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Bang! Bang!

After a few punches from Geng Weilun, Park Sang-cheol started to bleed from the corner of his mouth.

He shouted angrily, “Park Sang-cheol, who do you think you are How dare you provoke my family!”

Park Sang-cheol didnt resist.

He lay on the floor and continued to instigate him.

“Heh, Geng Weilun, Im telling the truth.

You just dont dare to accept the truth! In the virtual world game, more than one person saw your mother and Jordan kissing! Many people in the eight families already know! Even if you kill me, you cant stop that fact! Face it, Geng Weilun!!”

Geng Weilun grabbed Park Sang-cheols collar, his veins bulging.

Park Sang-cheols words pierced his pride deeply.

However, what Park Sang-cheol said was the truth.

He had also sensed that his mothers relationship with Jordan was not ordinary.

He just did not want to believe it.


Geng Weilun let go of Park Sang-cheol and shouted, “Jordan! You little b*stard, how dare you seduce my mother and want to be my stepfather! I wont let you off!”

Park Sang-cheol smiled evilly and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

He then stood up and patted Geng Weiluns shoulder.

“Weilun, Jordan humiliated you.

If you dont give him a taste of his own medicine, youre not a man!”

Geng Weilun turned to look at Park Sang-cheol.

“What do you mean”

Park Sang-cheol said, “You already know that Jordan has a wife called Hailey.

This woman is fickle and vain.

Moreover, she cheated on Jordan before.

Everyone knows that if you present yourself to her, with your status, looks and abilities, I believe that even without you doing anything, that b*tch will throw herself at you.

Jordans wife throwing herself in your arms.

Dont you think thats a great way to vent your anger Hahaha.”

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Park Sang-cheol was inciting Geng Weilun to seduce Hailey, to humiliate Jordan!

Actually, Geng Weilun did not fancy Hailey.

Although Miyamoto Masaki and Park Chan-young recognized her as a goddess-level beauty, Hailey was not his type.

However, now that Geng Weilun was furious with Jordan and wanted to take revenge on him, he no longer cared if that woman was his type.

“Alright, Jordan, you b*stard.

You dared to kiss my mother so Ill sleep with your wife!” Geng Weilun made up his mind.

Park Sang-cheol smiled evilly.

He had finally dragged Geng Weilun into the fray with him.

With Geng Weilun, the scales of victory would tilt in their favor.

In a small, remote US town.

Early in the morning, it was misty and cold.

A big yellow dog had frozen to death at the entrance of the village.

Jordan walked on the uneven dirt road to a house.

A gloomy and terrifying man had been waiting for a long time.

That man was Shaun!

A rooster crowed, breaking the silence of the village.

Shaun smiled when he saw Jordan.

“Deity Jordan, long time no see.

I didnt expect to see you again.

Youve become taller and stronger.

It seems that the development of the Mirakuru serum is very successful.

The Miyamoto would need at least another decade to complete their research, but you did it in less than a month.

As expected of my favorite Deity Jordan.


Jordan felt the urge to beat Shaun to death.

He said angrily, “Shaun, you know that Im a Deity.

So how dare you kidnap my wife Arent you afraid of death!”

Shaun smiled.

“Its precisely because I know youre a Deity that I have to kidnap Lauren.

Otherwise, how could you, a dignified Deity, be willing to work for me Also, Jordan, dont get angry at me.

If anyone should get angry, it should be me.

At least your wife is safe and sound.

My wife died in your hands! You killed her yourself!”

Jordan snorted.

“She brought it upon herself! If your wife hadnt possessed my wife, Victoria, she wouldnt have died! Do you know what she did to Victoria After she possessed Victoria, she killed innocent people.

My wife almost became a murderer!”

Shaun said indifferently, “She just killed a few people.

Whats there to make a fuss about As a member of a secret family, how can you bother about such a small thing At least she didnt use Victorias body to sleep with another man.

Do you have to complain to me like this”

“What nonsense are you spouting!” Jordan was furious.

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Shaun reached out.

“Alright, Deity Jordan, I dont want to talk about the past anymore.

Now, I just want to talk about the mind-transplant procedure.”

Jordan said, “Screw your mind-transplant procedure.

I want to see Lauren first!”

How could Jordan not be impatient He had not seen Lauren for a long time and missed her very much.

He could not wait to walk into the house.

However, Shaun stopped him.

“Jordan! Youd better not go in.

Ive set up a facial recognition system at the door.

If you dare to barge in, the entire house will explode.

Dont blame me if Lauren dies!”

Jordan clenched his fists in anger.

“Shaun! Youre courting death!”

Shaun said, “Im just protecting myself.

As long as you help me with the mind-transplant procedure, I will naturally reunite you with your wife.”


At this moment, Lauren, who was in the house, rapped on the window and called out to Jordan, “Hubby!”

Through the blurry glass, Jordan could vaguely see Laurens face.

His heart ached at the sight.

His wife was locked in such a desolate place, but he could not save her.

This feeling was too unbearable!


“Lauren, wait for me.

Ill save you!” Jordan shouted back.

With tears in her eyes, Lauren nodded repeatedly.

She was very emotional at the sight of Jordan.

Shaun said, “Deity Jordan, lets go and meet my research team.

The faster you help me complete the mind-transplant procedure, the faster you can be reunited with your wife.

Dont worry, I promise I wont let anything happen to your wife.”

Jordan was very passive now.

He already had a vision that he would not be able to go against Shaun.

He had no choice but to obediently help him first.

Therefore, Jordan followed Shaun up the mountain.

His research team was located there.

They were camped out in an abandoned building hidden within the mountain.

This was where Jordan met Shauns research team.

“Greetings, Master!”

When everyone saw Shaun, they all knelt down and greeted him.

Shaun placed his hands behind his back and nodded.

“Yes, lets pay our respects to our Deity Jordan.”

“Greetings, Deity Jordan!”

Everyone bowed toward Jordan.

The two of them entered and sat down.

Soon, a pretty maid with a good figure came and poured tea for them.

She also set out some snacks.

“Show Deity Jordan all the relevant information on the mind-transplant procedure,” Shaun instructed.


A subordinate placed all the information in front of Jordan.

However, Jordan was not in a hurry to study the documents.

Jordan asked Shaun, “Before I start, I want to know who you want to swap minds with!”


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