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Shaun quickly explained.


Lauren, youve misunderstood.

I have no intention of touching you! I just think that although I cant control Park Sang-jun, we can control the people around him.

I remember that he has a daughter called Park Anya.

She seems to be quite easy to deal with.

Didnt you say that you want to learn sorcery to control people Now is a chance to test yourself!”

Hearing this, Laurens eyes lit up.

She really wanted to give it a try, to control others remotely like how Shaun and his wife did!

Lauren said excitedly, “Really Im willing to give it a try! Are we going to find Park Anya now”

Shaun said, “Theres no need.

Ive planted someone within the Park family.

I just need to instruct that person to place the accessory on her.

You can remain here and control her remotely.


Lauren, be prepared.

This consumes a lot of mental strength.”

Houston, the top floor of a building in the financial district.

The Park family had already occupied the entire building.

Only people from the secret families were allowed entry into the building.

At this moment, Park Anya was smoking in the washroom on the top floor, which was more than 500 meters from the ground.

She was wearing a black suit and looked sad.


Park Anya exhaled a mouthful of smoke as she sighed.

Gazing into the clean mirror, she shook her head.

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Park Anya, her father and elder brother had just arrived and viewed Park Chan-youngs corpse.

Moreover, she had received news that Jordan was the one who killed her little brother.

One was her family, and the other was a man who had a history with her.

‘Why Why did it become like this Jordan, do you know I wanted you to be my man.

Although it was completely impossible between us after I found out about your background, I still dont want to be your enemy!

‘I know.

You are not entirely at fault for what happened today.

Chan-young kept provoking you.

No one with an ounce of dignity can endure such humiliation.

However, Daddy wants to kill you today.

I cant do anything for you.

I can only watch you die.

At this point, Park Anya suddenly clenched her fists.

She hated fate for treating her like this.

She had searched for so many years and finally found a man who was worthy of her.

But now, she could only watch as he was killed!

And her father would be the one who would kill that man!

Just as Park Anya was feeling dejected, a bodyguard in a suit appeared behind her.

Through the mirror, Park Anya suddenly realized that there was someone behind her.

She immediately put away her sad expression and berated.

“Who let you in Did something happen Is Jordan here!”

This was the female toilet.

If it wasnt something important, the male bodyguard wouldnt have barged in.

This bodyguard had dark skin and a shady gaze.

He was somewhat different from the other bodyguards in the Park family.

Of course, he was Shauns spy whom he had planted in the Park family.

The bodyguard said, “Yes, Madam.

Jordan is here and wants to see you.”

Park Anyas expression changed drastically when she heard this.

She was at a loss.

“Huh He wants to see me Damn it, what can he do even if he sees me! Is he going to say that he loves me At a time like this What an idiot! He killed my brother.

How can I plead for him!”

Park Anya was extremely helpless.

She prepared to leave.


Park Anya had just turned around when the bodyguard knocked her to the ground.


Shaun is right.

This woman is indeed careless.

I just have to mention Jordans name and she became so flustered.


The bodyguard completed the mission smoothly.

He immediately put on the ancient accessories that could control people and walked out, returning to stand guard at the door.

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Meanwhile, in the remote US town.

Shaun was overjoyed.

“Theres a signal! Quick, put this device on.

You can control Park Anya remotely!”

Lauren put on the device and a holographic projection suddenly appeared in front of her.

It turned out that there were mini-cameras on those accessories so that she could see what Park Anya was seeing.

“I can see the view now.

But how do I control Park Anyas body Make her stand up Make her talk”

Shaun replied, “This is the Handley familys secret technique.

I can teach you now, but I need a drop of your blood.”

10 minutes later, on the top floor of the building in Houstons financial district, inside the female washroom, Park Anya slowly stood up from the floor and looked at herself in the mirror in shock.

She praised herself.

“Park Anya really is a beauty.”

This was because this body was no longer the real Park Anya, but Lauren!

This was the first time Lauren experienced the thrill of controlling someone.

Although it was via remote control, it was as if she had really possessed another person.

Standing beside Lauren, Shaun said, “Hehe, of course Park Anya is a beauty.

Your husband is infatuated with her and has always been wooing her.

Are you jealous If you are, you can cut her face.

I believe that after Park Anya becomes ugly, your husband will no longer be interested in her.”

“Park Anya” frowned.

“I am not like you and your wife! I would never hurt Ms.

Park Anyas body!”

Shaun chuckled.

“Up to you.

Park Anya and your husband had a previous relationship.

Everyone in the secret families knows about this.

Now that you are controlling Park Anya, you must use her position to try and stop Park Sang-jun from killing Jordan.”


Lauren nodded and prepared herself before walking out.

Reaching the bathroom door, she saw the bodyguard who had just knocked Park Anya unconscious.

He bowed respectfully.

Lauren nodded and did not say anything.

She went straight to the hall.

At this moment, the Park, Miyamoto, Geng and Steele families were all present.

Park Sang-jun was crouched on the ground, holding Park Chan-youngs cold body and sobbing.

Miyamoto Chujiro said vehemently, “We must kill that b*stard Jordan! If we hadnt arrived in time, even my son would have died in that damn tsunami!”

Miyamoto Chujiro was furious.

Lauren was a little nervous in the face of such a situation.

This was the first time she was controlling someone, and she was afraid that she would be exposed if she did something wrong.

However, for Jordan, her beloved husband, she had to be brave!

Mustering up her courage, Lauren went to Park Sang-jun.

She called out, “Dad.”

As soon as she spoke, Shaun shouted anxiously, “Ms.

Lauren! Youre in Park Anyas body now and she is South Korean.

You cant speak English to your own father! He will be able to tell that youre a fake in less than a minute!”


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