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Jordan glanced at Darren in disdain.

This little b*stard exuded the aura of a scumbag from head to toe.

What was the use of apologizing now

“Bring him for the other tests.”

This time, Darren did not resist.

He asked, “Buddy, what other tests do I have to do”

Jordans subordinate grabbed his arm and said, “There are many tests to be done.

Strength, speed, endurance and even male functions.

Youd better cooperate!”

Darren was taken aback.

“Male functions Buddy, are you going to give me women”

Jordan smiled and nodded.

“And theyre the kind of women who havent seen a man in a long time.

You will definitely like them.”

Jordan was talking about the female death row prisoners whom Lionel had brought over.

Darren was overjoyed.

“Buddy, youre really my best buddy.

Youre so good to me! Haha, you dont have to hold my arm.

Will I object to such a good thing Hahahaha.

To be honest, I can really feel the changes in my body.

Hahaha, Im the strongest man in the world now! Come on, let me conquer all the women in the world!”

The man was full of energy after having the serum injected into him.

After more than 10 hours of testing, Professor Liam walked over to Jordan, “Master, Darren is dead.”

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Jordan had expected Darren to die.

It was impossible for the first test subject to survive.

“How did he die” Jordan asked.

Professor Liam replied awkwardly, “He died from too much sex.

He asked for dozens of women in a row to test the limits of his male functions, but he died in bed.”

Jordan was speechless.

Darrens manner of death was true to his character.

After Darren, Jordan and Professor Liam found another person to inject the serum.

This person died within two days.

This time, the test subject died from overeating.

Professor Liam said, “The human body can now withstand the effects of this new serum we developed.

However, after receiving the serum, the test subject will do things without any restraints.

But dont worry, Master.

We will soon solve this problem.”

Jordan nodded.

There were still more than 20 days before the one-month deadline.

He believed that he and his team would be able to successfully perfect the Mirakuru serum.

Professor Liam said, “Master, youve been cooped up in the laboratory during this period.

Why dont you go out and relax a bit We are just doing tests on the human subjects for the next two days.

I can keep an eye on them.”

Jordan said, “Alright, I should go and visit my son.”

After all, his son with Hailey was Jordans flesh and blood.

Jordan had been in Orlando for so many days and had not gone to visit him even once.

This was indeed not something a father should do.

So Jordan took a taxi to Haileys residence.

As he knew the password, he unlocked the door.

“Ah! Hubby! Hubby, youre here!”

Hailey was extremely excited when saw that Jordan had come.

She hurriedly carried their son over.

“Baby, look, Daddy is here to see you.

Quickly call Daddy.

This is your dear Daddy! Hubby, come carry him.”

Jordan took the child in his arms.

The baby was still very young and did not know how to speak.

Although Jordan did not like Hailey, their baby was really beautiful.

His eyes were especially so.

“Youre here.”


Haileys father, Benedict, was sitting on the sofa and watching television.

Zara was also here.

She hurried over and greeted Jordan.


Worried that Jordan wouldnt remember her, Hailey introduced her to him.

“Hubby, do you still remember Zara Shes Grandaunt Lilys granddaughter.

We met her when we went to South Daytona previously.”

Jordan looked at Zara and nodded.

“Yes, I remember.

We met a few days ago.

You havent left yet”

Zara replied, “Hailey asked me to stay here for a few more days.

She… she wants to introduce someone to me.”

Jordan said, “Yes, you should find someone new.

The old one wont be returning.”

Hearing this, Zaras heart skipped a beat.

She knew what Jordan meant.

Her ex, Darren, was already dead! For some reason, when Zara looked at Jordan, the fear in her heart was even more intense than when she was facing Park Sang-cheol!

She was in a dilemma.

Should she bring harm upon him!

She glanced at Haileys lips.

As Hailey wasnt going out today, she didnt put on any makeup and didnt have any lipstick on her lips.

Nevertheless, even without makeup, Hailey was confident that not many women could compare to her.

Even so, Zara suggested to Hailey.

“Brother-in-law is back.

Arent you going to make yourself up a bit”

Hailey looked at herself.

Her outfit was indeed a little casual.

She had yet to win Jordans heart, so she indeed needed to put on her most beautiful self every time they met.

“Ah, right.

Fortunately, you reminded me.

Ill go in and change and put on some makeup,” Hailey said.

“Hailey, let me help you.” Zara followed her in.

Jordan was speechless.

He really wanted to stop Hailey from doing this.

He wanted to tell her that no matter how beautiful she was, it was impossible for him to be attracted to her again.

But if she insisted on going to all that trouble, so be it.

Jordan carried the baby over to sit on the sofa.

He asked Benedict, “Wheres Haileys mother”

Benedict replied, “She went out.

She opened a beauty salon with a friend, and now she goes out early and returns late every day.

I havent seen her all day.

She doesnt behave like a good woman at all! She doesnt even help take care of her grandchild!”

Jordan did not expect his mother-in-law to take care of his child.

No way Sylvie would do that!

Before long, Hailey had changed into a pair of pink shorts and a white top.

She walked out in an outfit that looked very youthful and fresh.

“Jordan, look at Hailey.

Doesnt she look like a pretty high school student” Zara brought Hailey to Jordan and kept praising her.

Hailey knew that Jordan liked her look when she was a student, so she often made herself up to look youthful and innocent.

She hoped this would remind him of their happier times.

Jordan said, “Youre already the mother of two children.

Its not as if I dont know you.

No matter how young you pretend to look, I know your real age.”

Zara laughed.

“Haha, Jordan is right.

Hailey, our actions are a little unnecessary, haha.

Well, Jordan, Hailey, you two are newlyweds.

You havent had time to spend together for the past few days.

You must have some alone time now! Give the baby to me.

Ill help you take care of him!”

As Zara spoke, she reached out to take the baby from Jordan.

Hailey was very pleased.

This cousin of hers really knew how to create opportunities for her and Jordan!

Jordan and Hailey had married again.

If they could consummate their remarriage, it would mean that they had truly and completely reconciled.


But Jordan rejected the offer.

“No need.

Im here to see my child, not to spend time alone with Hailey.

Ill leave after the child goes to sleep!”


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