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Park Chan-young was so confident that Hailey would say “Tyler, I love you” at the wedding ceremony to agitate Jordan.

However, this was not what Jordan saw in his vision.

Hailey did not mention Tylers name.

Instead, she said, “Jordan, I love you.”

Just now, Park Chan-young had vowed to make a fool out of Jordan.

Jordan was sure that this b*stard had definitely instructed Hailey to do so.

It was not empty talk.

But why didnt Hailey do as she was told

Jordan was shocked:Hailey disobeyed Park Chan-youngs orders Isnt she afraid of offending the Parks, Miyamotos and Gengs”

Although Jordan was unwilling to admit it, the truth was that the Steeles were now being controlled by the other secret families.

Even the head of the Steele family, Jesse, didnt dare to disobey Park Chan-youngs orders.

But Hailey dared to

‘Hailey… why… did she do that She must know about the Steele familys current situation.

Isnt she afraid of Park Chan-youngs revenge Or is she… unwilling to hurt me

For some reason, Jordan suddenly felt a lump in his throat! Jordan would not have been so surprised if it were Lauren or Victoria, or even Lota.

Jordan believed that they would not listen to Park Chan-young.

But the fact that it was Hailey managed to move Jordans heart.

This was how the world was.

It was taken for granted that a good person would do the right thing.

No one would feel especially touched or grateful.

However, if a bad person suddenly did something good, everyone would be very pleasantly surprised.

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To be honest, during their three years of marriage, Hailey had never done anything for Jordan.

She lived the carefree life of a rich wife.

Even after knowing Jordans identity, she still didnt do anything for him.

So it came as a shock that Hailey would be making her biggest sacrifice for Jordan during their impending wedding ceremony.

Did Hailey not care about her life She dared to disobey Park Chan-young and insist on saying Jordans name during her vows

‘This damn silly woman.

Why would she do that Id rather she obey Park Chan-young and piss me off!

Jordan was already used to hating Hailey and he was disgusted at himself for being moved by this detestable beautiful woman!

The other three did not know that Jordan had already taken a look at the future.

They all thought that he was just distracted.

Geng Weilun looked at Jordan and laughed.

“That cheating b*tch, Hailey.

I believe she has done all sorts of bad things to you.

I am sure you wont be shocked at whatever she says to you.

Chan-youngs suggestion is too light a punishment for you!”

Miyamoto Masaki also smiled.

“Thats right.

Women who have cheated deserve to die! Men whose wives cheat on them are all trash! But Jordan, youre not the worst.

At least you know that your wife cheated on you.

Do you know what the most useless kind of man is One whose wife has cheated on him but he still doesnt know.


Jordan was brought back to his senses at Miyamoto Masakis words.

He couldnt help feeling amused.

Miyamoto Masaki had slapped himself in the face without realizing it.

‘Damn you, Miyamoto Masaki.

You have the cheek to say that Your wife slept with Dragon and you still dont know, right Hehe, I wonder how you will react when I show you photos of your wife and Dragon! Jordan thought to himself but did not expose this matter immediately.

Nevertheless, Jordan was very annoyed by their insults toward Hailey!

Hailey was not a good woman and Jordan had rebuked her before.

But it was not up to other men to criticize her! No matter what, Hailey was Jordans ex-wife and fiancée.

What right did other men have to judge his woman What right did they have to call her a b*tch!

Jordan glared at Geng Weilun and Miyamoto Masaki, before turning to Park Chan-young.

“Park Chan-young, you keep saying that youll make a fool of me at the wedding later.

What makes you so sure”

Park Chan-young laughed out loud.

“Hahaha, Jordan, have you been unconscious for too long that you have become slow Isnt that obvious Ive already instructed Hailey to do this, so of course shell obey me.

Do you think shell go against me Do you think shes like your two loyal wives Shes just a woman whos greedy for money!”

It was apparent that Park Chan-young looked down on Hailey.

He felt that she was immoral and vain.

She would never dare to disobey him.

His opinion of Hailey was naturally one-sided!

Although Hailey had done things that let Jordan down, she had never thought of really hurting him.

She never meant for Jordan to find out about her and Tyler.

She had never deliberately tried to humiliate Jordan in public before.

Moreover, not only were they married for three years, but Hailey also bore his child.

How could she humiliate the father of her child

Jordan said, “Although Hailey cant compare to my other two wives, I was once married to her for three years.

We go back a long way.

A woman who loved me would never do such a thing to me.

I dont believe that Hailey will do as you say!”

Park Chan-young laughed again.

“Haha, you fool! Youve been played by that woman so many times, yet you still believe her Hahaha, you deserve to get cheated on then! Isnt that right, everyone”


Geng Weilun and Miyamoto Masaki joined in the laughter.

The detestable sound made Jordan want to beat the three of them up.

However, now was not the right time so he could only think of other ways to vent.

Jordan said, “Since youre so sure, why dont we make a bet I bet she wont mention Tylers name at the wedding.”

Park Chan-young was provoked.

“I bet she will definitely do as I say! She doesnt have the guts to go against me!”

Jordan nodded.

“Alright, if I win, I want you to immediately hold a video conference with the other secret families.

During the meeting, kneel down and kowtow to me! Do you dare”

Since they were going to have a bet, the stakes had to be high.

What Jordan needed the most now was the respect of the other secret families! Jordan wanted to show the other families that he was not their dog or their servant!

He was the master!

“B*stard, what did you say” Park Chan-young was furious when he heard the stakes.

Jordan smiled.

“Why You dont dare to bet Its fine if you dont dare to, but then, please dont spout so much nonsense!”

“You…” Park Chan-young was definitely not Jordans match in a verbal exchange.

Park Chan-young thought for a moment.

Since he believed that Hailey would never disobey him so he said loudly, “Alright, I agree to the bet! If you lose, I want you to kneel down and kowtow to me and call me Grandpa!”



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