun would be in cahoots with Park Chan-young and Miyamoto Masaki.

Geng Weilun looked at Jordan arrogantly.

“Thats right.

Im here to laugh at you too! Why else do you think Im here”

Jordan said, “I thought your mother sent you to congratulate me.”

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“B*stard! Dont you dare mention my mother, you brat!” Geng Weilun was instantly incensed.

Park Chan-young was secretly thrilled.

He knew that Geng Weilun was very sensitive about the relationship between Jordan and his mother.

How could Jordan tolerate being reprimanded by this fellow!

In response, Jordan retorted, “Youre the one whos a b*stard! Even your mother is polite to me and doesnt dare to speak to me like this.

How dare you scold me!”

Geng Weilun became even angrier.

“Damn it! I told you not to mention my mother again.

Ill kill you, you b*stard!”

With that, Geng Weilun was about to attack Jordan! However, Park Chan-young and Miyamoto Masaki stopped him.

With Geng Weiluns status, it would be easy for him to deal with Jordan.

However, Park Chan-young did not want him to do that.

Park Chan-young said, “Weilun, if you injure Jordan now and he is unable to hold his wedding, how are we going to see him humiliated”

Miyamoto Masaki also coaxed.

“Thats right.

Its not difficult to beat him up, but that is not satisfying enough.

Men like him who engage in combat are used to being beaten up.

It will not be a big blow to him.

The humiliation and mental torture will be the fatal one!”

Park Chan-young looked at Jordan.

“Jordan, dont think that Im helping you by persuading Weilun not to hit you.

If I didnt want to see you humiliated at your wedding, I would have sent someone to teach you a lesson long ago!”

At this moment, Park Chan-youngs arrogance only infuriated Jordan.

Unfortunately, now was not the right time for them to fight it out.

“See me humiliated How am I going to be humiliated” Jordan asked instead.

Park Chan-young laughed.

“You want to know Youll find out at the wedding ceremony later!”

“Tell him now! So what if he knows Can he do anything!” Geng Weilun suddenly said.

“Jordan, let me tell you.

Park Chan-young came up with a great idea to humiliate you.

He asked your wife-to-be, Hailey, to say the wordsTyler, I love you during the exchange of your wedding vows.

Hahaha, you should know who Tyler is, right”

Park Chan-young was speechless.

Why was Geng Weilun telling Jordan his plan in advance!

It seemed that Geng Weilun felt very frustrated at being stopped from beating Jordan up.

He insisted on telling him the plan in advance so that he could mock him now.

He wanted to see Jordans angry expression.

When Jordan heard the plan, he was indeed furious.

He glared at Park Chan-young.

This beast actually came up with such a heartless plan!

Although Jordan did not take this wedding seriously and was not a willing party, there would be so many old friends attending the ceremony.

How could he accept being embarrassed in front of his guests!

Since Geng Weilun had already exposed his plan, Park Chan-young didnt try to deny it.

He laughed out loud and said, “Thats right, Jordan.

This is my plan! We will make Hailey mention Tylers name at the wedding ceremony.

I heard that you castrated Tyler.

Why Just because he slept with your wife Hahaha, youre too petty! Isnt there a saying that one must endure in order to achieve success No wonder youre such a failure now.

You havent endured enough.


Jordan clenched his fists.

He had to teach Park Chan-young a lesson for his viciousness.


Jordan threw a punch.

Park Chan-young was caught off guard and cried out in pain.


Jordan threw a second punch at lightning speed.


Park, be careful!”

Miyamoto Masaki suddenly attacked from the side.

He met Jordans fist and helped Park Chan-young deflect the punch.

In a battle of pure strength, Miyamoto Masaki had the upper hand and forced Jordan back.

Previously, Jordan had beaten up Miyamoto Masaki so badly that his father barely recognized his face.

It was obvious that Miyamoto Masaki had taken the strength-enhancing medicine before coming.

Park Chan-young held his face and glared at Jordan.

“You b*stard, if I didnt want to see you humiliated at the wedding later, Ill definitely get someone to beat you up now!”

At this moment, because of Jordans actions, a few tall bodyguards entered the room to protect Park Chan-young.

It would be very difficult for Jordan to strike Park Chan-young again.

Since he had the support of the bodyguards, Park Chan-young provoked him.

“What You dont believe me Ask your good wife if Im telling the truth.


Jordan was a Deity now and his prediction ability had been greatly upgraded.

There was no need to ask Hailey to confirm.

He could see it in a vision!

Jordan focused on getting a vision of the wedding ceremony!


An image immediately flashed across Jordans mind.

It was the wedding ceremony that was about to take place! In the vision, Jordan was wearing his current suit, while Hailey was wearing her white wedding dress.

The two of them stood on the stage and spoke their vows in front of the wedding officiant.

Hailey looked at Jordan affectionately and said, “With this ring, I wed thee.

In sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth, till death do us part.

I will love you and protect you.

I will be your loyal wife! Jordan, I love you!”

Below the stage.




Geng Weilun, Miyamoto Masaki and Park Chan-young were all very surprised by Haileys words.

It seemed like Hailey said something they didnt expect.

Jordan was equally surprised.

He thought to himself:Hailey… disobeyed Park Chan-youngs orders She didnt follow his instructions


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