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“Jordan, I love you!”

Hailey confessed her love to Jordan!

Although Jordan had already seen this scene in his vision, he was still very nervous.

He didnt know for sure whose name Hailey would eventually say.

Therefore, when Hailey said this, Jordan was still shocked and touched.

This was not a simple confession.

When Hailey said Jordans name, it meant that she was very likely to be punished by Park Chan-young.

Hailey was a weak woman but she was not afraid of Park Chan-young and went against his wishes.

‘It wasnt easy for me to salvage our relationship.

How can I destroy it with my own hands!

After saying this, Hailey pounced on Jordan and kissed him…

Meanwhile, Park Chan-young and the other two were completely dumbfounded, especially Park Chan-young.

“Damn! This damn b*tch dared to disobey my orders! Does she not want to live!”

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Park Chan-young wished he could kill Hailey right now!

As for Geng Weilun and Miyamoto Masaki, apart from being a little surprised and disappointed, they were also gloating at Park Chan-youngs expression.

It was a bit of a downer they couldnt see Jordan humiliated but it was no big deal to them.

It didnt matter to those two if Hailey said Tyler or Jordans name.

But things were completely different for Park Chan-young.

Park Chan-young and Jordan had just made a bet.

If Hailey did not mention Tylers name, Park Chan-young would have to hold a video conference with the other secret families and kowtow to Jordan in front of everyone!

With the stakes so high, Park Chan-young could not afford to lose!

At this moment, in front of the flower arch, Hailey took the initiative to kiss Jordan but he rejected her.

He agreed to marry Hailey, but it didnt mean that he really wanted to be with her like before.

Park Chan-young suddenly stood up from his seat and shouted, “Hailey, you b*tch, get the hell down here.

You still have the cheek to kiss Jordan Did I allow you to kiss him!”

Park Chan-young wanted to see Hailey humiliate Jordan, not watch her and Jordan being loving with each other!

He hated to see Jordan happy!

At this moment, Jordan, who had wanted to push Hailey away, immediately felt rebellious when he heard Park Chan-youngs words.

‘Park Chan-young, you b*stard.

Since you dont want to see me kissing Hailey so I will purposely kiss her!

Therefore, Jordan did not push Hailey away.

Instead, he kissed her in front of the flower arch.

Jordan loved doing such things.

He liked to use this method to aggravate others.

Previously, at Victoria and Russells wedding, Jordan had stolen the limelight.

He had given Victoria a deep kiss in front of Russell! Russell had almost exploded from anger.

Sure enough, Park Chan-young was furious.

Seeing that Jordan and Hailey disobeyed his orders, he stomped his feet in anger.

“Damn it! B*tch! B*stard! I told you to stop, didnt you hear me Stop! Stop!”

However, Jordan and Hailey ignored Park Chan-young.

Jordan did it on purpose, while Hailey really wanted to kiss Jordan, so she ignored Park Chan-young.

As a regent of the Steele family, Park Chan-young felt very embarrassed that Jordan and his wife were ignoring his commands.

Geng Weilun stood up as well.

He stuffed his hands into his pockets and mocked Park Chan-young.

“Chan-young, you are one of the regents of the Steele family, but Jordan and his wife ignored you.

Youve embarrassed the Park family, haha.”

Park Chan-young was ashamed and furious.

He shouted at Jordan, “Jordan! You idiot, trash! Youre actually willing to kiss a woman who cheated on you! Dont you feel disgusted Hailey, that b*tch, has kissed Tyler before! How can you f*cking kiss her!”

Jordan was incensed.

No one had ever dared to say such things to him!

Moving away, he took off his wedding ring and threw it accurately at Park Chan-youngs mouth!


The ring slashed across Park Chan-youngs lips like a sharp knife.

Blood immediately flowed from his lips!


“Master, how are you”

Park Chan-youngs subordinates were also scared out of their wits.

Jordan said to Park Chan-young, “Park Chan-young, youre courting death! How dare you say such things to me on my wedding day! Who are you to humiliate me!”

Jordan couldnt take it anymore.

Any man would be furious after hearing such ugly words!

When the Camden family saw this, they felt very happy.

Sylvie said, “Good job, Jordan! You and Hailey are so close now.

What is this person saying Its disgusting!”

Drew was also amazed.

“Jordan is too fierce.

He dared to hit a member of the Park family…”

When Park Chan-young touched his lips, he realized that Jordan had made him bleed.

He was furious.

“Men, chop off Jordans limbs and head.

Kick his head over to me!!”


Park Chan-youngs subordinates immediately rushed toward Jordan.

“Ah! Hubby, lets go!”

Hailey screamed in fear and grabbed Jordans arm.

However, Jordan pushed her behind him, not thinking of escaping at all.

He had taken a strength-enhancing medicine from the Miyamoto family and charged at Park Chan-youngs subordinates.

With this medicine, Jordans strength had increased greatly.

It was not a problem for him to deal with a few bodyguards!




Park Chan-youngs subordinates fell one after another!

When Miyamoto Masaki saw this, he was furious.

“Damn it, how dare you use our familys medicine to beat up people from the other secret families!”

Miyamoto Masaki said, “Chan-young, dont worry.

Ill deal with him myself!”

Jordan remained disdainful when he saw Miyamoto Masaki walking over.

Both of them had taken the medicine, which would increase their strength in proportion to their actual strength.

And Jordans actual strength far surpassed that of Miyamoto Masakis!

“Trash, eat my punch!”

Miyamoto Masaki threw a heavy punch.

Jordan was not afraid at all.

He also threw a punch at Miyamoto Masaki.

Their fists met.

Jordan thought he could easily win Miyamoto Masaki, just like the last time they fought.

However, Miyamoto Masakis current strength appeared to be far above Jordans!


Jordan took two steps back and couldnt help shaking out his hand.

He felt pain in his right hand.

“How did this happen We took the same medicine.

Why are you stronger than mine”

Jordan was very puzzled.

Miyamoto Masaki laughed.

“Idiot, thats because my family has upgraded the medicine! Since we found out about Dragon, we specially upgraded our medicine over the past two weeks to deal with him.”

“The medicine I took is much more powerful than the one you took! Jordan, youre no longer a match for me!”


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