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When Zara saw Darren being dragged away, she felt a little afraid.

She didnt know what Jordan would do to him.

She only knew that Jordan was very powerful, so powerful that no family in Orlando could compare to him.

Darrens friend stood outside and shouted, “You better not hurt Darren.

Ive already called the police.

When the police come later, lets see how you deal with them!”

Jordan ignored him and walked in.

The guard closed the door.

“Thats strange.

Why arent the police here yet”

Darrens friend had been standing at the door the entire time.

He felt that the police were a little too slow.

He didnt know that at this moment, the police station received a call from the capital.

A police car had indeed been dispatched, but it was not to arrest Jordan.

Instead, it was to arrest him.

At the same time, Darrens father, a powerful businessman with a net worth of hundreds of millions, was suddenly arrested during a meeting in his office!

With Jordans current status in the US, there was no need for him to say anything.

Wherever he was, he could have all obstacles cleared for him with just the snap of a finger!

This was because Jordan could leave the US anytime if he was unhappy here!

Jordans departure from the US meant that the country would lose significant future technological and military strength!

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Outside the factory.

Darrens friend asked Zara, “Who is that guy Will he really kill Darren You know that Darrens father is very powerful.

If you dont want anything to happen to your friend, youd better go in and persuade him.”

Zara said, “Its all your fault! You and Darren only know how to play with girls and dont know how to respect them! I was stupid to have been played by Darren.

I admit it! But what right does Darren have to say those things about my grandmother My grandmother is Jordans benefactor! Darren is really finished this time.

I cant save him either!”

At this moment, a black car without a license plate suddenly drove over.

Two people got out of the car and walked towards Zara and Darrens friend.

Without a single word of explanation, they were forced into the car.

The two of them didnt even have a chance to shout.

Half an hour later, Zara was brought into a remote villa district.

After entering a villa, the two of them realized that there were many guards there.

Moreover, it was clear that they were all not ordinary people.

In the living room, someone had his back to them as he looked out the window.

This person had a powerful aura.

Although she could only see his back, Zara was certain that he was the boss of this place.

“Master, weve brought them!”

A bodyguard reported to that person in Korean.

That person did not respond.

Immediately, the bodyguard took out his gun and killed Darrens friend.


It was a fatal shot!


Zara trembled in fear and collapsed to the ground.

She was scared silly.

She knew that the people here were not ordinary folks.

She also knew that the man with his back to her held unfathomable power.


However, she never expected that they would kill one of them without even saying anything!

Such a move simply ignored all laws and consequences!

Zara hugged her legs tightly and looked at the bodyguard who had shot her.

She begged, “Dont kill me, please… jebal.”

Zara heard the guards speaking Korean so they might be from South Korea.

She knew a couple of simple Korean phrases and tried to beg for mercy in their language.

The bodyguard remained very cold as he aimed his gun at Zara.

Zara was so frightened that she didnt know what to do.

She had been hugging her legs tightly to prevent herself from being exposed.

But then she suddenly lifted her skirt to reveal more of her good figure.

She knew that her looks were average.

She was only considered a normal beauty after putting on makeup, but her legs were not bad.

Darren only dated her because he had taken a fancy to her sexy legs.

Unfortunately, he got tired of her after a short while.

However, Zara was too naive.

The person standing in front of her was an elite bodyguard under a secret family.

Would he let her off just because of her looks

If the bodyguard didnt kill her, it was only because it was not yet her time to die.

He wouldnt stop just because she was beautiful or had good legs.

Indeed, the bodyguard did not shoot.

Instead, he asked her in English, “Jordan talked to you for a period of time at the bookstore.

Over the past few days, none of the beauties we sent over to him have been able to chat much with him.

Tell me, how did you do it!”

At this moment, the man with his back facing Zara slowly turned around.

He was wearing glasses and had an imposing appearance.

He looked handsome and domineering, and his clothes were very exquisite.

If Jordan were here, he would recognize that this person was none other than Park Chan-youngs brother, Park Sang-cheol!

Park Sang-cheol also looked at Zara with a frown.

“This girl looks ordinary and only has passable legs.

None of the women I sent have legs that are inferior to hers.”

The bodyguard immediately said respectfully, “Yes, Master! I was also curious about this, so I captured her for interrogation.”

The bodyguard prompted Zara.

“Tell me! Whats your relationship with Jordan! Do you know him from before”

Zara hurriedly replied, “Ill tell you, Ill tell you! Im Jordans… re..relative! His wife, Hailey, is the… the… uh… daughter of my grandmothers… uh… bro… brother.

My grandmother… is… uh… is their Grandaunt! Jordans father-in-law is… is… the bro… brother of my… uh… grandmother! Our families are very close.

We… we… met before, so we chatted just now.”

Zara was so scared that she stammered and spoke in a mess.

Park Sang-cheols English was not that great and he asked the bodyguard, “Translate.

What did she just say”

The bodyguard was in a difficult position.

He also had a relatively hard time deciphering Zaras messy explanation.

The bodyguard paused for a moment before replying, “Master, she said that she and Jordans wife, Hailey, are very close! They seem to have the same father or grandmother!”

Park Sang-cheol nodded.

“No wonder.

No wonder Jordan chatted with her for so long.

With their relationship, it wont be difficult for her to get close to Jordan.

Tell her our plan!”

The bodyguard immediately asked Zara, “Whats your name”

Zara answered, “Zara.”

The bodyguard said, “Zara, we want to use you for something.

You can only live if you agree.

Otherwise, I will kill you immediately.”

Zara was so frightened that she didnt dare to reject.

She trembled as she asked, “What… what is it”

The bodyguard took out a lipstick and said to Zara, “Its very simple.

Put on this lipstick and think of a way to make Jordan kiss you.”

Zara looked at the lipstick without any logo and immediately realized that this was definitely not just a simple lipstick!

It might have lethal poison in it!


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