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After the divorce papers were signed, Hailey proceeded to look for Rachel, her “adviser”, and asked her to help her come up with a plan.


Seeing that Hailey was bent on winning Jordan back, she said, “No matter what, you cant admit to having slept with Tyler that night!”


Jordan didnt catch them in the act anyway, so Hailey could just deny vehemently.


Afterward, Rachel took Hailey to the hospital for a hymen reconstruction surgery…



At 11 pm.


A pure white and spotless Maybach Landaulet was driven slowly into Rose Garden Villas.


The only thing that sets this luxury car apart from its counterparts is its looks like a horse-drawn carriage.


The front and rear cabins were separated, and the rear roof could be opened.


It was relatively warm in May, but the night breeze was rather soothing and comfortable.


While the front half of the car could be seen from afar, its luxuriousness was obscured by the darkness of the night.


The other half was brightly lit, and the roof was opened.


The bright light that was emitted from the backseat contained a touch of luxury.


Its opulence was bound to make one marvel with awe.


There was a vague image of the man in the backseat, who was clad in a white suit and sipping some champagne.


The woman who walked past was all smitten and even felt an urge to beg him for his number.


‘Hes just like a prince!


‘Hes like a prince from a fairytale!


‘Were not worthy of him!


“Jordan! Mr.



At the entrance of the villa, Rachel stopped the “luxurious carriage” and exclaimed to Jordan.


Jordan glanced to the right and slowly rolled the windows down.

Although the roof was open, the windows were closed.


“Rachel Quinn”


Of course, Rachel wasnt alone because Hailey was right beside her.


Hailey was dressed in a black Chanel dress, still looking as beautiful and elegant as ever.


After all, a persons beauty will not be affected much by their mood or personality.


“Jordan…” Hailey called out.


Although she was wearing an expensive dress, she felt like a beggar standing outside a million-dollar car.


Jordan, who was seated in the luxury car, was like a prince from ancient times.


Jordan ignored Hailey and instead looked at Rachel.


In fact, Jordan had been on relatively good terms with Rachel in the past three years.


Among Haileys friends, Rachel was the nicest to him.


The rest of Haileys friends despised Jordan and looked down on him extensively, so much that they would treat him like a servant and boss him around whenever they met.


They would make him carry their shopping bags, run errands for them, and buy them food or coffee.

Simply put, they treated him like a slave.


However, Rachel had never been condescending or mean to Jordan.

She had never insulted him and instead even treated him to meals all the time.


Perhaps, it was because Rachel favored handsome men, and Jordan happened to fit her aesthetic standards.


Rachel bent forward, and her long locks cascaded down, blocking her vision.


She ruffled her hair and put it behind her shoulders again before saying, “Haha, Jordan, I thought you didnt recognize me now that youve become the esteemed president of Ace Corporation.”


Jordan laughed and said, “How is that possible I still owe you a few meals.”


Rachel said, “Haha, Hailey and I are here to ask you for a treat.

Can we go to yours and take a look at your luxurious villa”


Jordan glanced at Hailey before replying to Rachel.


“Miss Quinn, youre absolutely welcome to visit my home, but Miss Camden, you just got married to Mr.

Collins today, and its already late at night.

Youd better not come to my place lest you create any unnecessary misunderstandings.”


Rachel hurriedly took out a copy of the signed divorce papers from Haileys bag and handed it to Jordan.

“There wont be a misunderstanding.

Hailey and Tyler have gotten divorced!”


Jordan took a look at the divorce papers before handing them to Rachel while shaking his head without saying anything.


Of course, he knew why Hailey had gotten a divorce.


He just didnt expect that she would get divorced on the same day of her wedding.


Jordan remained quiet while Rachel leaned against the window of the car and pleaded with him coquettishly.


“Dear handsome Jordan, just let us go in together.

Why Are you scared that we might violate you”


Jordan knew that Rachel had always been bold with her words, and he was never her match when it comes to talking lewdly.


Jordan didnt quite like Rachel because she had a complicated private life full of messy relationships.


Hailey used to be a pure and obedient girl at first, but she was gradually led astray by Rachel.


However, Jordan also knew that even if he turned Hailey down today, she would continue to pester him in the future.


“Get in the car,” Jordan said.


“Thank you, Mr.



Rachel took the initiative to get inside the passengers seat so that Hailey could sit beside Jordan in the backseat.


The front seat was worlds apart from the backseat.

The roof in front was sealed, but the starry sky could be seen when one looked up from the backseat!


Besides, it was also extremely spacious in the rear, which resembled a first-class seat on the airplane.

It was really comfortable!


There was a table and a holder for champagne glasses.


Hailey was extremely excited as soon as she got into the seat.


“This is my husbands car! A limited-edition Maybach! Ive never seen this car before! Theres champagne too!”


After Hailey sat down, she touched a champagne glass with her left hand and picked it up.


She then said to Jordan, “Can you pour me a glass of champagne”



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