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Sylvie started crying.

“Im sorry, Im sorry, Jordan.

After I became younger, I forgot who I was.

I now know I was in the wrong.”

Jordan pushed Sylvie away.

“Why are you apologizing to me! You make it sound like you betrayed me!”

He was speechless.

It reminded him of the scene when Hailey cheated on him with Tyler.

Sylvie said, “Jordan, no matter what, Im your mother-in-law and the grandmother of your son.

You cant just stand by and watch me go to jail.

No matter what foolish mistakes I make, I wont kill anyone!”

Jordan sighed and said, “Tell me how that person died.”

Sylvie told Jordan everything about her date with the man and everything that happened after they entered the cinema.

Jordan found it unbelievable.

“You said that person suddenly died after kissing you Does that person have some illness”

Sylvie said, “I think so too! But the hospital said that he was poisoned.

He wasnt ill before that.

He died from poison.

How could I have poisoned him Did I spit the poison into his mouth Wouldnt I be dead too!”

Jordan frowned and thought about this matter carefully.

It was indeed a little difficult to comprehend.

He looked at Sylvie and saw the lipstick on her lips.

He asked, “Did you buy lipstick from a counterfeit brand Some inferior-quality lipsticks are very harmful.”

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Sylvie said, “Oh my god, why would I buy counterfeit lipsticks You dont trust my taste at all.

Besides, the lipstick Im wearing today isnt mine.

Im using Haileys lipstick, and she always buys good stuff.

Its from the biggest makeup department store in Orlando.

It cant be fake!”

“You used Haileys lipstick” Jordan asked curiously.

Sylvie replied, “Thats right.

Havent I become younger But my taste is still a little like that of a middle-aged woman.

I felt that my lipstick looks too old-fashioned, so I went to use my daughters lipstick.

Is there a problem”

Jordan started to become serious.

If this lipstick was just a counterfeit product that Sylvie bought, there wasnt much of a problem.

But if it came from Hailey, it was something worth pondering over!

“If its really about the lipstick, then Haileys lipstick can poison someone to death.

As her husband, Im the most likely target!”

Jordan immediately realized the danger he was in!

Just now, at Haileys house, Zara kept encouraging Jordan to have some alone time with Hailey.

Fortunately, Jordan no longer had any feelings for Hailey.

Otherwise, he would be the dead one now!

Jordan immediately became very serious!

“Sit tight.

Ill handle this personally!”

Jordan immediately sat down and sent a message to his subordinate.

“Go to Haileys house immediately and check if theres anything wrong with her lipsticks.

The address is XXX.

The door password is 696969.”

Jordans subordinates took immediate action and soon arrived at Haileys bedroom.

They investigated as quickly as possible and reported to Jordan.

“Master, we have completed our investigation.

All her lipsticks have lethal ingredients.”

Jordan was silent for a moment after receiving the news.

‘Indeed, the problem is Haileys lipstick.

Does Hailey want to harm me

Although Jordan no longer loved Hailey, he knew her very well.

This woman was doing everything she could to please him.

It was impossible for her to harm him now.

Hailey no longer had any other options that were better than Jordan.

There was no other man.

In addition, they had a son together.

She would definitely stand on Jordans side.

Even if the six families wanted her to kill Jordan, she would not do it.

‘It cant be Hailey.

Who could it be

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Jordan suddenly remembered something suspicious about Zara.

She had been staying at Haileys house for the past few days, so she had the best chance to make a move.

‘But Zara has no reason to harm me.

Jordan had killed Darren.

But Zara wouldnt try to avenge him, right

Darren had played with her while Jordan had stood up for her.

Zara should be extremely grateful to Jordan!

‘Who is behind all of this

Jordan was certain that someone else was behind all of this.

This person was deliberately targeting him!

Closing his eyes, Jordan used his Deity ability to look into the future.

However, during this period, he had been using his ability almost every day to solve the problem of the Mirakuru serum.

His mental strength had already been exhausted.

Therefore, Jordan could only see a rough outline of a person this time.

He could not see the exact scene.

‘Park Sang-cheol!

Park Sang-cheols figure suddenly appeared in Jordans mind!

Jordan suddenly understood what was going on.

Park Sang-cheol was Park Chan-youngs brother.

After the latters death, Park Sang-cheol must have felt very indignant and wanted to avenge him.

However, Jordan and Miyamoto Masaki were going to have a deathmatch in one month.

Miyamoto Masaki wanted to kill Jordan with his own hands.

Therefore, the Park family could not openly kill Jordan as it would interfere with Miyamoto Masakis plan.

Park Sang-cheol could only secretly assassinate Jordan.

‘Lipstick Hmph.

This method of using lipstick to kill people—Jordan was even more certain that this was the Park familys doing.

A family like the Parks focused on research into aesthetics, how to become beautiful and young, as well as makeup.

In short, it was their signature.

‘Zara might have been threatened by Park Sang-cheol.

Jordan knew that Zara was an innocent girl who would not harm him.

But still, she had still done something that might hurt Jordan! Anyone who offended a Deity had to be punished!


Jordan sighed.

He knew that he definitely could not let Zara off if she was involved in this matter.

But Zara was the granddaughter of his benefactor, Grandaunt Lily.

‘Im sorry, Grandaunt Lily.

I dont want to do this either.

Given the current situation, Jordan decided to beat Park Sang-cheol at his own game.

He would lure Park Sang-cheol out and deal with him!

If he couldnt deal with him soon, Park Sang-cheol would definitely try his best to assassinate Jordan within this month!

Jordan thought for a moment before standing up.

He said to Sylvie, “Sylvie, Ive figured out this matter.

It has nothing to do with you.

This was done by spies from South Korea.

Ill inform the relevant departments and let them handle this matter.

Stay here and cooperate with the police.

I promise you, nothing will happen to you.”

Sylvie grabbed Jordan tightly.

“Son-in-law, my good son-in-law, I realize my mistake now.

You have to save me.

Ill stay at home and take care of your child every day.

I wont go anywhere.


Jordan shook Sylvie off.

“I told you, youll be fine.

Also, my child is still young now.

It doesnt matter if you take care of him.

When he is older and starts to develop his morals and values, you will have no right to teach him!”


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