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Miyamoto Masaki looked very anxious.

“Whats going on Why is the yacht shaking Is that b*stard Jordan attacking us Go and check immediately!”

“Yes, sir!”

His subordinate walked out of the room and looked into the distant sea.

His legs trembled in fear.

What he saw made him practically crawl back to Miyamoto Masaki on his knees.

“Why are you so scared What is Jordan attacking us with This guy is indeed powerful! I can almost smell the terrifying aura!”

At this moment, Miyamoto Masakis fear of Jordan was at its peak.

The subordinate shook his head and said, “Its not Jordan, but…”

“What is it then” Miyamoto Masaki asked anxiously.

Unable to stand the suspense anymore, he ran out himself to take a look.

He looked into the distant sea and saw a huge wave more than 10 meters high, surging toward him like a huge sea monster!

“Oh, sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Its a tsunami! Its a f*cking tsunami!!”

As a Japanese, Miyamoto Masaki was all too familiar with earthquakes and tsunamis.

The Japanese had a different view of life than people from other countries because they lived in an area with many earthquakes and tsunamis.

From a young age, they lived under the constant fear that they might die in an earthquake or tsunami one day.

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Miyamoto Masaki no longer cared about Park Chan-young.

He shouted, “Get someone to fly the plane over.

Hurry! We must escape from here!”

However, the tsunami was too fast.

Before his subordinates could do anything, the tsunami had already arrived.

The yacht was like a piece of paper or a toy in front of the tsunami!

Jordan watched all of this from afar on the passenger drone, and the sight excited him greatly.

“Evil will be punished! Both of them will die here!”

Hailey also said, “Serves them right! It is our wedding today, but those two as*holes wanted to rape your wife.

Theyre really evil! Hubby, youre right.

Evil will be punished and good will be rewarded.

The Chinese man Geng Weilun didnt want to rape me so nothing happened to him.

Moreover, hes even more handsome than them!”

Hailey actually praised Geng Weilun.

If Geng Weilun didnt appear today, based on his earlier interactions with his family, Jordan wouldnt mind if someone praised him.

After all, Geng Weilun was indeed tall, rich and handsome.

He was the elite of the elite.

Even a goddess like “Madam” Park Anya had taken the initiative to invite him to dance.

It was not surprising that Hailey admired him.

However, Geng Weilun definitely didnt come here with good intentions.

Like Park Chan-young and Miyamoto Masaki, he was here to laugh at Jordan!

Jordan said, “Hailey, dont think that just because Geng Weilun is handsome and didnt want to rape you, hes a good person.

He didnt want to touch you because he doesnt like you.

Perhaps you think youre very beautiful, but not every man likes Caucasian women!”

Hailey did not think that Jordan was being mean.

She knew that men generally preferred women of similar nationality to themselves.

If Hailey wanted to attract Chinese men, she would have to slim down even further.

She would also have to change her hairstyle and dressing style.

“Hubby, the tsunami is coming soon.

Lets escape from here!”

Jordan nodded and went full speed ahead.

Unexpectedly, the Park and Miyamoto families were able to send their search and rescue teams to the area in just 20 minutes.

The secret families had power everywhere and were not limited to their respective countries.

They had resources in various countries and regions.

However, the tsunami had already ravaged the entire island, making it extremely difficult for them to conduct the search and rescue.

By then, Jordan had already passed Africa and was about to approach the US.

Jordan guessed that the Park and Miyamoto families would make things difficult for him and his family once they found out about the deaths of Park and Miyamoto Masaki.

Jordan immediately called Victoria and Lauren.

Victoria answered the call.

“Hubby, I heard that there was a tsunami in the Maldives.

Are you alright”

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Jordan replied, “Its fine, Ive already flown out.

By the way, you and Lauren should find a place to hide immediately.

Im afraid the people from the six families will come for you!”

Victoria asked, “Huh What happened”

Jordan explained.

“I killed Park Chan-young and Miyamoto Masaki.”

Victoria was shocked.

“Oh my god, Hubby, how could this be I thought you were going to endure silently and look for an opportunity to resist.”

Jordan sighed.

“Plans cant keep up with changes.

Those two little b*stards insisted on humiliating me at the wedding and sleeping with Hailey.

I had no choice.

By the way, wheres Lauren”

Victoria stammered, “Well… I am looking for her too.”

Jordan was surprised.

“What do you mean by that”

Victoria knew that she couldnt hide it anymore and said truthfully, “Hubby, Shaun kidnapped Lauren and weve been searching for her.”

“What Shaun kidnapped Lauren!”

Jordan immediately panicked.

The woman he loved the most was in the hands of that demon Shaun!

Victoria knew that Jordan was very worried and quickly comforted him.

“Hubby, dont worry.

Based on what we know, Shaun captured Lauren to blackmail you.

He wont really hurt her.

We all believe that Lauren is currently fine!”

Jordan asked, “When did he kidnap Lauren”

Victoria replied, “The day you fainted.”

Jordan thought for a moment.

On that day, he was injected with something that caused him to be unconscious for half a month.

Moreover, his prediction ability had also improved!

“I understand now.

So it was Shaun who injected the medicine into me that day.”

Jordan finally understood why he could now foresee the future without using dreams.

Shaun must have done that as he wanted Jordan to help him complete the mind-transplant procedure.

It would benefit Shaun to help Jordan.

He had only kidnapped Lauren as a guarantee.

“Hmph, I dont think he would dare to do anything to Lauren!”

Jordan knew that Shaun was aware of his prediction abilities so he would never dare to touch Lauren.

Otherwise, Jordan would rather die than help him.

“Alright, I understand.

Victoria, you go into hiding first.

Ill think of a way to deal with Laurens situation myself.

Dont risk yourself.”

Just as Jordan hung up the phone and was about to call his parents, Hailey walked over and asked in a gossipy tone, “Hubby, has Lauren been kidnapped Shes so beautiful.

If shes kidnapped by another man, she will definitely be tainted.

Hubby, after you rescue her, you should divorce her.

Shes no longer worthy of you!”


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