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Jordans attitude towards Hailey was still firm.

He would not give her any chance.

Seeing his resolve, Hailey was very upset and did not know how to regain Jordans favor.

Zara was as disappointed as she was.

If Jordan refused to be intimate with Hailey, he wouldnt come into contact with her lipstick.

If so, Zara wouldnt be able to complete the mission that Park Sang-cheol had assigned to her.

If she couldnt complete the mission, she would be killed by those South Koreans at any time.

Jordan soon managed to coax the baby to sleep.

He stood up and prepared to leave.

Just then, Haileys phone suddenly rang.

Jordan glanced at her phone screen.

It was her mother, Sylvie.

Hailey picked up the call.

“Mom, whats the matter Jordan is back but youre not at home.

Come back and cook for us.

Jordan loves to eat your cooking.”

As Hailey spoke, her expression suddenly changed and her voice became twice as loud.

Hailey said, “Mom, what did you say Youre at the police station You… killed someone!”

Jordan, who was about to leave, immediately stopped and turned around in shock.

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Half an hour ago.

Orlando, the AMC movie theater.

Sylvie and an unfamiliar man held hands and walked into the cinema together.

The two of them chose the last row.

Most people knew that for a couple to choose the last row in an empty movie theater meant that they wanted to be intimate.

Sylvie and this unfamiliar man were not really a couple.

After she became 10 years younger, she opened a beauty salon and made many new friends.

There were also many men pursuing her.

Among them, there was no lack of her type.

The woman was 41 years old.

She felt that this was a chance given to her by the heavens to return to her youth.

She couldnt miss it.

Every day when Sylvie returned home and saw the old and useless Benedict, she would feel very disgusted.

She had already shared his bed for many years.

She had been out all day recently because she had a new lover.

“Sylvie, youre so beautiful.”

In the last row of the theater, the man held Sylvies hand and kissed her.

Sylvie didnt object.

This wasnt their first time doing this.

However, less than a minute after they kissed, the man suddenly couldnt breathe and fell to the ground.

“Hey, whats wrong Dont scare me!”

Sylvie was scared.

She placed her hand under the mans nose and realized that he was no longer breathing!

Her lover was dead!


Sylvie immediately shouted, attracting the attention of the other guests.

Soon, the staff came over and called the police to arrest Sylvie.

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Hailey hung up the phone, her heart burning with anxiety.

She hurriedly pulled Jordan back and said, “Hubby, dont go yet.

Something happened to my mother.

The police said that she murdered someone.

Theyve arrested her now.

Hubby, please save my mother.

Only you can save her now.

You know that my mother would never murder anyone.

They must have it all wrong!”

Jordan also frowned, feeling that this matter was very strange.

He had lived with Sylvie for more than three years, so he knew her character.

Although Sylvie was snobbish and vain, she was not an evil person.

She was just an ordinary woman and would not have the intention to kill anyone.

‘Could it be Shaun

Jordan suddenly thought of Shaun.

Previously, Shauns wife had controlled Victorias body to kill someone.

Could it be the same thing again

Jordan suddenly felt that this matter was very likely linked to him!

“Alright, Ill go to the police station with you to take a look,” Jordan said.


Jordan, Hailey, Benedict and Zara all went to the police station, leaving the child to the nanny.

In the police station, Sylvie was being interrogated.

A police officer said, “Madam Parker, whats your relationship with the dead man Why did you go to the cinema together Why did you kill him”

Sylvie replied, “I didnt kill him! I have nothing to do with him! Dont malign me! My son-in-laws name is Jordan Steele.

Hes very powerful.

Let me tell you, he has even sat in the Queen of Englands golden carriage before! Before my son-in-law comes, I wont say anything!”

Sylvie was very nervous and afraid as she waited for Jordan to arrive.

Jordan soon arrived at the station.

“Are you Sylvie Parkers son-in-law, Jordan Steele” The police officer asked when he saw Jordan.

Jordan nodded.


The police officer said, “I heard that youve sat in the Queen of Englands golden carriage before Youre very powerful in the capital”

When Jordan heard this, he was certain that Sylvie had not been possessed by anyone.

Only Sylvie would tell such things to the police officer.

Although Jordan was a Deity, he was still very friendly to lawful police officers.

He did not reveal his identity.

Jordan said, “No, Im just an ordinary person.

If Sylvie really committed a crime, we will accept that she had to be punished by the law.

However, I dont think this matter is that simple.

Can I talk to her alone”

The police officer said, “We have been waiting for you to come.

She refused to speak a word until you arrived.

Hurry up and go in.”

When Jordan arrived at the interrogation room, Sylvie was delighted to see him.

“Jordan, youre finally here.

Now that youre here, I will be fine!”

Jordan looked at Sylvies eyes and mannerisms and was certain that it was her.

‘It seems that Sylvie isnt being controlled.

She did it herself. Jordan thought to himself.

Jordan said, “Sylvie, if you really killed someone, I cant help you.”

Sylvie hurriedly denied it.

“I didnt kill anyone.

I really didnt kill anyone!”

“Today… Jordan, is my husband outside Close the door first.”

Sylvie appeared hesitant to speak.

It looked like she had something secretive or shameful to reveal.

Jordan closed the door and sat down.

He also wanted to know why Sylvie would kill someone.

Sylvie confessed to Jordan, “Jordan, you really cant blame me for what happened today.

The person who died was a customer who pursued me.

You know that after I became younger, many men pursued me.

This person is very good at wooing women.

I couldnt help myself and went on a date with him to watch a movie.”

Hearing this, Jordan stood up to leave.

“Hey, Jordan, dont go yet.

Let me finish.

Why are you leaving” Sylvie hurriedly pulled Jordan back.

Jordan said angrily, “Must I continue listening You and Hailey are the same! The daughter cheated on her husband, and so did the mother! I should have known since you gave birth to a daughter like Hailey!”

Jordan no longer wanted to know why Sylvie murdered someone.

He was furious the moment he heard that she was seeing another man behind Benedicts back.

Did women wish to become beautiful so that they could have affairs If he had known earlier, Jordan would not have brought her to South Korea!


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