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Jordan had no idea how to accept this fact.

It had been one major blow after another.

First, he learned that his wife had been controlling Park Anyas body.

Then, he learned that Park Anya was his fathers woman.

And if things werent dramatic enough, Park Sora was actually his younger sister

Werent Jamie and Park Sora fooling around with each other!

Jordan looked at himself and Park Anya.

Wasnt he just fooling around with her too!

He tugged at his hair.

What kind of mess was this!

“When did you confirm this”

Park Anya replied, “At the great meeting.

That night, when I went to look for you, I found out then that it was your father who passed the voodoo technique to you.

I confirmed that your father is also Soras father.

Back then, your father used the voodoo technique to woo me.

We were together for a year.

I was still very young then.

I loved him very much, so I was willing to bear his child.”

Only then did Jordan realize why Park Anya had such high expectations for men.

Jordans father was her first man!

Jordans father was from one of the secret families.

If he hadnt been so impacted by his brothers death back then, he would be the head of the Steele family now.

Of course, he wasnt an ordinary person.

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Having had such an outstanding man, she would definitely have high expectations when finding a partner.

As for Cheon Ji-hoon, he was just a pawn for Park Anya and not her true partner.

Park Anya also felt a little awkward at this moment.

She was once Jordans fathers woman, but now she had just slept with the mans son.

So Park Anya turned off the light and dressed before turning it back on.

Park Anya asked, “Jordan, what happened just now Why dont I have any memory of what happened”

Jordan pointed at the accessories on the bedside cabinet and asked, “Do you recognize those things”

Park Anya grabbed the accessories and asked, “Are these… accessories Shaun uses to control people”

Jordan nodded.

Fear tingled down Park Anyas spine.

“Shaun controlled me just now Was it Shaun who controlled me Or was it someone else Damn it, I want to kill the person who used my body!”

Jordan did not dare to tell the truth.

It was Lauren who had controlled Park Anyas body to plead with Park Sang-jun, causing their father-daughter relationship to break down.

Park Anya had been expelled from the Park family.

If she knew that it was Lauren, Jordan was worried that Park Anya would hate Lauren.

Jordan lied.

“Yes, it was Shaun who controlled you.”

Park Anya felt that something was wrong.

She looked at Jordan.

“He controlled me to sleep with you”

Jordan sighed helplessly.

“Sigh, dont mention this anymore.

I just found out the truth.

Before you woke up, I had been vomiting in the toilet for half an hour.

When I see that disgusting man, Ill definitely tear him into pieces!”


Park Anya suddenly felt that Jordan was even more pitiful than her.

She reached out to comfort him.

“Forget it, Jordan.

Shaun is a pervert to begin with.

Just treat it as if it was me.”

Jordan looked up at Park Anya.

“Are you sure you mean that”


Park Anya seemed to realize that it might not be right either.

“Perhaps you can pretend that it was your wife just now.”

Jordan nodded.

Park Anya was right.

It had indeed been his wife just now!

Jordan said, “Madam, theres one more thing I want to tell you.

Just now, after Shaun controlled your body, he ignored your fathers objections and risked everything to protect me.

Your father was very angry and expelled you from the family.”

“What” Park Anya panicked when she heard this.

Park Anya was very puzzled.

“Shaun risked everything to protect you Why Arent you enemies Why would he control my body to protect you and go against my father”

Jordan could not tell Park Anya that he was a Deity.

After all, she was from the Park family.

So he could only offer this reason.

“That b*stard Shaun might have fallen for me!”

Park Anya: “Uh…”

For a moment there, Park Anya didnt know what to say.

Park Anya paused for a moment before continuing.

“Forget it.

Since it has already happened, I can only accept it.

Actually, I dont want you to die either.

I dont have any feelings for Park Chan-young.

Moreover, my father has always favored boys over girls, which disgusts me.

Most importantly, I know that if you didnt do what you did, Park Chan-young would have killed you.”

Jordan looked at Park Anya and said sincerely, “Thank you.”

He was very worried that his relationship with Park Anya would break off because of Park Chan-young.

Jordan stood up.

“Madam, youve already been expelled from your family.

Why dont you leave with me”

Park Anya shook her head.

“No, I am a Park.

Im not going anywhere.

Ill go to my father and explain everything.

Ill kneel and beg for his forgiveness.

Jordan, take care.

Although youre fine now, you have done too much.

Youve angered my father and the Miyamoto family repeatedly.

They wont let you off.”

Jordan said, “In one month, I will have a one-on-one fight to the death with Miyamoto Masaki.

At that time, I hope you can come to visit our battle.

I will be the winner.”

Park Anya smiled.

“I like your confidence.

You can smile so confidently despite your desperate situation.

Good luck!”

After saying that, Park Anya put on her coat and left.

Jordan did not delay any further and returned to his villa in Houston.

Hailey had been waiting on the sofa.

When Jordan returned, she hurriedly went forward and asked, “Hubby, why are you only back now What did you do with that woman from South Korea What did she say to you I saw that woman looking at you affectionately.

Shes definitely interested in you.

Dont fall for her tricks!”

Jordan did not answer Haileys question.

Instead, he said, “I have to prepare to develop the Mirakuru serum.

My upcoming fight concerns the life and death of me and my parents.

I have to take it seriously.

Ill find a quiet place for the next month.

Hailey, lets part ways from now on.”

Naturally, Hailey was unwilling to be separated from Jordan.

“Hubby, I know that the fight is very important.

Why dont we go back to Orlando Orlando is a very quiet city.

No one will disturb you.

Moreover, our baby is in Orlando now.

Whenever youre tired, you can come and visit us.”

Jordan nodded.

“Alright, lets go to Orlando.”

The first time Jordan dreamed of the future was in Orlando.

He felt that his path to becoming a Deity first started in Orlando.

He would definitely achieve results if he returned there!

He would develop the Mirakuru serum!


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