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Jordan had not expected that the Miyamoto family would develop another medicine that was even more powerful than the previous one.

As a result, Miyamoto Masakis strength now surpassed Jordans!

Miyamoto Masaki was full of confidence.

He really wanted to defeat Jordan with his own fists to erase his humiliation from before.

He ran towards Jordan again.

Jordan wanted to rely on his agility and defense to dodge and not fight him head-on.

However, this time, he realized that it was not that easy.

“So fast!”

Before Jordan could dodge, Miyamoto Masaki kicked him.

Jordan reached out to block but was still pushed a few steps back.

“Hahaha, Masaki, you are too cool! Beat up Jordan, that piece of trash! Beat him to death!”

Park Chan-young was thrilled to see that Miyamoto Masaki was dominating Jordan.

“Kill that b*stard Jordan for me.

Ill go teach that b*tch Hailey a lesson!”

With that, Park Chan-young walked toward Hailey angrily and said fiercely, “Hailey, you b*tch, how dare you disobey my orders Ill smash your face today!”

Park Chan-young was so ruthless that it was entirely possible that he would beat Hailey to death today.

When the Camdens saw this, they naturally panicked.

Sylvie was the first to run over to protect Hailey.

She stood in front of Hailey and said, “Dont hurt my daughter!”

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Park Chan-young slapped Sylvies face, and she fell to the ground as he raged at her.

“You old hag, you only became so youthful after taking my familys medicine.

Instead of visiting my bed at night to thank me, you dare to try and stop me! Your daughter disobeyed me.

The fate of anyone who disobeys me is death! No one can stop me! Men, capture every member of the Camden family!”

Park Chan-youngs subordinates immediately captured the Camdens.

They wailed as they were forced to their knees.

Jordan was incensed by the sight.

Although he didnt like the Camdens, he had married Hailey today.

They were his in-laws! An attack against the Camdens was like an attack against Jordan himself!

However, he couldnt even deal with Miyamoto Masaki.

Dragon wasnt around, so he had no time to help Hailey and her family.

“I got it!”

Jordan remembered that his prediction ability was now upgraded.

He could use this ability to find a way to resolve his current predicament.

Jordan immediately focused.


In critical moments like this, his prediction ability was especially effective.

Almost instantly, an image appeared in Jordans mind.

Jordan was shocked by his vision!

A tsunami more than 10 meters tall appeared in front of Jordan!

Not only was it very high, but it was also very fast!

It flooded all the buildings almost instantly!

“A tsunami There will be a tsunami here later”

Jordan realized that a huge tsunami would befall this quiet island in the Maldives!

Although the secret families had very advanced technology, it seemed that they were still lacking in the aspect of natural disasters!

No one could stop the arrival of a tsunami.

In fact, any one of them could die here!

“Opportunity! This is my opportunity to kill these three b*stards!”

Jordan was overwhelmed with emotions.

His family had fallen from grace and had become the puppets of the six families.

His subordinates were being pursued and had to go into hiding instead of fighting his enemies head-on.

If he didnt want to be humiliated and killed by Park Chan-young and the other two, he could only make use of nature!

‘Tsunami… in the last tsunami disaster, more than 200,000 people died! This time, Im afraid there will only be more.

Why cant Park Chan-young be on the list of deaths! Miyamoto Masaki! Geng Weilun! Theyre the ones who deserve to die!


Jordan continued to fight off Miyamoto Masaki by instinct as he pondered this.

Miyamoto Masakis current strength was now above Jordans.

He could not win even if he went all out, let alone if he was distracted.

As a result, Jordan suffered a punch from Miyamoto Masaki.

“Hahaha, trash! I am able to hit you as easily as I hit a dog!”

Miyamoto Masaki became arrogant.

Park Chan-young also laughed.

“Masaki, you fight so beautifully! Continue to fight.

Kill that b*stard, Jordan!”

However, at this moment, Jordan stood rooted to the ground.

He stopped fighting and laughed instead.

Miyamoto Masaki and Park Chan-young were stunned by Jordans sudden strange action.

“Jordan, what are you laughing at!”

Miyamoto Masaki and Park Chan-young asked at the same time.

Jordan looked at Park Chan-young.

“Park Chan-young, your diversionary tactic worked! The Park family is indeed the most shameless and cowardly of the eight secret families.

No wonder people say that your entire family is made up of timid, dirty rats!”

What! Park Chan-young was instantly furious.

His family valued cleanliness and good looks the most.

How dare Jordan say they were dirty rats!

He hated hearing people say such things!

Park Chan-young said angrily, “B*stard, youre the dirty rat! What diversion How am I a dirty rat”

Jordan snorted.

“Stop pretending! Have you forgotten our previous bet If Hailey doesnt say Tylers name, I win and you lose! If you lose, you have to hold a video conference with the other secret families.

You have to kowtow to me and call me Master!

“Hmph, now that you have lost, you are immediately trying to have me killed so that you wont have to fulfill your promise.

Heh, you can kill me, but before that, you have to fulfill the bet and do what you promised! Otherwise, youre not a man!”

Jordan predicted that a huge tsunami was about to arrive.

He had to stall for time and think of a way to let Park Chan-young and the other two stay in this area so that they would drown in the tsunami.

As expected, Park Chan-young looked a little abashed.

“B*stard, you dog slave.

What right do you have to make me kneel!”

However, to his surprise, Geng Weilun stood up and said, “Chan-young, you cant say that.

Just now, you agreed to the bet with Jordan.

As a member of the seven secret families, how can you go back on your word”

Park Chan-young looked at him helplessly.

“Weilun, you wont make me kneel to Jordan, right Wouldnt that be an insult to all the families!”

Geng Weilun responded.

“No, youre wrong.

If you kneel to him, it will be an insult to your own Park familys reputation.

It has nothing to do with the other families.

As one of the regents and as a witness to your bet, I have the authority to let Jordan receive fair treatment before he dies.

Chan-young, you must kneel before Jordan!”

Actually, Geng Weilun had always looked down on Park Chan-young.

They were not real friends so he was more than happy to see Park Chan-young embarrass himself.

Seeing this, Park Chan-young looked at Miyamoto Masaki.

“Buddy, what do you think”

Miyamoto Masaki was in a dilemma.

After a long time, he said, “Well… what Weilun said makes sense.

Since you agreed to the bet, you should honor it!”


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