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Park Chan-youngs expression was extremely ugly.

He had never been so embarrassed in his life.

If not for Geng Weilun and Miyamoto Masaki, he would have definitely gone back on his word.

How could he kneel down to Jordan And in front of the other great families!

‘Damn it, why was Jordan so confident in Hailey How did he know that she would definitely say his name With Jordans current situation, Hailey should be more afraid of me.

Park Chan-young kept hesitating and refused to speak.

Jordan said, “Park Chan-young, I know you dont have the guts to fulfill your promise.

You cant afford to lose face.

Its fine if you dont kowtow to me, but you have to get out of my wedding venue now! And youre not allowed to harass me and my family in the future!”

Jordan was Park Chan-youngs mortal enemy.

How could Park Chan-young let him off!

Park Chan-young said angrily, “Damn you, Jordan! Its just a kowtow.

It will be over in the blink of an eye.

There is nothing I dont dare to do! Alright, Ill do as you wish and kowtow to you! But I have to remind you that after kowtowing to you, Ill kill you and your wife! And before I kill you, I will play with that little b*tch Hailey in front of you first!”

Jordan hated Park Chan-young so much that he wanted to kill him now.

However, he knew that everything was going according to his plan.

Park Chan-young wanted to kill and humiliate him Not that easy!

Jordan smiled.

“Alright, since youre willing to fulfill your promise, lets cut the crap.

Immediately hold a family video conference and kowtow to me and call me Master!”

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Park Chan-young said, “I dont have the right to ask for a video conference with the other families.

Only the head of the family, my father, has the right to do this.

As one of the eight families, you should know this! Ill kowtow to you now.

That will be it!”

After saying this, Park Chan-young was about to kneel, but Jordan hurriedly interrupted, “No! You have to kowtow to me in front of the other families! This is what we agreed on previously.

You can call your father and ask him to call for a video conference.”

Park Chan-young said angrily, “B*stard! What should I tell my father I want to hold a video conference to kowtow to you He will beat me to death!”

Jordan sneered.

“Thats your problem.

No matter what, you have to do what you promised!”

“Damn it…”

Park Chan-young was furious, but he had no choice and had to call his father.

“Hello, Dad.”

“Chan-young, did you go to the Maldives The weather there isnt good.

Dont stay there for too long.

Come back early.”

“Yes, I understand, Dad.

I called to ask you about something.

I want to call for a video conference with all the other secret families.”

“What A video conference with all the other secret families What do you have to say to them”


How could Park Chan-young tell him the truth His father would go crazy if he knew!

Park Chan-young stammered, not knowing what to say.

At that moment, Geng Weilun took over the phone.

“Uncle Park, this is Geng Weilun.”

Park Sang-jun was delighted.

“Ah, its Weilun.

So youre with my son.

Haha, very good.

You young people should have a lot in common.

Ive already told Madam Geng Weilun that our families can hang out more!”

Geng Weilun said, “We have something we need to discuss in a video conference with the families.

Please call for one.

If you dont think that its a good idea, Ill get my mother to call for it.”

Now that it was Geng Weilun asking for the video conference, Park Sang-jun didnt ask for the reason anymore.

He immediately assented.

“No need, no need.

Theres no need to trouble Madam Geng.

Ill call for a video conference now.”

Soon, Park Sang-jun organized the video conference.

There were a total of eight video screens, including Park Chan-youngs side, but there was no Steele representative.

Jordan really wanted Jesse to see what was going to happen next, so he asked, “How can the Steele family be absent from a meeting of the eight great families”

Park Chan-young retorted, “B*stard, your family is just our puppet.

What right do the Steeles have to participate in this video conference”

On the contrary, Geng Weilun was very helpful.

“Mom, please invite Jesse to join.”

Madam Geng nodded.

“No problem.”

At the conference, Lota saw two screens belonging to the Park family.

One was of Park Sang-jun, and the other was of Park Chan-young.

On Park Chan-youngs side, there were also Miyamoto Masaki and Geng Weilun.

Most importantly, there was Jordan!

“Jordan!” Lota was very happy to see him.

When Jordan saw Lota, he smiled and nodded.

Lota was still as beautiful as ever.

In front of others, she was the dignified head of the family, but in front of Jordan, she behaved like a cute little girl.

Lota said, “Jordan, I know today is your wedding day.

Im sorry I couldnt attend your wedding.”

Jordan replied, “Its alright, Lota.

Its a good thing you didnt come.”

When Park Chan-young heard this, he thought Jordan meant that it was a good thing so that Lota wouldnt have to see Park Chan-young humiliated and Jordan killed.

But in reality, Jordan was glad Lota didnt come or her life might be in danger later.

Soon, Jesse joined the video conference.

Since Park Sang-jun had called for this meeting, he spoke up first.

“Everyone, we have suddenly called for a video conference today because my son, Park Chan-young, has something important to announce to everyone! Now hes with Miyamoto Masaki and Geng Weilun.

My guess is that the child wants to execute that reckless brat Jordan!”

Park Sang-jun guessed that Park Chan-young was planning to kill Jordan, thats why he suddenly asked to hold a video conference.

When Lota heard this, she immediately shouted, “No! Park Chan-young, didnt you promise me that you will let Jordan live Why are you still chasing after him I wont allow anyone to hurt Jordan!”

Madam Geng also frowned.

“You children, theres no end to your petty grudges.

Its not as if either of you killed the others parents.

Why are you still clinging onto past scores”

Jesse hurriedly pleaded for mercy.


Park Chan-young! Master Park Chan-young! I hope you can let my brother off.”

Jesse then turned to Jordan.

“Jordan, what did you do to provoke Mr.

Park Chan-young again! Kneel and apologize to him immediately! Beg for his forgiveness! If you continue to court death like this, I wont be able to protect you.

When you die and see Grandpa in the afterlife, dont blame me for not being a good brother!”

Jordan looked at Jesse.

“Jesse, I was unconscious for half a month and the very first thing you say to me is to ask me to kneel before someone else”

Jesse said, “Of course! If you dont kneel before Park Chan-young, do you expect him to kneel to you! You are daydreaming all the time.

Grandpa claimed that youre the most capable person in the Steele family.

But how can you compare to me! What ** abilities do you have!”


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