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Zara knelt on the ground, crying and begging.

Her tears kept falling to the ground.

Her helpless manner at this moment was completely different from when she had pounced on Jordan.

No matter how pitiful she was now, she had attempted to murder him.

Jordan thought to himself:Zara, Im afraid youll see your grandmother before me! When you see her, I hope you wont tell her that I killed you.

At this moment, Zaras phone rang again.

Zara trembled nervously.

When she answered the call, her hands were shaking uncontrollably.


“Whats going on over there! Is Jordan dead! Why is he still talking!” Park Sang-cheols subordinate asked.

Zara said, “He… hes in a very serious condition now.

He just took some medicine and that might have… slowed down the poison a little.

He wont die for the time being.”

Park Sang-cheols subordinate said angrily, “Damn! Now that hes on the ground and cant move, smash his head with a heavy object!”

Zara immediately refused.

“No, no, I will never do that!”

How could she do such a thing She already couldnt bear to use lipstick to harm others.

Now, they wanted her to smash someone to death This was definitely not something an ordinary girl like Zara could do.

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Zara hung up, afraid that the other party would threaten her again.

After that, Zara cried even harder.

Jordan asked, “Who called Did he ask you to take this opportunity to kill me Why arent you doing it I cant move now.

You can kill me easily.”

Zara kept shaking her head.

“No, no, I cant do that to you.

I cant kill anyone, and I cant kill you either.

Youre Haileys husband!”

Jordan looked at Zara.

He knew that she was actually just an ordinary girl.

She did not have the ruthlessness to kill him.

If she just had to kiss someone with poisoned lipstick, she could still lie to herself that she wasnt directly involved.

However, she couldnt just smash someone to death.

Jordan continued to provoke her.

“If you dont kill me now, they will definitely kill you.”

Zara hugged her legs and cried, “They can go ahead and kill me.

Anyway, I dont want to live anymore! Ive harmed you..sobs… I came to Orlando to visit my family.

Why did I have to encounter such a thing Sobs… Ive never even had a boyfriend I really like.

I have never married or had children yet.


Jordan felt a little guilty.

If she hadnt met him in that cafe, she wouldnt have been involved in todays matter, right

At this moment, Park Sang-cheol and his subordinates were also at the West Lake Hotel, and they were on the floor below Jordan and Zaras presidential suite.

Park Sang-cheols subordinate reported, “Master, Jordan didnt die immediately after coming into contact with the lipsticks poison.

Zara said that he took a pill that seemed to have slowed down the effects.

After all, the Steeles are still one of the eight great families.

Will their medicine neutralize our poison”

Park Sang-cheol immediately retorted.

“Impossible! The Steele family doesnt have the ability to neutralize our poison! As long as Jordan kisses Zara, he would definitely die!”

Park Sang-cheols subordinate said, “Yes, they kissed.

They kissed for almost a minute.

The poison has definitely gotten into his mouth.”

Park Sang-cheol said, “Hmph, since hes struggling and in agony now, Ill personally send him on his way! Get ready our men to go upstairs with me!”

“Yes, sir!”


The door to Jordan and Zaras presidential suite was suddenly kicked open.

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At this moment, Jordan was still pretending to be in pain on the ground.

Zara was crying in despair in front of him.

“Hahaha… Jordan, you never expected to die at my hands, right”

Park Sang-cheol and his men strode in.

When Jordan saw Park Sang-cheol, he was immediately prepared for battle.

Indeed, it was this b*stard who was behind everything.

Park Sang-cheol walked up to Jordan.

“Jordan, you killed my brother and even caused my sister to be expelled from the family.

You deserve to die a thousand times over!”

Jordan said, “Park Sang-cheol, I dont have any personal grudges with you.

It was your brother who forced my hand.

If I dont kill him, am I supposed to let him kill me”

“You should have let him kill you! If he wanted to chop off your head, you should have placed your head on the chopping board! If he wanted to shoot you, you should have stood still and let him shoot you! If he wanted to hit you with his car, you should have laid down in the middle of the road! You lowly worm, how dare you resist!” Park Sang-cheol roared.

Jordan laughed out loud.

“You are truly a young master of the Park family.

So arrogant.

You treat the Steeles like animals!”

Park Sang-cheol said fiercely, “Jordan, dont be smug.

I already know the truth about Park Anya.

Do you think my sister really likes you and is willing to die for you Dont be naive.

The person who pleaded for you wasnt my sister herself.

At that time, she was controlled by that b*stard, Shaun! I dont know why Shaun helped you, but Im sure that he only helped you because he wanted to use you.

“Unfortunately, when Anya told my father the truth, he refused to believe her.

Hes still unwilling to let her return to the family.

Anya is so upset.

Its all because of you! You lowly b*tch, what right do you have to like my sister!”

When Jordan heard that Park Anya failed to return to her family, he felt sad for her and felt that he owed her.

However, he only felt disgusted and hatred towards Park Sang-cheol!

“Hahahaha…” Jordan laughed loudly and fell back to the ground.” Park Sang-cheol, Im about to die anyway.

Let me tell you a secret today.

Havent you always wanted to know who Park Anyas daughters biological father is ”

“You know” Park Sang-cheol looked at Jordan in disbelief.

Jordan said, “I want to tell you that Sora is a descendant of the Steele family! I need to thank the Park family for raising her for 15 years.


“Bull**! Go to hell, trash!”

Park Sang-cheol picked up his gun and aimed it at Jordans head.

He was ready to execute him immediately.

But to everyones surprise, Jordan suddenly jumped up from the ground and smacked Park Sang-cheols gun away.

He then grabbed Park Sang-cheols hair and slammed him against the wall of the hotel room.




Jordan used all his strength to smash Park Sang-cheols head into the wall.

Park Sang-cheol fainted on the spot and bled profusely.

If it were anyone else, they would have died long ago.

“Damn it! Why is he still able to move! And still so strong! Wasnt he poisoned”

Park Sang-cheols subordinates were shocked.


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