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Zara was both angry and heartbroken.

“Darren, you bastard, youre not allowed to say bad things about my grandmother!”

Jordan was also very annoyed by Darrens insults!

No matter what, Grandaunt Lily had helped Jordan during his most difficult times and saved his life! Although Jordan failed to divorce Hailey the first time because of Grandaunt Lily, it was understandable as she did it for the good of her own family.

In this world, people had to look out for themselves.

From her point of view, she didnt do anything wrong.

Instead, she did something good for her descendants.

Moreover, Grandaunt Lily had already passed away.

Jordan would not allow anyone to make insulting jokes about her after she passed away!

Zara felt very aggrieved and was about to cry.

Unfortunately, she knew that Darrens family was very powerful in Orlando.

He was not someone she could go against.

At this moment, Jordan stood up.

Jordan looked at Darren and said coldly, “Kneel immediately and apologize to Zara and her grandmother.”

As a rich second-generation heir, how could Darren stand for such an attitude

Darren retorted.

“What the hell did you say You want me to kneel Are you drunk Do you know who I am!”

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Jordan did not waste any time.

He kicked Darrens knee.

Darren immediately cried out in pain and fell to his knee.

Jordan looked down and said, “Zaras grandmother is my benefactor.

You said bad things about her in front of me.

You deserve to die!”

However, Darren and his friend still refused to admit defeat.

Under normal circumstances, a person who suffered a sudden kick would not immediately surrender but threaten the attacker with the law.

After all, this was a lawful society.

Physical assault was against the law.

Moreover, for a rich second-generation heir like Darren, he was the one who usually beat people up as he could settle things with money.

What right did Jordan have to beat people up!

Darren was furious.

“Rascal, youre so close to the Blaine family.

This means that youre trash just like them.

You must also be from some third-rate family in South Daytona.

Youre nothing in Orlando! Let me tell you, Im Darren from the first-rate Cheney family in Orlando.

How dare you kick me.

Damn you!

“Also, dont pretend in front of me.

Ive already figured out your trick! You hired beauties to hit on you so that you can reject them.

This way, youll appear very powerful.

Hehe, I have seen this trick done in the movies before.

You pretentious prick!”

Jordan was now a Deity and was no longer an ordinary person.

During his three years in Orlando when he was married to Hailey, Jordan had seen many rich second-generation heirs like Darren.

Many of them flaunted their wealth and behaved arrogantly toward him, but Jordan just ignored them.

Now that Jordan was a Deity, there was no way Jordan would let off anyone who provoked him!

Jordan looked at the arrogant Darren and thought to himself:Coincidentally, I need someone for the Mirakuru experiment.

I will bring him over for the experiment!

Professor Liam had said that the first few human subjects had a slim chance of survival.

Jordan did not want to just execute Darren.

He wanted this kids death to be of some value to him.

With that thought, Jordan grabbed Darren and dragged him out.

“Follow me!”

Darrens friend kept pulling him.

“Hey, what are you doing Where are you taking Darren Let go of him immediately, or Ill call the police!”

Jordan ignored the friend and forcefully dragged Darren out.

“Heavens, what powerful strength! Its like hes carrying a little chick! Young people nowadays only care about fashion and taking pictures.

They have zero combat skills!”


Darren did not look like a weakling, but in front of Jordan, he was powerless.

This made him feel useless.

Actually, it was not exactly right to look down on young men these days.

After all, in this world, other than Dragon, Chimera, Phoenix and the top fighters of the eight secret families, how many people were Jordans match

“B*stard! Let go of me! Where are you taking me!”

Darren kept struggling, his heart filled with fear.

Jordan had already carried Darren dozens of meters, but he did not feel tired at all.

This fellows strength was too terrifying.

Darrens friend trailed behind them, not daring to make a move.

“Hey, Ive already called the police.

Let me tell you, let Darren go!”

Zara was also following them.

She didnt want things to blow up because of her.

She also pleaded with Jordan.

“Jordan, Im sorry.

Dont get angry with such a person because of me.

Its not worth it.

Just treat Darren like a fart and let him go.”

Darren was furious at her words.

“Zara, you b*tch, youre the fart! I regret not playing with you for a few more months!”


Zara was furious.

She was pleading with Jordan to let Darren go.

But Darren continued to insult and humiliate her! He didnt know what was good for him!

As Jordan dragged Darren along, he said to Zara, “Zara, no need to plead for him anymore.

I wont let this kid go because of you.

He mocked your grandmother and provoked me.

No one can save him now!”

Even the people from the eight secret families had to pay the price for provoking Jordan, let alone a commoner like Darren!

Darren said disdainfully, “Hmph, you make it sound like you want to kill me.

I dont believe that you have the guts and ability to do so! Let go of me.

Where are you taking me I can walk by myself!”

Jordan pointed ahead and said, “A factory in the industrial estate ahead.”

Darren immediately laughed out loud.

“There You should have f*cking said so earlier! Thats my territory! Do you know that the entire industrial estate is under my fathers company Hahahaha, lets go.

Whoever doesnt go is a dog!”

Darren willingly went with Jordan.

When he arrived at the entrance of the factory, Darren said to the guard in charge, “Call the person in charge here! My father is the chairman of Orlando Sky Construction and Engineering Corporation! We own this place!”

However, the guard did not react at all when he heard the name “Orlando Sky Construction and Engineering Corporation”.

He ignored Darren and bowed toward Jordan.



Jordan nodded and instructed.

“Bring this kid in and hand him to Professor Liam for the experiment.”

“Yes, sir!”

The guard immediately grabbed Darren and dragged him in.

“Hey, let go of me! What are you doing! Are you crazy Arent you employees under my father Why are you grabbing me!” Darren shouted in confusion.

He had no idea that the factory no longer belonged to the Orlando Sky Construction and Engineering Corporation.

It was now occupied by Jordan.

What he also didnt know was that he had stirred up a hornets nest this time.

Death was already approaching him step by step!


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