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Zara said, “That South Korean forced me to kill Jordan.

I cant wait to bite off his flesh! Jordan, Im willing, Im definitely willing! Im willing to use my beauty to get close to Park Sang-cheol and take his life when hes unprepared!”

Jordan shook his head and said very bluntly, “Zara, youre not pretty enough.”

Zara bit her lip awkwardly.

“Then… then how can I do it”

Jordan said, “Im developing a type of serum.

After it is successful, a persons body will be greatly enhanced.

Ill give you this chance to have this serum injected into you.

After you become stronger, you can approach Park Sang-cheol and kill him! Remember, the only reason you are alive now is because I want to use you to kill Park Sang-cheol.

If you cant do it or are unwilling to do it, you will still die.”

Zara said, “Im willing! Ill definitely kill that South Korean!”

Pablo looked at Zara enviously.

He had also heard of the Mirakuru serum.

Once the serum was successfully developed, it would undoubtedly be the most precious thing in the world.

No amount of money could buy it.

Although Pablo was a little older, he was still a hot-blooded man.

How could he not covet this domineering power

However, he also knew that he would not be of much help to Jordan even if he took the serum.

Park Sang-cheol did not know Pablo and would not let him get close, but Zara was different.

Today, Park Sang-cheol almost died here.

If he got the chance to meet Zara again, he would definitely settle the score with her.

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“Alright, bring her back to my factory.

Lock her up first.

When the serum is ready, inject her with it.”

“Yes, sir!”

A week later in South Korea.

Looking in the mirror, Park Sang-cheol slowly removed the gauze wrapped around his neck.

There were still faint traces of a scar.

“Damn you, Jordan.

I have been smart and careful all my life, but I almost died in your hands like Chan-young!”

A week ago, Park Sang-cheol suffered a concussion from Jordan banging his head against the wall, and his neck was stabbed by a sharp blade.

Fortunately, the Park familys medical skills were brilliant.

Park Sang-cheol was basically fine now.

When his subordinate heard that, he immediately knelt on the ground.

“Im sorry, Master! Its all my fault for not protecting you well.

I didnt expect the Steeles to have an antidote to the Park familys poison.”

Park Sang-cheol nodded.

“He actually neutralized our poison so easily.

Jordan is indeed unfathomable and cant be underestimated! I must kill him as soon as possible.

The longer he lives, the more variables there are! Prepare the plane immediately.

I want to meet Miyamoto Masaki in Japan!”

South Korea was very close to Japan.

About an hour later, Park Sang-cheol arrived at the Miyamoto familys residence.

At this moment, Miyamoto Masaki was fighting a robot.




The robot was extremely hard, harder than a rock.

But Miyamoto Masakis punches left small dents everywhere.

It was obvious how terrifying his strength was.

If it was an ordinary person, they would definitely die from a single punch!

“Masaki, looks like youve completely recovered!” Park Sang-cheol walked over.

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Miyamoto Masaki cupped his fists at Park Sang-cheol and said, “Thank you for your concern.

Im fine now.”

Park Sang-cheol said, “Masaki, since you have completely recovered, why dont you bring forward your fight with Jordan”

Miyamoto Masaki said, “We already set the date for a month later.

How can I bring it forward”

Miyamoto Masaki believed in keeping ones word.

Park Sang-cheol said anxiously, “Masaki, Jordan is extremely cunning.

To prevent any unexpected incidents, its better to fight and kill him as soon as possible.

What if he actually already predicted another natural disaster will happen on the date of your fight”

Miyamoto Masaki thought for a moment.

“You are right.

Alright, Ill inform him that our deathmatch will be held next week!”

In the factory.

“Hello, whats the matter”

Jordan was researching with his team when he suddenly received a call from Miyamoto Masaki.

His intuition told him that this was not a good thing.

Miyamoto Masaki said, “Jordan, I cant wait to kill you.

Ive decided that in a week, which is next Sunday, at seven oclock in the evening, we will have our deathmatch at my martial arts dojo in Japan!”

Jordan immediately said anxiously, “Miyamoto Masaki! We agreed on a month.

Why do you want to bring it forward”

Miyamoto Masaki snorted.

“My body has already recovered, so of course I want to bring it forward! In short, you dont have the right to decide the date.

Follow my instructions.

Otherwise, you can come and collect your parents corpses! Thats all!”

With that, Miyamoto Masaki hung up.

“F*ck! Damn Miyamoto Masaki! He cant even abide by the one-month deadline!”

Jordan was furious.

It was already very difficult for him to develop the Mirakuru serum within a month, and now, the deadline had been brought forward.

“Master, what happened”

When Professor Liam saw Jordans worried expression, he walked over and asked.

Jordan said, “Miyamoto Masaki brought forward our fight.

Its scheduled to be in a week.”

Professor Liam was shocked.

“What One week We only have a week left”

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, only a week.

How about it, Professor Liam Are you confident that you can complete it”

Professor Liam shook his head.

“A week is too difficult.

We have limited manpower and need at least two weeks.

Otherwise, the serum might be life-threatening for you!”

“Not enough manpower” Jordan thought for a moment and suddenly asked, “What if we can increase our manpower”

Professor Liam said, “Are you thinking of getting Lionel to get some scientists for you Its useless.

Even the top scientists in our country are not skilled enough.

They cant conduct our high-level research on the serum.

Unless its researchers from the other secret families.”

Jordan said, “Yes, Im thinking about the researchers from the secret families.”

Professor Liam was taken aback.

“How are you going to get those researchers Whoever we can get our hands on are already here.

The other families wont help us, right”

Jordan smiled.

“Six of the families will never help us.

However, have you forgotten that theres still the Schmid family I have a good relationship with Lota.

She would help me.”

Professor Liam was delighted.

“Thats great! If we can double our manpower, we can complete the serum in a week!”

Jordan immediately called Lota via video call.

“Hello, honorable head of the Schmid family.

What are you doing” Jordan asked Lota with a smile.

After a moment, he suddenly realized that Lota was in that romantic room where he and Lota were locked in for 48 hours!


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