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Not only did Sylvie not have the right to raise and educate Jordans son, but his mother Hailey also did not have the right!

Although separating a son from his biological mother seemed a little cruel, in order to let his son grow up with the correct values, Jordan would not let Hailey stay with his son forever.

At the very most, he would let her be with him up till the age of three!

Actually, the three Steele brothers were similar.

They left their mothers side when they were four or five years old and rarely stayed with their parents.

Whether it was because of the Steele tradition or his distrust of Hailey, Jordan would do this.

Of course, Jordan would not let his and Laurens daughter be separated from Lauren.

Jordan walked out of the interrogation room.

The Camdens were as anxious as ants on a hot pan.

Hailey chased after Jordan and asked, “How is it Hows my mother Is she alright Youll save her, right”

Jordan flicked his sleeves.

“I cant be bothered with her immoral business!”

Benedict could tell what Jordan was implying and said, “Jordan, did Sylvie cheat on me! Is the dead man her secret lover! I already knew that this woman wouldnt know her place after becoming younger! Sylvie, how dare you cuckold me!”

During this period, Sylvie had been leaving home early in the morning and returning late in the evening.

As her husband, Benedict had long noticed something amiss.

Jordan looked at the angry Benedict and snorted.

He was thinking on the inside:Now you know how I felt then, dont you

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Back then, when Hailey was having an affair with Tyler, Benedict did not blame his daughter at all.

Instead, he blamed Jordan for being incompetent.

Hmph, the heavens were fair! Now the same had happened to Benedict, lets see if he still had the same opinion!

But Jordan remained silent and just walked out of the police station.

“Hubby, dont go.

You cant leave Mom alone.” Hailey cried and pleaded but Jordan ignored her.

In fact, Jordan had already promised Sylvie that he would let Lionel resolve this matter and save her.

After all, Sylvie did not kill anyone.

Park Sang-cheol was the real murderer.

It was just like when you were driving and a criminal suddenly boarded your car and controlled your steering wheel to crash into someone.

Although you were the one in the drivers seat, were you guilty

The criminal who hijacked your car was clearly the real culprit.


Zara chased after him.

If it was in the past, Jordan would have ignored Zara.

However, he was putting on an act now.

His goal was to make Zara take the bait.

Therefore, as Jordan approached the police station exit, he paused for a moment and deliberately waited for Zara to catch up.

“Why are you chasing after me” Jordan asked.

Zara was now under Park Sang-cheols control.

Of course, she had to think of ways to kill Jordan with that lipstick.

Panting heavily, Zara deliberately caressed him with her hand.

“Jordan, why are you so angry Is it because Aunties affair reminded you of how Hailey betrayed you”

Jordan nodded.

“Although it happened a long time ago, I still get angry when I think about it!”

In fact, Jordan no longer cared about this matter.

Moreover, he would not talk about the past with just anyone.

Everything he said was just to lure Zara in.

Zara hesitated for a moment before suddenly mustering her courage and saying, “Jordan, Hailey did something wrong.

I think you should take revenge against her!”

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“Revenge against her How” Jordan asked.

Zara said, “Cheat on her with another woman!”

Jordan smiled in his heart but pretended to look dejected.

“Thats a good idea.

But I dont know who to cheat with.”

Zara flipped her hair.

“Jordan, if you dont mind, what about me”

Jordan pretended to be shocked.

“You Youre so close to the Camden family, but youre willing to do something like this to them If your grandma in heaven finds out, she will probably be unhappy, right”

Zara said, “As long as it can appease Jordan, Ill do anything!”

Jordan snorted in his heart:I think its more like youll do anything as long as it will kill me!

Since Zara chose to continue carrying out the mission that Park Sang-cheol had given her, Jordan could only accept it and use her to lure Park Sang-cheol out.

Jordan didnt waste any more time and said, “Alright, since youre willing to help me, then fine.

How about this Go find a hotel room first.

Ill transfer money to you.

I still have some matters to settle first.

Get a room and send me the room number.

After Im done, Ill look for you at the hotel.

How about that”

Zara nodded happily.


Jordan, thank you.

I thought you wouldnt like me!”

Jordan praised her.

“Although your looks cant compare to Hailey, your figure is not bad.

Otherwise, a rich second-generation heir like Darren wouldnt have fallen for you, right”

Zara suddenly asked, “By the way, Jordan, how is Darren now Did you kill him”

Jordan, “No, I just taught him a lesson and sent him away.”

“Oh ok.

Jordan, go ahead.

Ill wait for you at the hotel!” Zara left first.

Meanwhile, Jordan returned to the factory.

By now, his research team had already received samples of Haileys poisoned lipsticks.

Jordan wanted to make sure that he would be immune to those lipsticks before heading to the hotel.

Otherwise, he would just be inviting death when he went to the hotel.

Jordan asked, “Professor Liam, how is it Are you able to come up with an antidote for the poison in the lipstick”

Professor Liam replied, “There is too little time.

We havent found a solution yet.”

Jordan looked at the time.

“Im in a hurry to go to a hotel room with a woman.

Lets conduct human experiments!”

Professor Liam said, “Uh… alright then!”

Professor Liam had a prisoner brought over and made him take the most potent antidote that the Steele family had before letting him come into contact with the lipstick.

“Urgh… urgh…”

The prisoner kept vomiting and felt extremely uncomfortable.

Although he did not die immediately, he would not live long if he was not given immediate treatment.

Professor Liam said, “The Park family is really not to be underestimated.

Even our best antidote cant resist the toxicity of a small lipstick! Master, you must not go to the appointment with that woman.

Otherwise, you might die under her lips!”

Jordan was very unhappy.

He was a Deity.

If he was kissed to death by an ordinary girl, wouldnt he be a laughing stock

“Lets stop the development of the Mirakuru serum for now.

Everyone, follow me.

Make the antidote that can neutralize the lipstick poison as soon as possible!” Jordan ordered.

“Yes, Master!”


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