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“Shut up!”

Jordan shouted at Hailey.

If not for the fact that she disobeyed Park Chan-youngs orders just now, Jordan would have slapped her again.

Jordan would never hit a woman, nor did he condone such behavior.

However, Hailey was asking for a beating by saying those words!

Glowering at her, he said fiercely, “Listen carefully.

Shaun kidnapped Lauren to blackmail me to work for him in the future.

He knows my temper, so he definitely wont dare to touch Lauren.

Dont think about such nonsense.

Lauren would never cheat on me like you did!”

“What about Victoria” Hailey asked.

Jordan said loudly, “Victoria would never cheat on me either!”

Hailey bit her lip and said softly, “I… I also wont…”

Jordan rolled his eyes at her and immediately called his mother.

To his surprise, Jesse answered.

Jesse was in a panic.

“Jordan, what did you do! The Park family just took Mom and Dad away!”

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“What did you say!!”

Jordan was shocked.

He did not expect the Park family to be so fast.

Jesse said, “The Park family asked me to tell you to go to Houston immediately.

If you dont, our parents will die! Jordan, although we were raised by our grandfather and dont have a close relationship with our parents, they are still our parents.

If you only care about running away and having fun with your three wives without caring about our parents safety, I will never forgive you!”

Jordan retorted, “Ill go over now.

Send me the address!”

Jordan knew that things could only be bad for him if he went to Houston.

However, he was a Deity.

There was nothing he didnt dare to do!

After hanging up, Hailey hurriedly asked, “Hubby, where are you going”

Jordan said solemnly, “Houston!”

Hailey grabbed Jordans arm.

“Dont go, Hubby.

The people from the six families will kill you! If you die, Ill become a widow.

Are you willing to see me without a husband and our child without a father”

Jordan looked at Hailey.

“You should still have a couple of hundred million dollars in your bank account.

Its enough for you to find a few young hunks to spend the rest of your life with.”

Hailey replied angrily, “Jordan, I didnt expect you to still have such a low opinion of me! Alright, if you want to die, Ill go with you! At most, Ill die with you.

Anyway, if you die, I wouldnt want to live anymore too!”

“Youre crazy.” Jordan shook her off.

But Hailey continued to cling onto Jordan like glue.

Jordan asked, “Are you really not afraid of death”

Hailey said, “Im afraid, but I believe that my husband will definitely protect himself and his family.

You once told me that you dont fight battles which you have no confidence in winning.

I believe that my husband is a brave and resourceful man!”

Jordan smiled.

“If only you were this smart three years ago.”

Hailey had realized that only by believing in Jordan could she obtain happiness and a top-notch life.

Those who did not believe in Jordans ability all died ugly deaths.

Unfortunately, the six families, who thought themselves very high and mighty, still did not understand this fact.

They were still doing stupid things to provoke Jordan again and again, like how Hailey behaved in the past.

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There could only be one consequence!

At this moment, in a remote small town in the US.

Shaun shouted crazily in the dilapidated house, “Ah! Damn it! Damn it! How could this happen! Why did those two idiots, Park Chan-young and Miyamoto Masaki, provoke Jordan and mess with his wife! Those two idiots!”

Shaun had just gotten news about this matter.

Although he was in a remote place, he had people under him situated all over the world and even within the major families.

He had many spies.

He would know anything that happened to the eight secret families.

Lauren had already changed into rough linen clothes.

She looked like a country bumpkin, but her mannerisms remained elegant.

Anyone could tell that she couldnt have grown up in such a rustic environment.

Lauren was a little afraid and kept a distance from Shaun.

However, she couldnt help asking, “Mr.

Handley, what happened”

Shaun retracted his terrifying expression and sighed.

“I just received news that there was a tsunami in the Maldives.

Park Chan-young is dead and Miyamoto Masaki is seriously injured.

I heard that Jordan was responsible.

Now the secret families have gathered in Houston.

The Park and Miyamoto families want to execute Jordan there!”


Lauren hurried over.

“They want to kill Jordan Mr.

Handley, please save my husband.

If they kill my husband, no one will develop the mind-transplant procedure for you!”

Shaun said in a troubled tone, “Yes, Im worried about that.

Jordan cant die! Dont be anxious.

I have a good relationship with Park Sang-jun, the head of the Park family.

Ill call him now to discuss this matter.”

Shaun immediately called Park Sang-jun.


Handley, whats the matter” Park Sang-juns voice was hoarse.

He had clearly been crying.

Shaun said, “I heard that your son, Park Chan-young, unfortunately died in the tsunami…”

“What tsunami! Chan-young was killed by Jordan! He was killed by Jordan!” Park Sang-jun was very agitated.

Shaun paused for a moment before continuing.


Park, I understand your feelings, but we cant kill Jordan yet…”

Park Sang-jun immediately retorted.

“Why not This beast killed my son.

I will tear him into pieces! Mr.

Handley, you dont have to say anything else.

No matter how useful he is to you, he killed my son.

I have to kill him today!”

With that, Park Sang-jun hung up.

“Hello… hello… Damn it!”

“How is it” Lauren asked quickly.

Shaun shook his head.

“No, Park Sang-jun is livid and wants to kill Jordan to take revenge.

With the Park familys current strength, Jordan wont be able to escape if they want to kill him! Moreover, the Park family has captured Jordans parents.

Its impossible for Jordan to hide.

Its over.

Its really over.”

Tears welled up in Laurens eyes.


Handley, I beg you.

Please think of a way to save Jordan.

Dont you know how to control others Can you control Park Sang-jun and not let him kill Jordan”

Shaun shook his head.

“You think too highly of me.

How can that old fox, Park Sang-jun, be so easy to control But we can control the others.”

Shaun suddenly turned his eyes on Lauren and he sized her up.

Taking a few steps back, Lauren retreated until she tripped and fell onto a pile of firewood.

“What… what are you planning Dont touch me.

If you dare to do anything rash, Ill bite my tongue and kill myself!”

Lauren thought that since Shaun believed Jordan was about to die, he no longer had to worry about keeping his hands off Lauren.

After all, he had kept his distance from her all this while only because he wanted to work with Jordan in the future.

But now, this reason no longer existed!


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