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As early as 1910, the Soviet Union was already using the dirty trick of poisoning someone with lipstick.

At that time, they secretly groomed a large number of female spies and sent them to the US to gather information.

All of them were beautiful with outstanding figures.

They would use their beauty to get close to their targets.

Then, as soon as they kissed those high officials, the men would collapse.

The wearer of the lipstick would be fine but all those who kissed her lips would collapse.

A hundred years had passed since then and the Park family had already improved this lipstick with their advanced technology, making it even more difficult to detect.

It had also become even more lethal.

Anyone who kissed the lips of a woman wearing this lipstick would definitely die!

Zara was terrified.

She did not know why these intimidating people wanted to kill Jordan.

She only knew that Jordan was not from the same world as her.

The opponents one encountered in this high-level world were beyond what Zara could imagine.

Zara said, “Sir, Jordan is my cousin-in-law! How can I… how can I tempt him to kiss me on the lips…”

Zara asked in a very hesitant manner.

She was also blushing shyly.

The bodyguard said, “We dont care even if he is your biological brother.

You have to make him kiss you! Hehe, Jordan is considered an outstanding man in your country.

I am sure you have had amorous thoughts about him”

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Zara did not respond.

In fact, when Jordan first came to her house, she thought that he was like Prince Charming when she saw him alighting from his limited edition Maybach!

She had always liked Jordan!

However, she also knew that no matter what, she could not compare to Hailey.

She could not snatch him away at all.

Moreover, the relationship between their two families was so good.

It was impossible for her to do that.

Park Sang-cheol suddenly said, “Forget it.

This girl looks ordinary and doesnt have much charm.

I believe its very difficult for Jordan to take a fancy to her.

Of all the women that Jordan likes, his three wives, as well as my sister, Park Anya, which one of them isnt a peerless beauty

“Letting her seduce Jordan is probably a waste of effort.

However, isnt she very close to Hailey Let her go to the Camdens place and switch all of Haileys lipsticks to ours.

Jordan and Hailey just got married.

Theyre newlyweds.

Its impossible for him to stay in the laboratory all the time to do research.

In a month, his fight with Miyamoto Masaki will probably be his last.

Before that, he will definitely sleep with Hailey.”

Park Sang-cheol believed that Jordan would definitely lose in his fight with Miyamoto Masaki.

Therefore, he believed that Jordan would want to have a good time before he died.

He would definitely sleep with Hailey before the fight.

Therefore, if they could switch all of Haileys lipsticks to their “special lipstick”, Jordan would die!

And he would not even know how he died!

The bodyguard nodded and immediately said to Zara, “Zara, our master feels that youre not charming enough and is worried that you wont be able to complete the task.

Therefore, we order you to switch all of Haileys lipsticks to ours.

Go find Hailey immediately to do this.

If you dont, Ill kill you!”

Of course, Zara was unwilling to do such a thing.

After switching Haileys lipstick, Jordan would be poisoned to death when he kissed Hailey!

Zara would indirectly cause the death of someone!

However, she was still a young girl who had not seen much of the world.

When she looked at the corpse beside her, she was frightened and convinced.

Zara thought for a long time before agreeing.

“I… Im willing.”

After leaving the villa, it started to rain outside.

Orlando had a humid subtropical climate and it often rained here.

Zara did not have an umbrella.

As she walked, she suddenly veered to the side and sat down by the curb, hugging her sexy legs as she cried.

“Sob… sob… why did this happen Im just here to visit my family.

If I had known this would happen, I wouldnt have come to Orlando.

Sob sob… Grandma, what should I do Should I help those bad people I dont want to kill Jordan, but I dont want to die either.

Sob sob…”

Before Grandaunt Lily died, she had instructed Zara to maintain a good relationship with the Camdens, especially Hailey and Jordan.


She even told her that Jordan could let Zara have a good life with just one word.

He was the lucky star that the heavens had given to the Camden and Blaine families.

Zara recalled what her grandmother had told her and decided to return to the factory to look for Jordan.

The guard was still standing at the door.

“This is a factory.

Its very dangerous here.

Please leave.” The guard warned Zara.

Zara said, “Mister, I was here just now.

Im looking for someone.

Im looking for Jordan.

He is my in-law.

Please call him out and say that I have something important to tell him! In-law” The guard glanced at Zara.

“Are you from the Camden family”

Zara nodded and did not explain further.

She was afraid that if she explained their relationship clearly, the guards would know that she was not that closely linked to Jordan and would not allow her to enter.

The guard said, “Master has instructed that no one from the Camden family is allowed to enter.

Our master is currently in the middle of something very important.

Please dont disturb him.

If theres anything, you can tell me.

Ill pass on the message.”

Zara lowered her head.

How could she tell a stranger about this

In fact, she didnt know if she should even tell Jordan about this.

Hence, Zara walked away in the drizzle.

In a high-end residential district in Orlando.

Hailey and her family were at home, playing with their children.


Zara knocked on the door.

Haileys father, Benedict, walked over to open the door.

When he saw the drenched Zara, he immediately exclaimed.

“Oh! Zara! Its raining outside.

Why didnt you bring an umbrella Come in, come in.”

“Hello, Uncle.”

Zara entered and handed him a gift.

Hailey put down her child and walked over.

“Zara! Come over quickly.

Ill give you a towel.

Quickly dry yourself.”

“Thank you, Hailey.” Zara accepted the towel and wiped her hair and clothes.

The Camden family treated Zara very well, especially Hailey.

She valued the Blaine family very much.

If not for Zaras grandmother, Jordan and Hailey would have separated the first time and not gotten back together.

She would not have given birth to Jordans child.

It was all thanks to Grandaunt Lily!

Hailey looked at Zara as she wiped her body.

For the first time, she felt that this young girl actually had a hint of sexiness, especially her legs.

Hailey smiled and asked, “Zara, do you have some romantic troubles”


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