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Why was Lauren asking such a question

Why would she ask such a question!

Jordan wondered if Lauren had betrayed Jordan before.

Was that why she had allowed him and Park Anya

How could Jordan answer such a question!

Jordan was very agitated.

“Honey, is it because that bastard Shaun…”

“No, no.” Lauren quickly corrected.


Handley has been very polite to me the entire time and has never touched me.

Im just saying if it happens, just in case such a day comes.”

Jordan said, “Lauren, you and Victoria are the women I love the most.

No matter what happens, I wont leave you two.”

When Lauren heard this, she became very happy.

“Yes, I knew you were the best husband in the world!”

At this moment, Shaun suddenly snatched the phone back and said, “Alright, lets stop talking about that.

Deity Jordan, Lauren will be staying with me for the time being.

Dont worry, I will definitely not touch her and will treat her very well.

But then you should know what I want you to do for me.”

Of course Jordan knew what Shaun was up to!

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Jordan said, “I know.

You want me to help you have a breakthrough in the mind-transplant procedure.”

Shaun chuckled.

“Thats right.

I injected you with the medicine of the previous Deity.

Your prediction ability should have improved greatly now, right”

Jordan frowned.

“So it was you!”

Jordan did not expect Shaun to have things used by the previous Deity.

Such things were indeed very helpful to Jordan.

Shaun smiled.

“Thats right.

Im helping myself by helping you.

Jordan, I hope to cooperate with you and not become your enemy.

As long as we work together, what are the other secret families to us We can overthrow them together!”

Jordan thought for a moment.

Shaun had evil intentions and was definitely not a good partner.

However, Jordan had to placate him for now so that he would not hurt Lauren.

“Alright, I promise to help you.

However, you should know that Miyamoto Masaki and I will have a one-on-one fight in a month.

I have to develop the Mirakuru serum by next month.

Otherwise, I will be killed by Miyamoto Masakis fist in the arena.”

Shaun nodded.

“Yes, I know about this.

To keep you alive, we have to cooperate.

Alright, you can study that serum for the time being.

I believe you wont be the one who dies in that arena a month later, it will be Miyamoto Masaki! I look forward to your victory.


After hanging up, Jordan heaved a sigh of relief and ran his hand through his hair.

He was still thinking about Laurens question.

Jordan, who was familiar with psychology, knew that Lauren would not ask such a question for no reason.

“Did anything happen to Lauren If something really happened to her, with her personality, she would never hide it or lie to me.

But why do I feel that theres something about her that I dont know”

Jordan knew Lauren well.

She was not like Hailey.

If it was Hailey, she would never admit to cheating.

However, Lauren would not lie to the person she loved the most.


Just as Jordan was thinking about these things, Park Anya suddenly made a sound.

She rubbed her eyes and slowly woke up.

Park Anya was waking up!

Jordan panicked! Park Anya had no idea what had happened just now.

How should Jordan explain it to her!

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When Park Anya woke up and saw Jordan, she hurriedly asked, “Jordan Are you alright My father didnt kill you, right”

Park Anya was concerned about Jordans safety the moment she woke up.

It seemed that she also cared a lot for Jordan.

Jordan said awkwardly, “Uh, no.”

“You…” Park Anya wanted to say something else, but she suddenly realized that the two of them were in bed, and they were both naked.

Park Anya immediately panicked.

She grabbed the blanket and asked, “Jordan! What did you do to me! Did you sleep with me”

Jordan hurriedly explained, “Madam, let me explain.

Just now…”

He wanted to tell Park Anya the whole story.

He wanted her to know that he did not do it on purpose.

But Park Anya was very agitated.

Without giving Jordan a chance to explain, she asked loudly, “Im asking you, did you sleep with me”

Park Anyas domineering goddess aura gave Jordan no chance to explain.

Jordan said, “Just now, you…”

Park Anya interrupted him again in a louder voice.

“Answer my question! Did you sleep with me!”

Jordan was speechless.

He didnt try to explain anymore and answered directly, “Yes! But thats because…”


Park Anya slapped Jordans face!

It was the most ruthless slap Jordan had ever received.

Hailey had slapped him before, but Park Anyas slap was twice as hard.

This woman was merciless!

Jordan was also incensed.

He didnt explain anymore and said angrily, “So what if I slept with you! Cant I be your man You clearly like me too! Is it because our family is in dire straits now The Steeles have become a puppet of the other secret families, so am I not worthy of you

“Park Anya, Ive always thought that youre a unique and extraordinary woman.

I didnt expect you to be so realistic! Whats the difference between you and my ex-wife, Hailey! Only when Im glorious can I be worthy of you.

When Im down and out, Im no longer worthy!”

Jordan was really sad that Park Anya despised him like this.

Park Anya sighed.

“Jordan, I dont look down on you just because your family is in trouble, nor do I think youre not worthy of me.

Im not that kind of woman.

Please dont compare me to a woman like Hailey.

Thats an insult to me!”

Jordan said loudly, “Then why did you slap me! You clearly like me too.

Why did you suddenly become so cold after the party”

Park Anya was in a difficult position.

“Thats because… thats because…”

Jordan grabbed Park Anyas slender and fair arm and insisted.

“Why! Can you tell me directly Dont make me guess!”

“Because Im your fathers woman!!” Park Anya blurted out.

Jordan was stunned.

Jordans mind exploded for the third time.

Yet another lightning bolt out of the blue.

Another absurd fact that he could never even imagine.

“What did you say Youre my fathers woman Then Park Sora…” Jordan couldnt believe it.

Park Anya tidied her hair and said, “She is the daughter of your father and me.

You should call her your sister.

Jordan, now you finally know why I suddenly rejected you, right I do like you a lot, but its impossible for us in this lifetime!”


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