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Everyone thought that Jordan was trying to please Miyamoto Masaki.

Unexpectedly, after Jordan showed him a few photos, Miyamoto Masaki was so angry that he vomited blood!

Everyone was very curious and gathered around to see the photos.

The photos left them stunned! They were all explicit ones of a man and woman in the throes of passion!

The woman was extremely beautiful.

One could immediately tell that she was a Japanese beauty.

Her figure was also top-notch, while the mans face was hidden.

But from his figure alone, he should be a very tall and muscular man.

Geng Weilun frowned and thought to himself:Why did Miyamoto Masaki get so upset when he saw these photos Could the woman in the photos be related to Miyamoto Masaki Ah! This woman cant be his wife, right!

Thats right, the woman in the photo was Miyamoto Masakis wife! And the man in the photo was not Miyamoto Masaki, but someone else!

Miyamoto Masakis wife had cheated on him!

Was Jordan trying to anger him to death

Jordan said, “Miyamoto Masaki, didnt you say before that the most useless kind of man is someone who didnt even know that his wife cheated on him Congratulations, youre that most useless man.

Your wife cheated on you with my subordinate, Dragon.

Im afraid you just found out now, right

“Hehe, Miyamoto Masaki, you still have the mood to have designs on other peoples wives Take care of your wife first! Your wifes first time was snatched away by my second brother, Jamie.

Not only that, she cheated on you after marrying you.

You are the most useless man in our eight great families!”

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Miyamoto Chujiro originally thought that Jordan was here to kowtow and apologize to his son.

He never expected Jordan to add fuel to the fire and infuriate his son again.

He immediately roared, “Men, kill Jordan immediately! I dont want to hear his voice again!”

“No!” Lauren was very anxious.

However, Jordan was not flustered at all because he had already seen the future and knew that he would be fine.

“Dont kill him!”

Miyamoto Masaki spoke slowly from the bed.

Miyamoto Chujiro was stunned.

He never expected his son to stop him from killing Jordan.

Miyamoto Chujiro said, “Son, are you out of your mind from anger Not only did Jordan cause you to be seriously injured, but he also used these photos to provoke you.

He sent his subordinate to seduce your wife.

Why are you pleading for him Even if he dies a thousand times, it wont be enough to avenge his misdeeds!”

How could Miyamoto Masaki not hate Jordan He hated Jordan the most in the world!

It was because he hated Jordan too much that he could not let him die so easily!

Miyamoto Masaki said weakly, “Jordan, I want to… personally kill him! I want to cut off his flesh piece by piece! I want him to suffer for a few hours before he dies.

Killing him like this is too easy on him! I want him to reveal… the whereabouts of Dragon.

I want to personally castrate Dragon, that b*stard!”

Miyamoto Chujiro nodded.

Only then did he understand why his son had stopped him.

“Son, you did the right thing.

Jordan and Dragon must die, and they cant die so easily! We have to torture them first!” Miyamoto Chujiro said fiercely.

Madam Geng shook her head.

As a woman, she couldnt stand the Miyamoto familys cruelty.

Her opinion of them was now lowered a few notches.

Jordan smiled.

Thats right.

This was the moment he had been waiting for!

Jordan said, “Miyamoto Masaki, you and I are both martial artists.

Do you dare to have a life-and-death battle with me If I lose, Dragon and I will be at your mercy.

We wont resist!”

“Of course.

You are injured now so Ill give you two months to recuperate.

In two months, well fight in the arena.

How about that”

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Miyamoto Masaki had the same intention!

Miyamoto Masaki said, “No need for two months! One month is enough! In a month, I will tear you apart piece by piece in front of… the other secret families!”

Miyamoto Chujiro also said confidently, “Jordan, dont think that you can be arrogant just because you defeated my son last time.

We have already upgraded the power of our strength-enhancing medicine.

After my son recovers, you have no chance of winning in a one-on-one battle!”

Indeed, Jordan had already experienced the power of the upgraded strength-enhancing medicine.

He was indeed no match for it.

However, there was still a month left.

There was still time for Jordan to upgrade his own strength-enhancing medicine and even develop the Mirakuru serum!

Once his research was successful, Jordan would be invincible!

Jordan said, “Well only know the victor in one month.

Its too early to say anything now! During this month, I want to focus on refining my combat techniques.

I hope you wont disturb me and let me have a fair fight with Miyamoto Masaki!”

Miyamoto Chujiro snorted.

“Alright! However, your parents and brother will be under my control.

If you dont appear in a month, your family will all die!”

Jordan clenched his fists.

He hated it the most when people threatened him with his family! But at this moment, Jordan was alone and could not fight against the Miyamoto family.

Looking at Madam Geng, Jordan said, “Madam Geng, can you be my witness If I win against Miyamoto Masaki in a month, but the Miyamoto family refuses to let my parents go…”

Madam Geng said, “Dont worry, I will seek justice for you!”

“Thank you.” Jordan was relieved to hear her words.

“However, are you sure you can defeat Miyamoto Masaki in a one-on-one battle Ive heard about the new medicine developed by the Miyamoto family.

Its strength is several times more powerful than before.

How can you defeat Miyamoto Masaki after he recovers” Madam Geng was worried for Jordan.

Jordan smiled.

“The Steele family has been hiding our strength.

Weve already developed the Mirakuru serum.

Madam Geng, you dont have to worry about me.”

“Uh…” Madam Geng looked awkward.

Jordan had previously claimed that he had developed the Mirakuru serum, but it turned out that he was only bragging.

Miyamoto Chujiro also snorted coldly.

He did not take Jordans words seriously at all.

“A leopard never changes its spots.

Youre just trash who only knows how to brag and lie.

Youve lied so much that you are deceiving yourself.

Jordan, I know that you want to have the power of Mirakuru just like us.

Im not afraid to tell you that in just 20 years, our family will be able to successfully crack the barrier and officially develop the Mirakuru serum! Unfortunately, you cant wait until then! Because you will die in a month!”

Jordan glared at Miyamoto Masaki and Miyamoto Chujiro.

“Theres no point in saying anything more now.

Who is the real strong one The results will be clear in the arena next month.

See you then!”


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