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This 30-year-old beauty walked up to Jordan.

A pleasant perfume wafted over.

The beautiful woman glanced at the book Jordan was reading and said in a gentle voice, “Mister, do you also like Noda Hiroshis work I also like his work very much.

I even met him in Japan and can be considered a friend of his.

Do you want to know him I can introduce him to you.”

Jordan looked up at this woman.

She was another top-notch beauty.

After his first visit, Jordan had done some research on this cafe and realized that this was one of the latest hotspots for social media influencers to check in on.

So it was actually not surprising to encounter some pretty ladies here.

Even so, the women who had been hitting on Jordan these past two days were all natural beauties with gracious mannerisms.

Not like many social media celebrities who were into plastic surgery and heavy makeup.

Nevertheless, Jordan remained unmoved.

“No need, thank you.”

Jordan could easily summon the worlds top artists to meet him.

Why would he need someone to introduce him

Of course, this beauty meant well.

She refused to give up.

“Its rare to meet someone who likes Noda Hiroshi.

Can we exchange numbers”

The waitress exclaimed again, “Oh my god, another top beauty is hitting on this young man! Why do so many beauties want to get to know him!”

Jordan smiled courteously.

“Sorry, no thanks.”

Just like the girls who had tried to hit on him previously, this beauty did not continue to pester him and politely excused herself.

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Jordan had become the focus of discussion among the waiters in the cafe!

Just like that, another day passed.

At 1 PM, a guy with ordinary looks and clothes was hitting on a beauty in the bookstore.

“Beauty, can we exchange numbers” the boy asked.

The beauty looked at him and waved her hand to reject him.

At this moment, a young man wearing branded clothes and holding the keys to a Lamborghini walked in.

He was followed by a hanger-on who was also wearing branded clothes.

The young man had just pushed open the door when he witnessed the scene of rejection.

He smiled and walked towards the beauty.

He asked the same question, “Beauty, can we exchange numbers”

The beautiful girl glanced at the young man.

Unlike the guy who had just hit on her, this man was dressed in trendy, expensive clothes and he was holding keys to a Lamborghini.

The beauty agreed.


Right in front of the previous guy, they exchanged numbers.

That wasnt all.

After they exchanged numbers, the young man mocked the guy.

“Dude, not everyone can get a beauty.

Go home and take a look at yourself in the mirror, or get your father to buy you a sports car before hitting on a beauty.

Youre not worthy now, do you know that”

The guy was immediately angry.

“How can you say that You are just another spoiled rich boy.

There are many rich people in Orlando and sports cars are everywhere.

But Ive never seen someone so arrogant!”

The young man smiled.

“I could have ignored you.

In fact, most rich people like me are unwilling to interact with low-class people like you.

But Im in a good mood today, so I am trying to teach you some life principles.

Just look at the two of us.

Am I more handsome than you No.

If you can afford my clothes and get a better hairstylist, you might become even more handsome than me.

“Am I more suitable to be a boyfriend than you Definitely not.

Im a scumbag.

Even among the rich playboys in Orlando, Im the worst.

But why am I able to get a beautys number, while you failed Because youre not as rich as me! Dude, theres no girl in Orlando that I cant get! Learn this lesson well!”

The rich young man was called Darren Cheney.

His hanger-on immediately flattered him.

“Darren, youre so right! You are the top lady-killer in Orlando! It is so easy for you to get a girls number!”

Hearing this, the waitress snorted in disdain when she saw how arrogant Darren was.

Darren was very unhappy.

“Youre just a waitress.

What are you snorting for Do you have a problem with that”


The waitress said, “You better keep a low profile.

There are many more young men here who are more popular than you! Whats so great about successfully asking a girl for her number We have a young man in our shop whom many beautiful ladies will ask him for his number instead!”

Darren was still young and loved to compete.

“Bullsh*t! Who is that man Call him out and let me see!”

The waitress said, “He usually only comes around four in the afternoon.”

Darren snorted.

“Alright, Ill stay here for three hours to wait for him.

I want to see how handsome and rich this guy is.

Who dares to steal my limelight!”

Three hours later, Jordan arrived at the same time as he did the past two days.

As soon as he entered, the waitress opened the door for him.

“Sir, coffee for you”

Jordan nodded with a smile.

The waitress said, “Please sit down, sir.

Ill make it for you right away.”

As with the previous days, Jordan chose a book and sat down.

Sitting some distance away, Darren was carefully sizing up Jordan.

Darrens hanger-on scoffed.

“Tsk, is this the guy He doesnt look very handsome! This man is wearing old-fashioned clothes and looks dull.

I dont know what brand hes wearing, but he looks like a 30-year-old man! Not like you at all.

You look like a young stud!”

Nevertheless, Darren felt threatened as he sized up Jordan.

“This guy is quite good-looking, but in this day and age, its useless to just be handsome.

You have to be rich.

You have to reveal the logos of your branded clothes and car keys.

He doesnt look rich at all.

I dont believe a beauty will take the initiative to hit on him.”

“I dont believe it either! Girls here are all princesses on pedestals who are used to being wooed and flattered.

Some ugly girls might take the initiative to hit on him but its impossible for a beautiful woman to do so!” The hanger-on exclaimed.

However, just as the two of them finished speaking, a girl in a red dress walked in.

She looked very much like a celebrity!

“Oh my god! A beauty! A peerless beauty!”

Darren immediately got up from his seat and walked over to talk to the beauty in the red dress.

“Hello, beautiful.

Are you here to read What book are you looking for Im very familiar with this place.

Let me help you.”

As he spoke, he purposely angled his body to reveal his expensive watch and Lamborghini car keys.

However, the beauty in the red dress was unmoved.

She rejected him coldly, “No need, thank you.”

Thereafter, this beautiful woman with the aura of a celebrity actually took the initiative to walk toward Jordan and ask, “Handsome, what book are you reading Is it good Can I read it with you” Everyone in the entire cafe was shocked.

Darrens jaws dropped and the waitress mocked him.

“Did you see that This is what a charming man should be like! Youre far inferior to him!”


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