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Hailey quickly pounced on Jordan, wanting to have sex with him!

Jordan pushed Hailey away in disdain.

“What are you doing! Dont come near me! Hailey, you secretly slept with Cayden behind my back and gave birth to Brads child.

I will never, ever touch you again! Dont even think about it!”

He used the words “never, ever” to emphasize his resolve.

He did not want to give her any chance to fantasize.

He was telling her that it was impossible for them to have sex in this lifetime, even if they were already married.

Hailey felt very hurt.

Any woman would be very sad to hear such words.

Tears were already welling up in her eyes.

“Didnt you say that youre not acting this time Will they really kill you Then youre about to die.

Even if you hate me, Im the only woman by your side before you die.

Theres a saying that a mans death will be a happy one if he can die having sex.

No matter what, Im still a charming woman.

Few people in the country are prettier than me.

Are you so unwilling to touch me before you die”

If a man was really about to die, with a beauty like Hailey around before his death, he would definitely forget about his troubles and enjoy himself one last time.

However, Jordan said, “Thats right.

Even if Im about to die, I wont touch you again! Ive already said that I would never have sex with you again in my life! Even if youre the most beautiful and have the best figure in the country, youre not attractive to me! I dont care!”

Jordans words were firm and he did not care about hurting Haileys feelings.

Hearing this, she burst into tears.

“Jordan, youre too ruthless to me… how can you be like this Cory has already forgiven Rachel and she was 10 times worse than me! Why cant you forgive me too This is not fair, sobs…”

Hailey started crying.

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Jordan shook his head helplessly.

In this world, some people chose humiliation and who would rather be a dog.

However, Jordan was a Deity.

He was the one who ruled over everything.

How could Cory compare to him!

So he simply ignored her.

He had more important things to do.

Jordan immediately called Dragon.

“Master, what are your orders”

“Wheres my invisibility cloak The Park family didnt snatch it away, right”

In another 20 minutes, if the tsunami did not come, Hailey would be sent to the yacht.

Although Jordan no longer liked Hailey, she was still his wife.

Moreover, they had just held their wedding.

Jordan would never allow any man to use her to humiliate him.

Dragon said, “Ill deliver the Invisibility Cloak to a nearby location.

There are already some of our men and drones on standby near you.

They will collect it for you.”

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, tell our people that a tsunami is about to occur.

Tell them to be careful and be prepared.

If possible, evacuate the nearby citizens.

The fewer people who die, the better.”

Dragon was extremely worried.

“Master, is there going to be a tsunami in the Maldives Should I head over now”

Jordan replied, “No need.

Continue to look for Jamie.

Ive already planned everything here in advance.

Its nothing serious.”

Having given his orders, Jordan hung up.

Hailey overheard Jordans conversation.

She hurriedly wiped her tears and walked over.

“Hubby, you said that there will be a tsunami here.

Is that true Did you see the weather forecast or the news If there is really going to be a tsunami, lets leave quickly.

Otherwise, it will be too late!”

As Hailey spoke, she changed her clothes and packed her luggage, preparing to leave.

Jordan grabbed her arm.

“We cant leave.

If we leave, Park Chan-young and Miyamoto Masaki will follow.

I want them to die here!”

Hailey looked at Jordan in fear, she was intimidated by his fierce expression.

Soon, a drone flew over to hover outside the window.

Jordan opened the window and received the Invisibility Cloak.

He turned to Hailey, “Hailey, dont worry.

With me around, youll be fine!”

20 minutes soon passed.

A man kicked the door open and entered.

He was a little disappointed to find that Jordan and Hailey were fully-clothed.

“Hahaha, as I said, 20 minutes is enough for you! Jordan, youre indeed trash.

Your wife has even changed into a new set of clothes.

I heard that it takes a lot of time for women to change their clothes.


Jordan looked at Park Chan-youngs subordinate and said, “You talk so much.

Arent you afraid of dying miserably”

The man laughed.

“Hahaha, Im holding a gun in my hand now and can kill you any time.

Your family cant do anything anymore.

Im not afraid of you!”

Another of Park Chan-youngs subordinates said, “Alright, Nam-jun, lets stop wasting time.

Master cant wait anymore.

Take her away quickly.”

The subordinate called Nam-jun nodded.

He walked over and grabbed Haileys slender wrist.

Hailey immediately struggled to break free.

“Dont touch me, I can walk by myself!”

Hailey stood up and turned to look at Jordan.

He nodded at her.

Hailey left first.

After seeing Hailey walk out cooperatively, Nam-jun ordered Jordan.

“Stay in the room obediently.

If you dare to make any trouble, Ill kill you immediately!”

With that, he left with Hailey.

Jordan then used the excuse of going to the toilet to secretly put on the Invisibility Cloak.

He quietly sneaked past Park Chan-youngs subordinates and followed Hailey, Nam-jun and the others.

Although Hailey was just a weak woman without much strength, there were five or six subordinates escorting her.

Among them was the man called Nam-jun.

He was walking behind Hailey.

As they went down some stairs, he saw Haileys body swaying seductively.

She had already changed into a red dress and looked especially alluring.

He was immediately seduced by her good figure and beauty.


Nam-jun drooled and couldnt help smacking Haileys butt.

Hailey immediately turned around and looked at him angrily.

“What are you doing!” Hailey was furious.

Nam-jun laughed.

“Little b*tch, whats wrong with a little smack Since Master isnt in too much of a hurry, I will play with you first before sending you over!”

“You… youre shameless!” Hailey was very angry, but she couldnt do anything to these strong and armed men.

Nam-jun smiled.

“Thats right.

Im shameless, but what can you do If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for choosing an incompetent husband who cant protect you.


What Nam-jun and the rest of Park Chan-youngs subordinates did not know was that Jordan was actually behind them!

Jordan was furious at the scene.

He clenched his fists, feeling the urge to kill someone!


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