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Jordan and Park Chan-young made a bet.

Meanwhile, Miyamoto Masaki and Geng Weilun watched on excitedly.

Geng Weilun laughed.

“Not bad, not bad.

I cant believe the two of you are betting with such high stakes.

Youre betting all your dignity.

Whats even more interesting is that you both truly believe that you will win.

Not bad.

I like your confidence.

This is more interesting.”

Miyamoto Masaki said, “Jordan, Im afraid you would have to call Park Chan-youngGrandpa! Haha, your grandfather has just died and you are already so eager to acknowledge Park Chan-young as your grandfather.

Youre so unfilial!”

“Hahaha… Masaki, well said!” Park Chan-young laughed happily and confidently.

Jordan glared fiercely at Miyamoto Masaki.

He swore in his heart that one day, he would smack the photo of Dragon with Miyamoto Masakis wife on Miyamoto Masakis face so that he could have a good look!

“Park Chan-young, what if you lose and go back on your word”

Jordan knew that Park Chan-young valued his reputation very much.

Even if he lost, with the current disparity in their status, he would probably refuse to kneel down to Jordan.


Would I lose” Park Chan-young quickly retorted.

At this moment, Geng Weilun said, “Hey, since its a bet, there is always a possibility of winning or losing.

No one has a 100% chance of winning.

Jordan, dont worry.

Miyamoto Masaki and I are witnesses to this matter.

If you win and Park Chan-young loses, we promise that we will make him fulfill his promise.”

Miyamoto Masaki nodded.


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“Alright, well see who wins at the wedding ceremony later.

I still have to prepare.

You guys can leave!” Jordan ordered the three of them to leave.

Park Chan-young snorted.

“Youre already an adult man, yet you still have fantasies about a b*tch.

Lets see how you lose later!”

Park Chan-young and the other two left the room.

An hour later, the wedding officially began.

On the island, the green sea, the white beach, the pink ribbons floating in the sea breeze.

The flower arch was undoubtedly spectacular.

The most beautiful flowers and the most luxurious decorations were used to create this majestic and flower arch.

On the walk down to the flower arch, petals were also strewn all over the bride and groom.

The green waves rippled and the sea breeze danced, making ones heart skip a beat.

Not many people were invited to the wedding, most of them were from the Camden family.

In addition, Park Chan-young, Miyamoto Masaki and Geng Weilun were uninvited guests, and so not that familiar with everyone else.

Nevertheless, the ceremony was completed in a very grand manner and a large staff was assigned to attend to all the arrangements.

At the wedding were dozens of wedding employees, plus subordinates under the Camden, Park, Miyamoto and Geng families.

As a result, it was a very lively scene.

Soon, the music started.

There was a musical performance before Jordan and Hailey were to make their appearance.

In order to liven up the wedding, Hailey specially invited the famous band, Maroon 5, who sang the cheerful song “Sugar”.

Listening to the upbeat music, Elle, Rachel and the others held their wine glasses and swayed their bodies happily to the rhythm.

By the side, Miyamoto Masaki couldnt help gulping as he watched “Jenny” dance.

“Tsk tsk, not only is Hailey delicious, her younger cousin is not bad either.

Hmm, we can all play together in the future.”

Maroon 5 soon finished their performance and everyone applauded.

A string orchestra came on next with violins and cellos.

The atmosphere became more solemn and regal.

As the wedding officiant spoke, Hailey walked down the aisle toward the flower arch, holding Jordans arm.

“Oh, Hailey is so beautiful!”

“Jordan is so handsome!”

Drew and Elle cheered loudly.

Sitting in the center, Geng Weilun crossed his legs and smiled.

“Hehe, these two look quite compatible.

No wonder Jordan doesnt like Lota.”

Park Chan-young said confidently, “Hehe, soon, Lota and I will be like them, walking down the aisle at a romantic wedding venue.

When the time comes, you must come to our wedding.”

Miyamoto Masaki played along.

“Of course.

Ive already prepared your wedding gift!”

However, Geng Weilun was nonchalant.

“I have to see if I am free then.”

After the couple arrived at the flower arch, the wedding officiant started the ceremony.

The officiant said, “Although today is their wedding, the two of them already have a very cute baby and were married for three years! Mr.

Jordan, can you talk about what this delayed wedding ceremony means to you”

The microphone was placed by Jordans mouth, but he did not reply.

‘What does it mean to me

‘It means destiny! It means humiliation!

‘Should I say this out loud

He ignored the officiants question.

The officiant continued, “As everyone can see, theres a piano here.

We all know that Mr.

Jordan has very good piano skills.

On such a special day, shall we invite him to play a song for Ms.



From the crowd, Elle was the first to cheer loudly.

She was now part of the entertainment industry and knew many musicians.

And she knew that 80 to 90% of those professional musicians were not as good as Jordan.

Elle believed that if Jordan was willing to enter the entertainment industry, he would become an instant star in both acting and music!

Although everyone was looking forward to Jordans performance, he had no intention of performing for Hailey.

He had only sung one song for her, “A Thousand Reasons to Be Sad”.

After that, his feelings for her were sealed off!

However, after Jordan rejected the officiant, Hailey suddenly said, “I have a song that I want to sing for my husband.”

With that, Hailey walked toward the piano.

A flower girl helped Hailey arrange her long train so that she could sit down properly.

Jordan stood in front of the flower arch in disbelief.

What was this woman up to She was taking the initiative to sing a song by herself during their wedding ceremony

Hailey said, “I want to singTo Love You More by Celine Dion.”

Haileys fair and slender hands pressed against the black and white keys.

There was no wedding ring on her finger, and her hands were pristine.

The sea breeze was very strong today, but when Hailey played the first chord, the sound of the wind seemed to fade to the background.

All Jordan could hear was Haileys playing.

Haileys lovely lips slowly parted.

“Take me back in the arms I love…”

“Need me like you did before…”

“Touch me once again…”

“And remember when there was no one that you wanted more.”


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