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This was something that only happened in fantasy novels, but at this moment, it was happening in the real world! Ordinary bullets would only leave a small wound on Jordans body.

It would not be fatal at all.

It would not even affect Jordans movements.

Guns were legal in many US states.

If you were an ordinary person, no matter how rich or strong you were, you could be killed at any time on the streets.

But now, it was almost impossible for an ordinary to kill a Deity like Jordan!

Kill him with a handgun

Hehe, sorry, you would probably have to use a bazooka!

Jordan became excited and walked out of the factory to an empty space outside.

“I want to test my speed!”

With that, he sprinted off!



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Jordan, wait for me!”

Jordans speed was very fast.

It would be an exaggeration to say that he was as fast as lightning, but Jordans speed was definitely not something an ordinary person could achieve.

Moreover, not only did Jordan have speed, but he was also very strong!

He accidentally bumped into a pillar, and it bent in half!

When he arrived at the nearest small town, it was completely deserted.

He jumped directly from the ground to the roof of the bookstore!

“My jumping ability has also increased!”

He easily jumped down from a height of three stories without any problem.

At this moment, Professor Liam and Pablo finally caught up with Jordan.

Professor Liam said, “Master, you wont die even if you jump from a 30-story building, let alone a three-story building.

Youve already become the most powerful person in the world!”

Jordan snorted.

“Miyamoto Masaki, Lets see how you can win against me now!!”

The next day, in the afternoon, at a martial arts dojo in Japan.

It was a huge venue and had been used as an Olympic venue in 1964.

The place could accommodate thousands of spectators.

But today, there were not that many people in the audience.

Only the people from the eight secret families were there.

The deathmatch was only between Jordan and Miyamoto Masaki.


Park, Sang-Cheol, youre here so early.

Please come in.”

Miyamoto Chujiro was at the entrance to welcome Park Sang-jun and Park Sang-cheol.

Park Sang-jun looked like he had aged a lot.

After all, he had just experienced the pain of losing his son.

It was clear he had a rough time.

Park Sang-jun held Miyamoto Chujiros hand tightly and said fiercely, “Mr.

Miyamoto, your son kill that b*stard Jordan to avenge my son!”

Miyamoto Chujiro said, “Mr.

Park, dont worry.

Jordan made my son a cuckold and almost let him die in the tsunami.

Today, my son will definitely beat him to death!”

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Park Sang-cheol had his hands behind his back.

He saw Miyamoto Masaki sitting cross-legged in the middle of the arena with his eyes closed.

Walking over, Park Sang-cheol whispered to Miyamoto Masaki, “Masaki, I found out that Jordan set up his own research team in Orlando.

They seem to be developing something similar to the Mirakuru serum.

You have to be extra careful during the competition later.”

Miyamoto Masaki kept his eyes closed and said slowly, “Its fine.

Jordan is trash and is only good at tricks and deception.

If he really had the serum, he would have killed me last time.

Later, just wait and see me avenge your brother.”

Park Sang-cheol nodded.

“I wish you success.”

Soon, the Geng family, Lota and the other families arrived.

At 6 pm, Chairman Rong arrived at the venue.

“Chairman Rong! I thought you werent coming today!” Miyamoto Chujiro shook Chairman Rongs hand happily.

To Chairman Rong, todays deathmatch between Miyamoto Masaki and Jordan was just about a small personal grudge between the latter two.

There was no need for Chairman Rong to attend.

Chairman Rong said, “I had nothing else on, so I came over to take a look.

After all, Miyamoto Masaki and Jordan are the next generation of elites from our eight great families.”

Miyamoto Chujiro said, “Jordan is not an elite! Chairman Rong, the fight might be a little bloody later.

My son might beat Jordan into a pulp.”

Chairman Rong glanced at Miyamoto Masaki and smiled.

He was still meditating in the middle of the arena.

“I also want to see what the worlds strongest body will be like.”

It had to be said that the Miyamoto family had done a lot more research into physical enhancements than the Rong family.

Miyamoto Masakis strength-enhancing medicine was something that even the powerful Rong family could produce.

It was soon 6.30 pm.

“Theres only half an hour left.

Dont tell me Jordan doesnt dare to come He has an invisibility cloak.

It wont be easy to capture him.” Geng Weilun was getting impatient.

Lota said, “Jordan is a man of his word.

Since he promised to come, he will definitely come!”

By now, Lota already knew that Jordan had successfully developed the Mirakuru serum.

However, because she loved Jordan too much, she was still a little worried about him.

Miyamoto Chujiro snorted.

“If he doesnt come, his parents will die at 7 pm on the dot!”

“Men, bring Jordans parents out!”


Jordans parents were brought out.

Out of respect for the Steele family, the Miyamotos did not tie them up.

After Jordans mother was brought out, she immediately knelt down and begged Miyamoto Chujiro for mercy.


Miyamoto, please, please let my son go.

As long as you promise to let my son go, I can die in his place!”

Miyamoto Chujiro kicked Jordans mother away.

“Dont beg me! Please retain your dignity and pride as a member of the eight great families! Dont be like a common woman who only knows how to cry and beg!”

Jordans mother kept crying.

“Youve already turned our family into your puppets and suppressed us.

But you are talking about pride and dignity now Where is our dignity and pride! You have snatched it all away! Youre just evil dictators!”

Everyone felt very embarrassed when they heard Jordans mothers cries.

After all, the more elite a person was, the more they cared about their reputation.

They had indeed behaved like hooligans toward the Steele family and they were bothered by how this made them look.

Madam Geng said, “Mrs.

Steele, Ive always respected your family and have treated them as members of the eight great families.

Ive never looked down on you.”

Lota hurriedly left her seat and walked over to help Jordans mother up.

“Auntie, Ive never looked down on the Steele family either.

I treat Jordan as my brother.

Dont worry, Auntie.

Jordan will be fine.”


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