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“B*stard! B*stard!”

As a father, how could Miyamoto Chujiro stand by and watch his son get hacked to death

He no longer hesitated and did not care if he had broken the rules.

He fired at Jordan!




Miyamoto Chujiros first shot hit Jordans heart.

However, Jordan did not collapse.

He only took a step back.

Miyamoto Chujiros second shot hit Jordans knee.

He wanted the b*stard to kneel on the ground.

Unfortunately for him, Jordan did not kneel either.

He only bent his knee.

Miyamoto Chujiro aimed his third shot at Jordans head!

Jordans body had been enhanced by the Mirakuru serum, but not every part of his body was invincible.

His face was a weak point.

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Therefore, Jordan covered his face with one hand and caught Miyamoto Chujiros bullet with his bare hand!

Everyone was dumbfounded! Jordan was invincible!

Miyamoto Chujiros shots did not stop Jordan at all.

Jordan raised his hand and slashed down at Miyamoto Masaki!


Jordan killed Miyamoto Masaki with a single slash!

Miyamoto Masaki died in the same way as his ex-wife.

Jordan had deliberately killed Miyamoto Masaki with this method.

It could be considered a form of consolation for his ex-wife.

After all, if Jordan had not sent Dragon to be a spy, Dragon would not have colluded with her in order to obtain the Miyamoto familys strength-enhancing medicine.

She would not have died.

In this world, every successful person had to step on countless corpses and sacrifices on his path to success.

Jordan was no exception.


Miyamoto Chujiro threw his head back and let out a roar of anguish when he saw that his son was dead.

Everyone was shocked.

They never expected Jordan to be the winner of this battle.

What was even more unexpected was that he really dared to kill Miyamoto Masaki!

Actually, Jordan could have spared Miyamoto Masakis life to make peace with the Miyamoto family, but he did not do so.

Jordan was a Deity.

Anyone who crossed him had to die.

There was no other way!

“Men! Blast this b*stard Jordan to death! I dont care if you use guns or cannons, kill this b*stard!”

At Miyamoto Masaki Chujiros command, a large group of men holding weapons emerged.

With so many people attacking Jordan at the same time, he would definitely die even if he had the Mirakuru serum!

At this moment, Madam Geng stood up.

“Miyamoto, we agreed that it would be a one-on-one deathmatch between those two boys.

You already broke the rules by trying to help your son with a gun just now.

Now that your son has lost, you should abide by the contract and let Jordan and his parents go!”

Miyamoto Chujiro had just experienced the pain of losing his son.

At this moment, he was in the depths of sorrow.

He ignored his usual respect for Madam Geng and shouted, “Idiot! This b*stard killed my son in front of me.

How can I not avenge my son!”

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Lota stood up and shouted, “Why dont you put yourself in Jordans shoes If your son killed Jordan and his parents wanted to kill your son to avenge him, would you agree”

Miyamoto Chujiro said angrily, “Shut your mouth, little girl! You have no right to lecture me! Now, no one can stop me from taking revenge for my son! Men, kill that b*stard Jordan immediately!”

“Wait a minute!”

At this moment, Chairman Rong, who had the highest status among the eight great families, stood up.

Chairman Rong said, “Mr.

Miyamoto, I understand your pain of losing your son.

However, those two boys agreed to a deathmatch.

No one should have any objections if either party dies.

“Jordan, I didnt expect you to succeed in developing the Mirakuru serum.

Today, I witnessed the power of the Mirakuru serum.

It fills me with shock! This is a great invention for the enhancement of the human body! How about this I know that the Miyamoto family has always wanted to perfect the serum.

Ill be the middleman today and mediate the conflict between you and the Miyamoto family.

“Jordan, as long as you hand over the Mirakuru serum and allow me and the Miyamoto family to use it, I can let Mr.

Miyamoto not pursue the matter of you killing Miyamoto Masaki.

How about that”

At first, Jordan was puzzled as to why Chairman Rong would speak up for him.

It turned out that he wanted to obtain the Mirakuru serum!

Madam Geng also said, “Chairman Rong, how can only you and the Miyamoto family enjoy the benefits I want the Mirakuru serum too.”

The other families also stood up and expressed their desire to obtain Jordans Mirakuru serum!

Park Sang-jun said, “Jordan, although a mere Mirakuru serum cant compensate for your murder of Chan-young, consider it as the price for making my silly girl plead for you! Hand over the Mirakuru serum now, or you will definitely die!”

Jordan laughed loudly at the six families.

“Hahaha, you all are truly insufferably arrogant.

Havent you always looked down on the Steeles Havent you always thought that the Steeles are useless You have trampled upon the Steele family and treated us as slaves! Why are you all begging me now”

Miyamoto Chujiro said angrily, “Cut the crap.

Hand over the Mirakuru serum first and Ill let you live a little longer!”

Jordan snorted.

“You want the Steele familys Mirakuru serum Youre not worthy!”

Jordan rejected this deal!

Chairman Rong was very unhappy.

“Jordan! You dont know whats good for you.

If you promise to hand over the Mirakuru serum, I promise you that Miyamoto Chujiro will not kill you! But if youre stubborn and Miyamoto Chujiro kills you and your parents, I wont care anymore!”

Jordan snorted.

“I have never depended on others.

I dont need to trouble you!”

“Well, since youre so stubborn, Mr.

Miyamoto, please avenge your son!” Chairman Rong said.

“Kill them!” Miyamoto Chujiro ordered.

However, just as Miyamoto Chujiro issued the order, Jordan suddenly put on the Invisibility Cloak and instantly disappeared!

“Oh no! Its the Schmid familys Invisibility Cloak!” Miyamoto Chujiro was in a fluster.

Within moments, the Miyamoto familys subordinates had lost their target.

“Everyone, be careful.

Its very likely that Jordan will try to get near us! Hes going to assassinate us!” Park Sang-cheol warned everyone.

At this moment, everyone from the major families became cautious, especially Miyamoto Chujiro.

He was surrounded and protected by his subordinates.

Naturally, Lota didnt have to worry.

She was at ease where she was.

So was Madam Geng.

Surprisingly, Chairman Rong, who had just argued with Jordan, did not call for any bodyguards to protect him.

He sat quietly and drank his tea.

Madam Geng was very curious.

“Chairman Rong, you just allowed Miyamoto to kill Jordan.

Arent you afraid that Jordan will try to assassinate you He has been injected with the Mirakuru serum.

Hes very powerful.”

Chairman Rong smiled calmly.

“Haha, its true that hes superman now, but Im not weak either, Madam Geng.”


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