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From Chairman Rongs calm expression, it could be deduced that the Rong family was indeed the head of the eight great families.

Even in the face of such a terrifying situation, Chairman Rong was still not afraid of a sneak attack by Jordan.

He must have a powerful trump card.

‘What an unfathomable fellow!

Madam Geng thought to herself.

Although both families were from the same country and had a good relationship, Madam Geng had never been able to figure out the true strength of the Rong family.

Of course, the Rong family did not know about the Geng familys secret research either.

At this moment, Jordan was not thinking about attacking anyone.

Instead, he wanted to save his parents!

Everyone was afraid of Jordan and was focused on protecting themselves.

Jordan put on the Invisibility Cloak and quietly came to his parents side.

Then, with a whoosh, he covered his parents with the cloak and quickly carried them away.

“Oh sh*t, Jordans parents are gone too!” Park Sang-cheol shouted.

“Jordan must have taken him away.

Where is he Where is that b*stard!”


Miyamoto Chujiro fired a machine gun.

However, it was still impossible to flush out Jordan in this manner.

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Chairman Rong said, “With Jordans current speed and strength, I believe he can leave this dojo in less than three seconds.”


Just as Chairman Rong finished speaking, he heard the guards at the entrance of the martial arts school fall to the ground.

“Damn it, he escaped! How can I let you escape safely after you killed my son! You saved your parents, but your brother is still here!”

Miyamoto Chujiro aimed his gun at Jesses head!

Jesse was stunned.

He didnt expect to be implicated by Jordan.

He hurriedly knelt down and begged, “Master Miyamoto! Dont kill me.

Jordan was the one who did all of this.

It has nothing to do with me!”

Lota smiled.

“Miyamoto Chujiro, you should know that Jesse and Jordan dont get along.

If Jordan cared about Jesse, with his current strength, taking three people away is not a problem.”

Madam Geng also disagreed with Miyamoto Chujiros decision to kill Jesse.

“Miyamoto, do you want to kill Jesse because you want Jordan to become the next head of the Steele family”

Miyamoto Chujiro did not want Jordan to become the head of the Steele family.

Moreover, Jesse had always been obedient to Miyamoto Chujiro.

As a result, Miyamoto Chujiro could only vent his anger by smacking Jesses face with the butt of the gun!




Jesse cried out in pain, his face bleeding.

Miyamoto Chujiro grabbed Jesses collar.

“Youd better make your brother commit suicide as an apology.

Otherwise, if I catch him, your brother and your parents will all die! Men, lock down all the nearby areas and investigate every vehicle and plane!” Miyamoto Chujiro ordered.

The others felt that it was time to leave.

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“Dad, lets leave this place quickly,” Park Sang-cheol said to Park Sang-jun.

Park Sang-jun nodded.

“Yes, Jordan is really lucky.

I thought he would die at Miyamoto Masakis hands today, but I didnt expect…”

Park Sang-cheol said, “Dont worry, Dad.

Ill find an opportunity to assassinate him in the future.

He wont be able to escape.”

The moment Jordan emerged from the dojo with his parents, it was already raining bullets outside.

It was utter chaos.

Jordans subordinates, Dragon, Pablo, Salvatore and the others, had already started fighting with the Miyamoto family subordinates.

Corpses were strewn across the streets and the sound of gunfire could be heard.

The nearby Japanese citizens were so frightened that they all hid.

This incident quickly spread and became the trending topic on the internet.

News stations all over the world reported on this incident.

Amidst the chaos outside, Jordan brought his parents to Zephyr Three.

Jordans mother was very worried about Jesse.

She asked Jordan, “Jordan, you didnt bring your brother out.

Will he be alright”

Jordan replied, “Dont worry.

Jesse always sucks up to the six families.

They wont kill him.”

Rowan also assured her.

“The six families need a puppet, and Jesse is the most suitable candidate.

They wont kill him.

Im more worried about Jamie now.

This kid has constantly gone against the six families.

Theres still no news of him.

I wonder if anything happened.”

Jordan said, “Ive been sending people to look for him.

He and Phoenix know how to stay hidden.

I believe it wont be easy for the six families to find them.”

Rowan nodded.


Jordan, what are your next plans”

Jordan responded.

“Ill take you back to the US first.

The Miyamoto and Park families wont dare to mess around there.

Youll be safer there.

Also, its time for me to settle the score with Park Sang-cheol.”

Two days later, at the factory in Orlando.

Late at night, a long-legged woman with messy hair and sweat all over her body swaggered toward Jordan.

This woman looked like a ghost, but she also looked like a war goddess.


The woman knelt on the ground before Jordan.


The woman was none other than Zara.

At this moment, Zara was no longer that fragile little girl who could be manipulated by anyone.

Instead, she was a “superwoman” who had been injected with the Mirakuru serum!

After being injected with the Mirakuru serum, Zara had also grown a little taller and her legs had become even longer than before.

Now, her figure had become even more charming!

Jordan ordered Zara, “Im ordering you to go to South Korea to assassinate Park Sang-cheol.

Youre the only person in this world who has a chance to get close to him.

Dont forget that you once had the intention to harm me.

The only reason youre still alive now is because you can kill Park Sang-cheol.

“Professor Liam injected a poison into your body.

If you dont complete your mission in time, you will die.

If you do die, I hope that you will tell your grandmother that I gave you a chance.”

Zaras gaze was firm.

After Pablos training, she had become a completely different person.

“Master, dont worry.

I will definitely retrieve Park Sang-cheols head for you!”

“Okay, go.

Remember, when you reach South Korea, dont expose your abilities and continue to play the role of a weak woman.

Park Sang-cheol has many spies.

He will definitely realize your presence and summon you over.

“Pablo should have already trained you well in undercover work.

Kill him when you manage to get close to him! With the Park familys defense abilities, you will never have a second chance otherwise!”


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