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This sudden tsunami took many lives.

Even Park Chan-young and Miyamoto Masaki were not spared.

If not for the timely rescue of the Miyamoto family, even Miyamoto Masaki would not have been able to escape from this tsunami.

The waves were more than 10 meters tall and extremely fast.

The Miyamoto familys plane barely made it out!

If even the Park and Miyamoto families failed to escape the tsunami completely unscathed, how did Jordan and Hailey manage to flee

Jordan was strong so it was understandable that he survived in one piece.

But Hailey was just a weak woman who only knew how to dress up.

How did she make it out unharmed

The only explanation was that Jordan already expected a tsunami to happen, so he left in advance!

The problem was, how did he predict it Even the secret families meteorology teams did not foresee the tsunami in time.

Jordan glanced at Madam Geng.

She was indeed an intelligent woman.

She also looked somewhat charming.

It was a pity that she was an old woman.

Jordan had told them before that he was a Deity who could predict the future.

They did not believe him then.

Now, they were no longer worthy of knowing Jordans secret!

“Thats right.

I knew that the tsunami was about to sweep through the entire island!”

Everyone was shocked.

Geng Weilun asked, “How did you know!”

Geng Weilun was still feeling the after-effects of having narrowly missed a calamity.

Fortunately, he was not very interested in Hailey.

If Jordan had married a Chinese beauty, Geng Weilun might not have rejected Park Chan-youngs invitation.

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If that had occurred, Geng Weilun might have also lost his life!

Jordan said, “How did I know My familys meteorology team informed me!”

“Impossible!” Park Sang-jun shouted.

“Your familys research teams are all under our control now.

They couldnt have informed you.

But even if you still have people loyal to you, they are not good enough to predict this tsunami! Even the other families couldnt predict it in time.

But the Steele family could Everyone knows that your familys technology is the most backward!”

Miyamoto Chujiro agreed with Park Sang-jun.

“In terms of research on tsunamis, the Steeles are the worst among us!”

Jordan snorted.

“In any case, the result is that both your sons are dead, while Im safe and sound.

Its obvious which of the three families is more powerful.

I cant help it if you choose not to believe me!”

Park Sang-jun said angrily, “Jordan, stop bragging! Do you think Ill be afraid of you just because of your audacious claims Do you think I wont kill you Dream on!”

Madam Geng also spoke up.

“Jordan, you have to tell the truth.

Otherwise, I cant help you.”

Jordan looked at Madam Geng.

“Thank you, Madam Geng.

You dont have to help me.

If you help me today, you might get into trouble with Park Sang-jun.

Even if you dont, I am afraid your son might do something to you in the future.”

Madam Geng looked shocked and angry as she looked at Geng Weilun.

He lowered his head and did not dare to speak.

He was feeling very indignant.

Park Sang-jun couldnt take it anymore.

He no longer had any patience to listen to Jordans nonsense anymore.

He charged toward Jordan with his gun.

“I must avenge my son with my own hands!”


Lauren was the first to rush up to Park Sang-jun and block him.

“Anya, scram!” Park Sang-jun was very angry.

But Lauren stood firmly between Park Sang-jun and Jordan.

She even opened her arms wide as if she did not want any bullet to slip through and reach Jordan.

Lauren looked at Park Sang-jun firmly.

She almost shouted at him, “I wont let anyone hurt Jordan.

If you want to kill him, kill me first!”

Everyone was shocked at this scene!

Park Sang-juns daughter, Park Anya, was actually willing to die for Jordan!

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Jordan was stunned.

It was understandable that “Park Anya” had pleaded for him just now.

After all, the two of them knew each other and had a history.

However, Jordan never expected Park Anya to be willing to die for him!

Was it to repay his kindness Was it because Jordan had once saved Park Anyas life on the battlefield

Jordan felt that it was not just that.

When they met again a few years after the battlefield, Park Anya had already returned the favor by sparing Jordans life when she should have killed him.

Now, Park Anya seemed to be doing this because of her feelings for Jordan!

‘At this critical moment of life and death, you finally revealed that you like me too! Hmph, you arrogant woman.

So youve always loved me, even more than I like you!

Jordan was delighted!

Hailey was also very surprised.

Why was this damned middle-aged South Korean woman doing such a thing for Jordan!

Madam Geng was thrilled at this scene.

She thought to herself:Jordan is a truly impressive young man.

He can even make Park Anya fall head over heels for him.

I wonder what aspect of him is so outstanding.

Im getting more and more curious about him.

Geng Weilun laughed.

“Jordan, youre indeed good with women.

During your grandfathers 80th birthday party, Park Anya was unwilling to dance with you.

But now, shes actually willing to die for you.”

Park Sang-jun pointed his gun at Park Anya.

He was angry, sad and frustrated!

“Anya, I know that Ive treated you badly all these years.

I didnt ask you to participate in the family business.

You and Chan-young were only close during childhood.

You havent seen much of each other since you became adults.

Now that Chan-young is dead, I dont expect you to be as sad as me.

However, youre still a member of the Park family.

How can you be willing to die for Jordan! Hes just a lowly slave now! Hes not worthy of you!”

Lauren declared.

“I dont care about Jordans current status.

I only know that hes the man I love.

As long as I love him, hes high and mighty in my view! As long as I love him, he shines the most brightly in my eyes!”

Jordan was once again stunned.

Park Anya had confessed her love for him in front of the other secret families! The proud and aloof Park Anya made a public love confession to a man! And she had said it with so much emotion!


Jordan was so touched that he was about to cry!

But Hailey was so angry that she almost felt steam coming out of her ears.

She thought to herself:This South Korean woman wont snatch my husband, right Her child is already 15 years old.

This old woman is shameless.

How is she worthy of Jordan!

Hailey had no idea that Park Anya was a key influence in Jordans love life.

It was more or less because of Park Anya that Jordan had fallen for Hailey.

Moreover, apart from age and looks, Jordan did not think that Hailey was better than Park Anya in any other aspect.

Park Anyas noble aura was unparalleled in the world.

Even Lauren and Victoria combined could not compare to her.

Tears welled up in Park Sang-juns eyes.

He had yet to fire a shot.

Park Anya was his daughter.

How could he bear to do that!


Park Sang-jun threw his gun on the ground and shouted, “Get lost! Both of you, get lost! I dont want to see you again!”

“Lets go!”

Lauren immediately grabbed Jordans hand and wanted to take him away quickly.


Jordan did not expect Madam to take the initiative to hold his hand.

After knowing her for so long, this was the first time she had taken the initiative to touch him.

“Did I say you could leave!”

Miyamoto Chujiro suddenly stood in front of them with his sword.


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