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“Damn it! Why did this top-notch beauty ignore me but take the initiative to hit on that kid! How is he better than me!”

Darren was very angry and indignant.

Meanwhile, Jordan was getting a little annoyed at constantly being hit on.

He had come here just to have a quiet cup of coffee and read a book to relieve his fatigue from working so hard.

However, in the past two days, every time he came here, he would be hit on by girls.

Jordan also began to find it a little strange.

He was not so handsome that women would lose control just by looking at him.

Moreover, he was dressed in a very low-key manner.

Why were girls hitting on him one after another

Just like before, Jordan rejected this lady with an even more determined attitude.


“F*ck, this kid actually rejected such a beauty.

Is he a pig!” Darrens hanger-on friend whispered.

Darren thought to himself:Somethings wrong.

Based on my years of experience hitting on beautiful women, theres definitely something wrong! These two must be putting up a false act!

At this moment, another girl walked into the bookstore.

This girl was not a beauty, but she was quite cute.

She was about 1.60 meters tall and wearing a short skirt and stockings.

“F*ck, its Zara!”

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Darren was shocked when he saw this girl.

“Damn, what a coincidence to encounter your ex-girlfriend here.

Zaras legs are still so beautiful.

Darren, do you want to continue your relationship with her later” Darrens friend teased him.

Darren smiled.

“Im tired of playing with her.

Theres no point.

Shes too conservative and not fun.

Lets go after new prey! However, if I dont catch any new prey today, I can consider her again.


Zara entered the bookstore and walked around the bookcase.

She suddenly saw Jordan sitting at the side drinking coffee and immediately walked over.

“Oh my god! Zara wants to hit on that kid too Im really f*cking impressed! What kind of magic does that boy have Why are all the beauties attracted to him!”

Darren was about to have a mental breakdown.

Even his ex-girlfriend was attracted to Jordan!

Zara approached Jordan and said, “Hello, may I ask…”

Jordan was a little impatient and replied very directly, “I dont want to exchange numbers.

Dont disturb me!”

However, Zara continued and actually mentioned Jordans name.

“Well… sorry, but are you Jordan”

Jordan looked up at Zara.

With makeup on, she could be considered a beauty, but compared to the previous girls, she was far inferior.

“Who are you I dont know you,” Jordan said.

Zara smiled.

“Jordan, you came to my house when my grandmother passed away.

We met before! Going by our family ties, I should call you cousin-in-law!”

Jordan thought for a moment.

He had never attended an old ladys funeral, except for Haileys Grandaunt Lily.

Jordan said, “Youre Grandaunt Lilys granddaughter Youre Devon Blaines daughter”

Zara nodded.

“Yes, my father is Devon Blaine! Jordan, you finally remembered.

I thought you would have forgotten about our family!”

Jordan had indeed been to Zaras house.

He had even stayed there for a few days for her grandmothers funeral.


If it wasnt for Grandaunt Lilys superior cunning and foresight, Jordan and Hailey wouldnt have had anything to do with each other after their first marriage.

Unexpectedly, Jordan kept getting entangled with Hailey again and again.

When Jordan saw that she was Grandaunt Lilys granddaughter, his attitude immediately improved.

“Im sorry.

Youre much prettier than before.

I didnt recognize you.”

Zara blushed.

“Really Did I really become prettier Hehe.”

Jordan: “…”

Jordan did not know how to answer.

Could this little girl not tell that Jordan was just being polite He was just complimenting her to make up for being a little rude earlier!

Meanwhile, Darren was annoyed to see the two of them chatting.

He wanted to find some excuse to get to know Jordan.

Coincidentally, his ex-girlfriend, Zara, seemed to know him.

Therefore, Darren and his friend approached them.

“Yo, Zara, what a coincidence.

Who is this man Is he your new boyfriend Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Your taste has changed.

Hes very ordinary!”

When Zara saw Darren, the smile on her face immediately disappeared.

She said rudely, “Go away, dont disturb us!”

Darren smiled.

“Zara, since we are acquainted.

I have to warn you that this guy is not a good person.

Hes very scheming.

Do you know what hes been doing these past few days He hires top beauties to come here every day to hit on him.

He wants to give people the false impression that hes very popular and that hes an expert lover!

“Dude, its useless for you to play this trick here.

You have to have money and high-end cars to get a girl here.

You dont even have a sports car, yet you still want to get a girl”

Darren and Jordan had never met before.

Darren claimed he had come to greet Zara, but he kept talking to Jordan.

Jordan asked Zara, “Who is this person Do you know him”

Zara nodded.

“Hes my ex-boyfriend, but Jordan, you dont have to bother with him.

Hes a scumbag.”

Darren cut in.

“Zara, you can call me a scumbag, but dont claim to be my ex.

Im not your ex-boyfriend.

Ive never treated you as my girlfriend.

You were just a fling to me!”


Darren humiliated Zara in public.

Her face flushed a deep red!

Zara was so angry that she was about to cry.

“Darren, you b*stard! What… what did you say!”

Darren laughed unscrupulously.

“I didnt say anything wrong.

I was just playing with you.

Who took you to be his girlfriend You think too highly of yourself! To be my girlfriend, you have to have top-notch looks and status.

Is an ordinary girl from a third-rate South Daytona family like you worthy”

The Blaine family, which Haileys Grandaunt Lily had married into, was far inferior to the Camden family.

The Camdens were already nothing in Orlando, much less the Blaine family.

Darren was considered a top-notch rich second-generation heir in Orlando, so he could look down on Zaras family.

“Ahem… Darren, arent you going a little too far You already used and dumped Zara, maybe you shouldnt say such things about her family,” Darrens friend said softly when he saw tears welling up in Zaras eyes.

Darren shouted, “So what The Blaine family has always been weak.

Why cant I say it as it is The Blaines are only famous in South Daytona because of Zaras grandmother, who is from Orlando.

Her surname is Camden, right Now, that old lady is dead and the Camden family has fallen too.

So what if Im bullying a descendant of the Blaine family What can they do to me Can her grandmother climb out of her coffin and settle scores with me Hahaha.”


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