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Geng Weilun said, “Hehe, I didnt expect Jordan, whom Ive always had some respect for, to end up like this.

Jordan, Ive overestimated you.

Youre not worthy of me to have come here personally! What a waste of time.

You guys continue playing.

Im leaving!”

Seeing that Geng Weilun was about to leave, Miyamoto Masaki hurriedly asked him to stay.

“Weilun, why are you leaving so soon Dont you want to enjoy Hailey Shes a top-notch woman!”

Geng Weilun looked at Hailey condescendingly.

“Im not interested in her.”

He then turned toward Jordan.

“Jordan, I dont think you will ever have the chance to see my mother again.

The reason I hate you no longer exists.

Rest in peace.

I will tell my mother about your death.”

With that, Geng Weilun walked towards his private plane and left.

‘Geng Weilun is lucky.

He actually escaped death.

Jordan looked at Geng Weiluns back and sighed on the inside.

Like Park Chan-young and Miyamoto Masaki, Geng Weilun wanted to humiliate Jordan, so he must also suffer the impact of a tsunami!

However, now that Geng Weilun had left early, he probably wouldnt encounter the tsunami.

Park Chan-young ordered his subordinates, “Bring them to their room.

Well only give them half an hour to have sex.

Once the time is up, regardless of whether theyre done or not, kick the door open and bring the woman over to us!”

One of his subordinates lowered his head and said, “Got it! Do you want us to immediately execute Jordan after”

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Park Chan-young thought for a moment.

“Not yet.

After Masaki and I are done playing with his wife, Ill personally send him to hell.


“Yes, sir!”

More than 10 subordinates with guns aimed at Jordan and Hailey forced them to move forward.

Meanwhile, Park Chan-young and Miyamoto Masaki headed toward the yacht at sea.

“You can look forward to your deaths!”

Watching the two of them head towards the yacht, Jordan was certain that they would be mercilessly overwhelmed by the tsunami!

When the tsunami really came later, even the luxurious villa Jordan was in would be destroyed, not to mention a tiny yacht at sea!

It would be a huge disaster, and many people were destined to die.

Jordan wanted to do something for the innocent people nearby, but he was trapped and there was nothing he could do now.

He could only think of a way to get rid of Park Chan-young and Miyamoto Masaki first, before seeing if he could do anything.

“Go, go quickly.

Move faster!”

Park Chan-youngs subordinates kept urging Jordan and Hailey.

Along the way, they kept insulting Jordan.

“Haha, trash.

Your wife will soon become our masters plaything.”

“Our master is too good to you.

You can still enjoy yourself one last time before you die.

You should kneel down and thank our master!”

Jordan clenched his fists.

He swore that when the tsunami came later, Park Chan-youngs subordinates would all die too! Even if the tsunami didnt kill them, Jordan would hunt them down!

When they arrived at the room, the subordinates pushed the two of them into the room and said loudly, “Well only give you 20 minutes.

The countdown starts now! We wont wait a minute longer.

Youd better be dressed in 20 minutes.

Otherwise, hehe, dont blame me for seeing your wife in all her naked glory!”

With that, Park Chan-youngs subordinate turned on the countdown timer on his phone and set it to 20 minutes.

Hailey was indignant.

“Your master just said that he would give us 30 minutes.

Why did you change it to 20 minutes”

Park Chan-youngs subordinate shouted, “Your husband is a good-for-nothing.

Even 10 minutes is too much, so 20 minutes is more than enough.

Cut the crap and hurry up.

My timer doesnt wait for anyone!”

He slammed the door shut, leaving Jordan and Hailey in the room.

“How annoying.

Why are these people like this”

Hailey complained, but Jordan remained expressionless.

He walked to the window in the room and looked in the direction of the yacht by the sea, observing the changes in the waves.

Suddenly, Hailey hugged Jordan from behind.

“Hubby! Hubby, youve finally forgiven me.

I knew that one day, you would forgive me and be with me again! Oh my god, your last wish before you die is to be with me.

Im so touched.

I knew that those two scheming women, Lauren and Victoria, couldnt compare to me.

No matter how beautiful they are, they are just your mistresses! I am your legitimate first wife!”

Jordan turned around in disgust and said to her, “Hailey, stop being narcissistic.

Who forgave you Also, dont compare yourself to Lauren and Victoria.

Youre not worthy!”

Hailey smiled.

“Youre so stubborn on the outside but I know you are soft-hearted on the inside.

Jordan, I know youre testing me, right”

“Test you What do you mean” Jordan asked.

Hailey said, “Who the hell is Park Chan-young He said he wanted to kill us and even said that the Steeles are in dire straits.

Actually, youre just putting on an act, right How can there be such a coincidence The moment I am going to marry you, something like this happened to your family.

I was deceived by you last time.

Thats why I was so stupid as to divorce you and choose Cayden.

Ever since then, I swore that as long as Im with you again, no matter what happens or who appears, I wont waver anymore.

In this life, Ill only choose you and only you!”

Jordan thought about it.

That was indeed the case.

Every time Jordan was with Hailey, he would be in a bad situation.

During his first marriage to Hailey, he had to hide his identity and rely on the Camden family to support him.

After they reconciled, he had to lie to her that he had been expelled from the Steele family in order to leave her.

This time, coincidentally, the Steeles were expelled from the secret families right when they were about to get married again.

No wonder Hailey was suspicious and thought that Jordan was testing her.

Jordan smiled and said, “No wonder you called me by my name at the ceremony and not Tylers name like Park Chan-young ordered.

So you thought this is all an act.

Hehe, Hailey, I admit that I lied to you last time.

But now, I can swear to the heavens that I didnt lie to you.

I swear to you in the name of my grandfather.

The Steeles are now really just puppets under the other secret families.

They can kill me at any time.

“You must regret what you just did, right”

However, Hailey shook her head.

“No, I believe you.

Hubby, I believe that youre the most capable person in the world.

If Im with you, youll definitely be able to protect me and give me a happy life.

In the past, I was doubtful of your ability, which led to my repeated mistakes.

Ill never doubt you again!”

Jordan was stunned for a moment.

It seemed Hailey truly believed in Jordans ability.

She was really a smart woman because she definitely didnt know that Jordan was a Heavenly God.

Hailey looked at Jordan affectionately and held his hand.

“Hubby, we only have 20 minutes.

Dont waste any more time!”


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