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Seeing the familiar room, Jordans thoughts were pulled back.

At that time, Jordan and Lota had stayed in this room for 48 hours.

Everyone from the eight secret families thought that the two of them had sex during that period.

Little did they know that the two of them had taken sleeping pills and fallen asleep.

If not for that, no matter how strong their willpower was, it would be impossible for them to remain chaste in this room, as it had an aphrodisiacal atmosphere.

Shaun had done something to the room such that any man or woman who entered would definitely be sexually aroused.

Even if an ugly male beggar and a goddess-level female celebrity were to be placed in this room, they would definitely end up having intimate relations.

Jordan was very puzzled.

Why was Lota there Could it be that she had a new lover

Now that Lota was in charge of the Schmid family, who wouldnt want to be her husband Becoming Lotas other half was equivalent to taking over the Schmid family!

Jordan asked curiously, “Lota, why are you… in that room Is there someone else with you Am I disturbing you”

If Lota was with her boyfriend at this moment, then Jordans video call would be too inappropriate.

Lota quickly explained, “No! No! Im alone.

Theres no one else with me.

If you dont believe me, look!”

Lota turned the camera around the room.

She showed every single corner, afraid that Jordan would not believe her.

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Lota said, “Jordan, I dont have a boyfriend.

Dont misunderstand me!”

Jordan smiled at Lotas cute and nervous expression.

“Alright, I must have been overthinking things.”

“Jordan, why are you calling me” Lota asked.

“Im currently developing the Mirakuru serum.

Miyamoto Masaki brought forward the date of our deathmatch and I cannot successfully develop the serum in time.

Therefore, I want to borrow some scientists from you.”

Lota said anxiously, “Miyamoto Masaki brought forward the match When will it be held”

“Next Sunday, seven oclock in the evening.

At his martial arts dojo in Japan.”

Lota looked flustered.

“Theres only a week left! How can Miyamoto Masaki do this We agreed on a month.

How could he just bring the date forward Jordan, dont worry.

Ill support you with all my might.

Where are you Ill transfer all my familys scientists to help you!”

Lotas words made Jordan feel both warm and guilty.

She was too good to him, but he could not give her what she wanted.

Jordan said, “Lota, Im not worthy of your kindness.

I refused to marry you.

I hurt your feelings and caused you to lose face in front of the other secret families.

I know that the other families are trying to ingratiate themselves with your family.

You can always choose to stand on their side.”

Although the Schmid family had been controlled by Shaun for a long time, they had now returned to their former glorious state and would not be ostracized like the Steele family.

Their status among the seven families was even higher than the Park and Miyamoto families.

It would be relatively easy for the Schmids to establish closer ties to the Rong and Geng families.

It couldnt be helped.

This was a world where power was respected.

Lota said, “Jordan, although you dont have any feelings for me, youre still the man I like.

Youre the hero who appeared at the right time in my life and saved me! Ill love you forever!”

Jordan didnt know what to say.

He tried to make a joke.

“Alright, in the future, Ill get my research team to clone me.

Then, Ill give one to you and the other to Lauren and Victoria.”

Lota laughed.

“Haha, thats a good idea!”

Of course, Jordan was joking.

He did not believe that technology could be developed to that extent.

After hanging up, Lota felt both joy and dejection for a moment.

She then took out a pill from her pocket and muttered to herself, “How strange.

Why am I not pregnant yet”

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A week later.

Orlando, near the factory.

As the development of Jordans Mirakuru serum was progressing more smoothly now, it was moving quickly towards successful completion.

After Lionel learned of this situation, he completely sealed off the surrounding area.

Even the nearby town and bookstore was in temporary lockdown.

After all, the Mirakuru serum was priceless.

If the research was successful and someone from the Park family and the Miyamoto family stole it, it would be troublesome.

There was only one day left until the deathmatch between Jordan and Miyamoto Masaki.

Miyamoto Masaki called again.

“Jordan, tomorrow at seven oclock in the evening at my martial arts dojo in Japan.

Have you forgotten about our match Why are you still in the US! Let me tell you, tomorrow, the people from the seven great families will all come to see how I will beat you to death.

If you dont come, I will kill your parents in public!”

Jordan clenched his fists, wishing he could kill Miyamoto Masaki right now.

“I will be on time tomorrow.

You dont have to call me again!”

Slamming down the phone, Jordan threw it on the ground!

“Damn Miyamoto Masaki, you used my parents to threaten me.

If I dont take revenge, I wont be human!”

At this moment, a researcher walked over and said to Jordan, “Mr.

Jordan, Im sorry.

The Mirakuru Serum Final Version B failed.

After the test subject was injected with the serum, he still showed varying degrees of side effects.

Although his life is not in danger yet, I believe that as time passes, his physical condition will become worse.”

This was a researcher from the Schmid family.

They were in charge of testing Mirakuru Serum Final Version B.

Jordan was very calm as he replied, “Alright, I understand.

Thank you for your hard work.”

The researcher bowed to Jordan.

“Im sorry we couldnt help you.”

When Pablo saw this, he was very anxious.


Jordan, dont go to the match tomorrow.

Without the Mirakuru serum, you will be beaten to death by Miyamoto Masaki!”

“Get lost!”

Jordan shouted angrily, “Even if the serum is not successfully developed, even if I dont take any medicine, I will still fight Miyamoto Masaki with my ordinary body!”

All the secret families would be present tomorrow.

How could Jordan be a coward How could he disregard his parents lives

Even if he could escape this time and achieve great things in the future, he would never be happy for the rest of his life!

Pablo sighed.

“Now, we can only see how Professor Liam is doing.

He must succeed!”

Actually, Jordan could use his ability as a Deity to predict whether Mirakuru Serum Final Version A would succeed.

He could know the outcome in advance and not wait around so anxiously.

However, Jordan was reluctant to do so.

Because he was afraid!

He was afraid of seeing a scene of failure!

Suddenly, Professor Liam ran out of his laboratory toward Jordan.

Without a word, he knelt down on the spot!


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